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  1. KD123

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    Love the shaping! Well done. This thing is going to look puny compared to my other supercars but excellent styling nevertheless. Such detail on such a small car. Quality work. Thank you for the instructions. Wow!
  2. KD123

    Build The Impossible

    Well worth the wait. Amazing!
  3. Great performance and video! Gold standard as usual. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I think if they were able to reverse engineer your models they could have taken their own photos vs use the ones you took. As such I appreciate the collective efforts to try to prevent others from getting scammed.
  5. SE - Early childhood memories at the dentist will prevent me from buying the dental tool but I appreciate the thebeffortbtobwamt to help the community. The only non Lego tools that I use are normal pliers for those hard to pull through axles.
  6. KD123

    Remake Edition of Laferrari

    Saw this on rebrickable a few days back and was concerned about the origins. Kudos for respecting the wishes of the designer. Incredible job of reverse engineering. Well done!
  7. @Pvdb I am building the Ultimatum right now and am really enjoying the build. I have just finished connecting the shifter (smooth as silk) to the gearbox (wow) and it's such a thing of beauty! Honestly think I would be equally satisfied to just stop right now and display it as half constructed and call it a day. Thank you for taking the time to design this moc and for creating equally great instructions. Incredible! WRT to feedback on instructions things started getting a little challenging when finishing up the shifter and connecting it to the gearbox. I think having zoomed in pictures to highlight these critical steps would have helped some lesser skilled builders like me :). For instance I had to redo the part with the white rubber bands as I did not pick up on the fact that they have to be out on in a figure 8 configuration. I picked up on this a few pages later no biggie. Can't wait to finish this Masterpiece!
  8. I have started to see many fan photos of Mocs utilizing fake parts on Rebrickable. I don't know how much or if at all this would help but this should be stopped as it encourages bad behavior. Examples include Mocs using technic panels in lepin fake colours.
  9. You can always try your hand at converting the P1 into the P1 GTR version which uses rounded exhaust. How much are those scoops going for now out of curiosity?
  10. Shaking my head in disappointment and at a loss of words of what to say. This is just not right.
  11. Thank you for sharing the WIP pictures and insight into some of the challenges experienced at the time. I've been comparing the WIP photos with the finished product so see the evolution of your work. With respect to the front bonnet I see what you were trying to accomplish and how the final product works so much better. Amazing stuff! It also looks like you're table is fully covered with laminated pictures of the real P1. That's full commitment to your craft and a constant reminder to be true to the subject. Respect!
  12. KD123

    1970 Porsche 917K

    Like others I was very excited to see this model selected for your 2018 build list and have been following its development on your workshop videos. Amazing moc and overall presentation.
  13. The roof on the P1 is extremely difficult to replicate as it seamlessly combines what looks like carbon fiber (arrow shapped) , glass and darkened glass (tinted?). Did you consider combining Technic panels which are matt in finish for the carbon fiber parts) with shiny tiles to replicate the tinted dark glass sections? This may increase the thickness of the roof, I don't know. Just wanted to dive into your thought process when you were putting this masterpiece together! Please share your challenges and the collaborative work with polofreak? I'm sure everyone would like to hear more of the story behind this build. :) What an incredible build, can't wait to see the RC version. Bravo!
  14. Amazing work. Love the options, functions and bodywork. Congratulations on such a fine piece of work. The black version looks great too!
  15. KD123

    [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    Nice driving! Appreciate the effort spent making such an entertaining video.