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  1. Bruno-nice profile picture update 👍
  2. KD123

    [MOC] 1966 Classic Batmobile

    POW! Love the flames in the back! Wicked!
  3. Looks fantastic. You've done a great job with shaping. The 7 has such a huge rear window that can't be replacated in technic that it may appear off to some but to me it's perfect. Well done! Wow!
  4. I can relate to that as well, with family obligations I’m typically limited to 1-2 hours per nigh to build. The struggle is real lol. Display wise I found that at some point your collection simply gets too big. As great as the set or moc may be, something new always comes out that ends up pushing the older “ones” down a shelf. After a few cycles of this and struggling to display everything that I’ve built - my experience now to maintain balance through one in one out. This forces me to really think about what I want to build and indirectly reminds me of the good time’s that I had in the set I’ll disassemble. Balance for me is key. Happy building 😀.
  5. @bernt 50+ sets collected is mind blowing, wow! I hope you find the time one day to build them all. At one point I had up to 13 Mocs collected for and the pressure I put on myself to build took away from my enjoyment. I was doing more bricklink’ing than building and all the advanced planning was crushing my enjoyment lol. I ended up giving up on many Mocs (collected but not built), and pillaged from many to build The newest thing that came out on rebrickable. Today I’ve gone 360 and typically have what I need for most Mocs. I’ll then bricklink what’s missing. No planning, no stress, no worries. Good luck 👍and please post a picture when all 50 are done.
  6. Please consider TCP Magic, rocket bunny or LBW body kits asntjeyvate some of the nicest ones out there :) looking forward to the next update:)
  7. Following with great interest. Looking forward to what you come up with👍
  8. KD123

    The blue brothers

    Both cars are awesome Jeroen. I can watch the roof mechanism go up and down all day. 🤯 Thanks for sharing two amazing creations.
  9. It’s alive on rebrickable. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-30506/Dugald_Lego/lego-technic-koenigsegg-regera-pdf-instructions/#bi
  10. KD123

    [WIP] Subaru Impreza WRX STI

    Amazing Work! Only thing I'd recommend is considering the use of flexaxles to form the shape of the fenders.
  11. KD123


    Nicely done, you've fitted many functions into this build. Thanks for sharing a great video too.
  12. KD123

    [WIP] Subaru Impreza WRX STI

    Glad your making progress on the WRX. I like how the car is shaping up. On the front is car I see two 4L thin black and two 11L beans that are exposed, thus showing the holes which I think conflicts with the look of the car otherwise. Have you considered capping it with a black tile or rotating the beams? Keep going, following with interest! 👍
  13. KD123

    [MOC] 1:10 Classic Porsche 911S

    Thanks for sharing your creation. I really like it. I like the overall shaping, and could only think the car might look better if you maintained the consistency of how you formed your fenders front and back. In the front you have used the fender panel from the rsr while in the back you used flex axles which imo gives the rear a slightly different look. Just my 2 cents but otherwise I think you did a great job.
  14. Appreciate the update Charbel, looking forward to adding this to the lineup!👍🙏
  15. KD123

    [MOC] Tatra T813 8x8 PROFA

    Thank you for such a wonderful creation! Glad to see you are back! 🙏