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Found 9 results

  1. Good Day. Today I present you another japanese car in 1/11 scale - Autozam AZ-1. This kei class sport coupé is one of the most recogniseable/famous ones outside japan in spite of it's poor sales due to the high asking price and the burst of the bubble economy at the time. It also forms part of what is known as "Heisei ABC Trio" (Autozam AZ-1; Honda Beat; Suzuki Capuccino). The real car was developed by Mazda (Autozam being their brand focused on Kei car and sales of rebadged vehicles) with the F6A engine (in-line 3-cylinder DOHC turbo) coming from Suzuki. It was sold in the standard, Mazdaspeed and special editions (such as M2 1015) as well as under Suzuki badge as "CARA". Following the japanese kei class category standards, AZ-1 has 64ps (47'8kW) and is quite small at 3295 x 1395 x 1150 mm. To put that into perspective, here it is against a "small" european car: Some of the reasons why this car stands out so much are the gullwing doors and the MR layout. This model represents the standard edition, with a low factory spoiler(wing?), in it's iconic two-tone red+gun metal colour scheme. Initially it was intended to use the 43.2 wheels, but after making the Daihatsu Hijet in 1/11 scale with the 49'5x14 tyres, I wanted to make them in same size. This allowed me to cram both more detailing and functionality. The final model's features are: - M-motor for drive (with differential) - Servo for steering - Front independent MacPherson strut suspension with positive caster angle - Rear independent MacPherson strut suspension - Working steering wheel - Working fake engine - Working headlights - Detailed dashboard with AC vents, stereo and gauges - Detailed interior with gearlever, emergency brake, seats and door detailing - Openable doors, boot and bonnet I've tried to replicate the general look the best I could and to make the model more or less consistent overall. Hence the use of liftarms placed onto flexaxles for front quarter panels, as bare flexaxles stood out too much. The side intakes took some time to make as well, and even though I've tried using the 1x2 grille tiles, in the end the bionicle tooth piece ended up being my go to solution. The lower door sills actually use a bit of inherent slack coused by frictionless pins to archieve that slight inwards angle towards the bottom, but it is quite sturdy and doesn't damage any parts. Presentation video: PDF instructions available on Rebrickable: Photo gallery (and an extra at the end of post): I've actually forgotten to take an underside picture, so here's a render instead to make up for it. Although red is definitely the most iconic colour for the AZ-1, there was also a second factory-available colour - blue. Unfortunately TLG's Technic colour palette has barely any blue parts, and having Bruno's Ferrari as parts donor the choice was already made, but if you don't mind ordering 3rd part parts, here's what it'd look like: Hope you've enjoyed this small model - C&C is most welcome as always)))
  2. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    [Model Team] Mazda MX5 1:17

    I have a new car model to share. Designed on commission in December, parts for this first generation MX5 arrived over the last couple of weeks and it has come together nicely. Less exotic than my last vehicle at this scale (Ferrari LMP1), it nevertheless features lots of pleasing functions and detail. (Click any image for the full Flickr set.) The doors open, as does the rear boot and front bonnet, and the pop-up headlights can be raised and lowered. Fitting in the functioning headlights was particularly challenging given the limited space between the hood, front wheels, radiator, and angled front bumper. Under the hood is the 1.6L four cylinder engine, which can be removed with a little effort (i.e. after detaching the radiator and front bumper). The most challenging aspect of the build though, and the most satisfying to see in the brick, is the detailed transmission running from the engine through the center of the chassis to the rear axle. Also included is an exhaust line running from the engine to the muffler at the rear. There is only one plate thickness between the top of the center console inside the car, and the transmission line underneath, so connecting the two halves of the chassis in a sturdy manner around this cavity was critical. Inside the car are the two seats, which can be tilted forwards to access the limited luggage space behind; a center console with handbrake and gear lever; and the dashboard with radio, air vents, and adjustable steering column. The windshield is attached by mixel ball joints, which, with the inwards angle set on the A-pillars, limits the rearwards tilt to the desired angle. One other detail worth mentioning is the iconic tail-light design, which uses 1x1 taps to angle out the outer set of lights. Although built to commission, the design is not exclusive to the customer, so I will be able to offer instructions through my website ( just as soon as I can find time to make them. (I will be rather busy for the next few weeks with another commissioned project). This particular model was based on a specific MX5, but it should not be hard to modify to different colours and configurations. Anyway, let me know what you think.
  3. Hello everyone This contest is a great opportunity to make a statement! Here I will describe my success in creating a car. I chose the Mazda Rx-7 because I have every opportunity to replicate the cool car from the cult movie. I want to use 42093 as a basis, since it is similar to this model in stock. I will Refine it and add the main features of RX7 These days, I've put together a V4 engine suitable for a rear-wheel drive chassis IMG_7187 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr IMG_7193 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr IMG_7198 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr IMG_7203 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr И собрал заднюю часть кузова. IMG_7208 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr Model is finished IMG_7218 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr IMG_7216 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr IMG_7223 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr IMG_7220 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr IMG_7212 by artemshulgin114, on Flickr
  4. I am proud to finally present you the Project I have been working in these past few months: This Mazda RX7 FD. It was fitted with an RE:Amemiya bodykit and a lot of other tuning modifications to turn this FD into the ultimate track weapon. Enough talk, here are some Pics: Features: Working 2 Rotor fake engine I developed just for this car 6speed manual transmission with "Safeshift" system HoG steering with moving steering wheel (removable HoG) Independent suspension all around Opening hood controlled by turning a knob in the cabin Opening doors with locking mechanism Oh, and I almost forgot: Of course I used the awesome Model Scaler from @Sariel to get all the proportions right. Huge thanks for this amazing tool, I recommend using it to anyone building a scale model: Specs: scale: 1:8 length: 56 cm height:15,5 cm width: 28 cm Weight: 3kg Piece count: estimated 3000-4000 The massive Hood is lifted by two small linear actuators to reveal the deatailledengine bay with single turbo 2 Rotor Engine. The car is fitted with a fully functional rollcage and sway bars in the front and back. That provides an incredible ammount of structural integrity. You can just grab the roof through the windshield and lift the whole car up, no flex, no worries. Try that with you Porsche or Bugatti In the trunk there is a water tank for water injection, and a surge tank for both water and fuel, to guarantee a perfect fuel mixture in every situation. Before people start asking again, yes, some parts of this MOC are obviously not original LEGO pieces. I just loved the white color, so you gotta do what you gotta do. I also exchanged all the differenly colored Pins on the body, even the black ones. Defiantelly worth it imo. The instructions are now available on rebrickable: Sadly there will be no orange model, there were just too many pieces missing. But you only need very few non-LEGO pieces for the white version ;) I hope you like this Car as much as I do, leave your thoughts in the comments please. Best regards, Gray Gear
  5. Hi guys, as I am around 90% through with my build, I'd like to present a MOC of a Mazda MX5 for TC18. I always liked the Mazda MX5, especially the newest version in white (2015 - today), so I gave it a try. I did not focus on a sophisticated drivetrain or steering, but make it a truly convertable with foldable roof, which is the main feature. I can be controlled with the HOG gear and 5L axle with end stop, which can be pulled out and placed two holes right of the center position, where it then actuates a worm gear driving the 8 tooth gear of the mechanism (see bottom pic, gear highlighted in blue). The cover is just pushed open by the folding roof. Retraction goes the same way. The mechanism worked well with a mockup, now I am waiting for my ordered parts to try it fully assembled. Other features are: - Steering (HOG and working cabin steering wheel) - Small fake inline 4-cylinder-engine connected to a newer diff from the 42109 - Openable doors, hood and trunk I am still working on the front, maybe I change the hood completely for this. Just couldn't find a nice looking solution so far. Here are some pics of the car and the mechanism of the roof:
  6. My new MOC. Mazda AZ-1 Manual functions. Steering Inline 3Engine Full opening Thank you!
  7. UPDATES: After I uploaded it to Flickr, I noticed there where some things missing, like side-mirrors and some details at the front, so I made some changes. Information: This car was built using Lego Creator style techniques, it has a lot of details and funcionality, like the opening doors and the detailed engine, to see more pictures you can go to my Flickr. Lego Ideas: This car is available to support on Lego Ideas, so if you like this, click here. Thanks for stopping by, -Marco. Qm
  8. EDIT: Building Instructions Available: HERE ________ I’m a big fan of Japanese cars, mostly because of its reliability. In the city I live in, there is a car factory which manufactures some models of Toyota and Mazda cars for the Chinese market. Among them is the Mazda 6 Atenza, the latest model of Mazda 6 series. (via Internet) I like this car a lot. A family sedan beautifully shaped like a supercar. Also you can choose hatchback or wagon configuration, but you don’t see a two-door race car model in this series. So I decided to build one out of LEGO. After a long winter, now I present you my latest MOC: A Mazda Race Car with SBrick. This project started with this iconic front grille. I don’t have a concept of the overall scale for this MOC, everything was decided by the scale of the grille. Ironically, I didn’t realize part 32192 in LBG is rare until the prototype is finished in LDD, and I don’t have a single one of it. Finally got my hands on it after quite a long time. Let’s have a look at a video first. (4K @ 30 FPS, watching in full screen is recommended) Weight: 1130g Dimensions: 350mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 127mm (H) Parts count: 1390 pcs Working headlights / taillights Servo motor cable has to go between the two seats due to length concerns, otherwise I can put more details in that area. A tiny fake engine for a tiny space. I must say I’m not a big fan of soft axles and I don’t use them too much. But they look great when used to shape wheel arches. The car is heavy towards the back, so rear suspension looks kind of weird. It gets the job done, though. Drivetrain is quite simple. Also you could find some inspirations from Madoca’s Supercar and Corvette. :thumbup: More photos: Building instructions is on the way. It will be available very soon. SBrick can be easily replaced by PF IR receiver. Enjoy and stay tuned!
  9. __________________________

    Any idea on how these headlights swivel up?

    I was looking at this great Ideas project. However, I have no idea how the headlights work: You can see the car with the headlights down on this page: Any ideas on how you would attach those headlights to swivel up just like the original car?