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  1. I admire the effort you put in the truck. It is beautiful, both in aesthetic and mechanisms. I guess the solution to differential problem is to use planetary gears. It will be 100% Lego and will reduce the load on differentials by 4 times. I think it will be enough to make this beaty ride properly:)
  2. 15-stud with or without wheels? I guess you need to choose between portal hubs and diff lock. Diff lock is possible using old diff but the axle will be huge.
  3. Thank you for the review, Sariel! As always a pleasure to watch! I really like idea of 6x6 truck with outriggers and other bells and whistles but the final product is disappointing. Clutch gear in driveline is disrespectful. I don't like how they've done steering system using the 3L pin with center pin-hole to connect portal hubs to axle. It resulted in noticeable camber angle and the front axle even doesn't have suspension to somehow excuse that! Still, in my opinion, that would be a great set if not a price. I think it will be such a pleasure to rebuild the driveline, add a second XL-motor and proper suspension and see how it becomes a normal trial truck.
  4. It does have at least 2 hard yellow shocks and 4 soft grey ones. It can be seen on 1:20-1:23.
  5. This problem occurs quite often and the limiting angle is not the main reason. The reason is the bad engineering inside the servo. Unfortunately, my English isn't good enough to explain it correctly, but I'll try. Servo obtains it's position by turning on 15 conducting segments that are not connected between each other. When some segments become connected by any reason (bad quality) servo-motor can't know that it is in the 90 degree position, for example. So if you want to repair your servo you need is to disassembly it (very unpleasant experience) and make sure that segments are not connected with each other by scratching their borders with a needle's end. I did it with my friend's servo that had such problem and it worked fine.
  6. Nothing really bad will happen with servo-motor and no thermal protection will kick in, because it is servo:) When servo-motor is being stopped at non-90 degree angle only "bad" thing that is happening is that it power consumption raises up to 1A for only about 0.25s and then it stops consuming power. So I think you can use servo-motor in a such way. Source: But still I would prefer using some ways to save 90-degree motion. I will show you my favorite way of how to reduce servo-motor's motion without gears and with minimum slack when I get to my parts:)
  7. I tried some, but didn't made any pictures. It is possible to have a return to center steering. Still, no proportional control. I will try to rebuild it soon.
  8. Here you are:) Turn on English subtitles.
  9. I tried it with gamepad and it works wonderful! Thank you very much!
  10. Thank you for your reply! I have downloaded app into my iPhone just to see how it looks. Tomorrow I will get my MFI gamepad and try it out. I would advice to add an option to choose SBrick. Now it connects automatically and this could be a problem on a race, for example, when there are a few models with SBricks. If you need something to test, just let me know, I will do:) I do have 2 SBricks and BuWizz and can test how app work with them. As far as I know BuWizz haven't shared their protocol specs yet.
  11. That is wonderful, thank you for sharing! What kind of gamepad (with analog sticks) do you use? I want to buy one and try the app:) How reliable the connection is? Were there any disconnects with SBrick or gamepad? Does the app support two and more SBricks?
  12. 8886 PF cable issue

    I have the same problem. It is pretty annoying as the high quality is what I am awaiting from purchasing expensive LEGO cables:(
  13. The direction on both channels can be inverted in "Setup" section of BuWizz app:)
  14. Oh my god, I am so excited to see details! Please, release it to public:) Any chance of proportional control with other iCade-compatible gamepads with sticks?