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  1. AlcoEmmen

    10264 Corner Garage

    How does this line up with other modulars? The roadway is thd same colour as the sidewalk at other modulars. really disappointing in a display option...
  2. AlcoEmmen

    How do you display your modular building collection?

    There will only fit 2 modulars next to each other. in front you have space for max a 8 stud baseplate for a street.
  3. AlcoEmmen

    How do you display your modular building collection?

    IMG_1244 by Alco Emmen, on Flickr Finale got my buildings on display. Chosen Besta from Ikea lighted with Dioder lights... pretty happy with the result
  4. AlcoEmmen

    Ballabreek 2016

    Haha, love the combination with the Big Bang theory, really nice idea!
  5. AlcoEmmen

    Winter Village: Christmas Ball

    the great ballroom of the villa in the village, it breathes luxury and style. love the brick build painting and off course the snow globe :-)
  6. AlcoEmmen

    Winter Village: Sports Shop

    i might borrow your idea with the windows. Great combination with the modern windows and vintage themed outsides. very nice. also had to smile at your snowmen :-)
  7. AlcoEmmen

    Winter Village: Victorian Era Tools and Candy Stores

    christmas in 4 rooms... 1 working all year towards christmas, 2 cooking together for a wonderful christmas diner, 3 a table ready for the family and a great christmas diner, 4 the living to come together with the whole family. love this "little part of" the street, very nice and recognizable theme with a warm feeling...
  8. AlcoEmmen

    Winter Village: Antique store and an old house

    nice build, it's like a couple of modular building had an winter village baby :-)... maybe a little bigger than usual, but could be great center of a winter town. the use of colour is very nice, en i love the doll-house way of opening.
  9. AlcoEmmen

    Winter Village: Covered Bridge

    wow, box it and you can sell it. love the atmosphere of this together, love it!
  10. AlcoEmmen

    Winter Village: Landscape

    Looks very nice, i like your creation of ice. What is beneath the ice?
  11. AlcoEmmen

    Ballabreek 2016

    Will it be a television-studio?
  12. AlcoEmmen

    Winter Village: Cottage

    Really really nice build. Love the use of the forrest-shields. Great combination of colors, it will fit perfect in the official winter village.
  13. AlcoEmmen

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    MS to DO all once GE / PS / DO times 2
  14. AlcoEmmen

    MOC: The Tumble-Home Tavern

    Not i big pirate fan. But MAN what a fantastic build. So extremely clever cool little details. That wind shine boat WOW, loving it!. The fact that you put a lot of time, thinking and love in it is so great to see. Loving: wind shine, use of animals, hidden soldier, that graveyard, faking liquids and the fun overall...