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  1. Limga

    [APP] BrickController2

    Seems wonderful to me! Thank you very much, now I am not afraid of buying new motors:)
  2. Limga

    [APP] BrickController2

    I still don’t have any personal experience with the Control+ and new motors (and new BC2), but in my experience with Mindstorms EV3 the following calibration solution worked flawlessly with the steering motor: 1. After powering up we assume that position of motor is zero. 2. Turn motor in one direction until it stalls. 3. Turn motor in other direction until it stalls, save the measurement of an angle. This angle is the full range. To find a “zero”-position motor just need to be turned again at the half of that angle. And to keep wheels straight motor just need to hold that position. Can such algorithm be implemented in BC2?
  3. Limga

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    @Philo, are you going to make power and torque measurements of the new motors? The good news are that there isn’t same current protection like in Batmobile M-motor. I did measure stalled current and it is roughly the same as the PF motors.
  4. Limga

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    I wonder if there is any other way to couple axle and hub from CV-joint side. CV-joint is quite long to use as axle adapter.
  5. Limga

    [TIP] Almost a perfect fit

    It maybe not so useful as it does involve half-stud offset, but still I'd like to share a new (for me) almost perfect fit that works flawlessly in reality. I need this for some suspension. The hypotenuse is 4.47 (square root of 20) in 4 and 2 rectangular triangle. Given the +1 stud it gives 5.47 that is so close to 5.5 that LDD does allow it. It does snap with real parts withous sufficient bending or frictions, just like regular connection.
  6. Limga

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    Do you already have 42099 or the parts only? I am very curious, thank you for information. Can you confirm that an axle can be insert through the new hub? I am also interested if an axle will slide in LBG-part of the new CV-joint without friction or not.
  7. I had the same problem, when I was building MacPherson suspension with small pneumatic cylinders. Turned out that old small pneumatic cylinder was seriously leaking in certain position, like it had some micro-crack that was widening when putting in suspension. I changed all old cylinders to the new ones and the was no leak. Also, I like your build very much! There aren’t much builders who experiments with small-scale suspension that isn’t double wishbone or live axle. Motivates me to continue work on my own suspension, may be I will borrow some solutions from you:)
  8. Limga

    Reversing gearbox

    Oddly Youtube put this in my recommendation:) I guess this is something you need. You can adjust the period by length of the links.
  9. Limga

    [APP] BrickController2

    Great work! I really admire your efforts and your impact in community of Technic fans around the world. Is there any way to help or support you?:) Also, I would like to know if there is any chance that App will be compatible with my good old iPhone 5? BrickController seem to be only compatible with iPhone 5s and later.
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. But there is too many gears for me and I want to have only one gearbox driving ring. Yeah, I thought about old differential from the very beginning. But the connection with 8z gear is the weakest point in those gearboxes on previous page since they cannot be embraced at all. I asked because there could be some compact 2-speed gearboxes with new 20z clutch gear that are still have to be invented . I want to use 2-speed high-efficient gearbox in motorized light-weight model, yes. I tried this variant a long time ago, but with the old driving ring and old change-over lever. It wasn't reliable at all. I will try it with the new driving ring and new wave selector pieces on the sides of driving ring and see if it works. But I still think that ever if driving ring connection with gears will be reliable the 8z and differential gear will slip. There is another variant I came up with recently. This variant becomes quite compact with two L-motors having each own axle and doesn't involve 8z gear. The gear ratios are 1.25:1 and 1:2 giving a difference 2.5 in the output speed. The wave selector piece is easily placed above the driving ring. And it seems that with some not simple gearing two wave selector pieces could be placed on the sides of the driving ring. I still have to figure how to make bracing as compact as possible and how make a motorized switch. May be I need to start a separate topic for the gearboxes for motorized models
  11. Any ideas on two-speed gearbox using as few as possible gears with the difference in speed about 3 times? For example 1:1 and 1:3. Is it very simple to make 1:1 and 3:5 with four gears, but that is not very sufficient.
  12. Limga

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Well, we do have an old-style differential gear with 24t and 16t gears, that can engage with driving rings too. However, it isn't simple to install and gearbox is much bulkier that with new 20t clutch.
  13. I've met with @SilenWin today and had an honour of feeling this stunning creation in my hands. It feels so rugged and so reliable. The suspension at work is something I can watch forever. I am really impressed by total stiffness of this model. I will definitely build one!
  14. Congratulations @Marxpek! Have fun with Bugatti:) But no mention of runner-ups makes me worry
  15. Thank you! Yeah, it did indeed pull a wheelie for a couple of times when BuWizz has not been discharged much yet:) I can upload all 50Gb of raw video or just some cuts without music to prove that it is real speed indeed. Fun fact is that the contest is about fast cars and it kind of please to hear opinion that the video is speeded up I understand why video may be looking like it is speeded up. Those are not raindrops from rain . You can see that there are some wet and dry areas on video. The reason is simple: there is some kind of "roof" over the place where I recorded the video. The snow on this roof is melting very fast and is making those "raindrops". Here is the screenshot of the video with this "roof", you can see snow over it. Also on video on 1:22 and on 1:34 you can see those "raindrops" with the slow movement of the car and the movement of men that are obviously not looking like speeded up. Thank you! I appreciate your comment since I really wanted to make a good video