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  1. 70642 knee fix?

    Should have no problem with that joint. It is quite strong :D
  2. illegal lego techniques

    End of the day its your own moc, don't worry about whether its illegal or not. If it works, it works!!
  3. 70642 knee fix?

    Thats a really effective mod :D
  4. Punk girl \m/

    That hairpiece use is brilliant!
  5. 70642 knee fix?

    Do you have a pic of that part? Perhaps i can give some pointers
  6. Nexo Knight Exosuit MOC

    Lovely build :D I love the compact look! Interesting choice of that technic piece as the arm ^^
  7. I am sad that it ended early, my son and i loved the sets and story. As for the parts the nexo knight battle suit cockpit piece was godsend for mech mocers, not to mention the new nexo tile shields and the nexogonal shields!!
  8. For me its has to be 100% lego bricks but i am not against modifying though. Especially as a mech mocer I always cut the flexitubes :D Custom decals are a must!
  9. have you considered using a solid wooden board below as a support and then build on top of it?
  10. [MOC] Steampunk Bulbulator

    Very inventive use of those bionicle pieces!!!
  11. The Mecha Townhouse

    Haha this is a great concept! love this!

    The shaping on this is excellent! I love what you have done for the torso and feet! I just got those exact pieces from bricklink recently :D (Shin and shoulder armors) Not really that sure on the blue tubings though.
  13. [MOC] - Bumblebee (Transformers)

    Looks fantastic! The presentation is brought up a notch with that base! My favorite part is the greebling!!! So intense!
  14. How this is something you don't see everyday. So far what i have seen are hybrids, mixing system and duplo mocs. To be honest as a parent myself I won't be buying something like far most of the large size sets from duplo, we always end up not following the instructions and do our thing haha. I think a 70% system and 30% duplo might be more appealing. Just my 2 cents.
  15. [MOC] Micro Scale UFO Attack

    Omg cleverly build SFX!!!!