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  1. Love this tractor, you've combined so many features and expanding capabilities. Great video too. Thank you
  2. Paul, great design! Looking forward to putting this between the one:1 and the ultimatum.
  3. KD123

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Don’t know what you can get in europe but in North America Akro-Mils makes some nice storage cabinets. I use/love them. Nice new space. Centre island desk?
  4. I have not noticed a decrease in the number of TECHNIC mocs created. Rebrickable is alive and well with a steady stream of new MOCs to keep. I honestly can't keep up.
  5. Hey @brunojj1, Just wanted to congratulate you on another amazing design. Looking forward to building this one day. I am extremely happy that you’ve found the way of sharing your designs with others that work for you. To me the only thing that matters is creativity and sharing with the community. Well done! KD123
  6. Lovely design. Love the replication of the roll cage?
  7. Looking forward to outfitting my collection with car specific rims to complete the look. Over the years the only choice we had was the 911 rims as it's black and fairly generic. The Bugatti Chiron rims being blue and ugly imo makes it way more difficult to use on other cars. Sian gold may cut it for some, esp the tuner market but now we finally have options and custom ones too. Options are good. Go nuts, think big picture, don't get caught up in all the smaller non-consequencial details.
  8. Looking forward to see more progress on this build as I am a big fan of the 7. I’m still looking forward to putting a nice one on my shelf. Go get it done ?
  9. Wow! What an amazing design packed with so many features. One of MOCs of all time as well. Keep building the future is secured. ?
  10. Congrats on finishing! Love the 80s style music btw! Love it!
  11. Nice Zonda. Loving the curves.
  12. Congrats on reverse engineering this and doing it the right easy. IMO most people would be more than happy with photo instructions. Good luck