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  1. Do I understand correctly that forklift counts as construction equipment?
  2. Thanks for attention, I appreciate it. Sadly I still haven't finished it yet, and have ripped some parts of it for use in another half-baked models. But it is still there, waiting when I get myself together to finish it. I will share it here, of course.
  3. @Zerobricks, can you please confirm that BuWizz 3.0 supports servo mode and steering calibration for PU motors? This would be killer feature for me.
  4. Thank you! The only video I have is from competition finals: Sorry for vertical video, it was filmed for Instagram. If there is any demand I will film video about drivetrain and suspension, chassis is still built and is waiting to be dissasembled.
  5. This MOC is almost one year old and was made to participate in Moscow BrickFest 2019 Trophy&Trial competition. According to rules of competition, models need to have differential on both axles. I wanted to make a model with independent suspension and decent drive ability and that is the main reason for engineering solutions in this model, including old differentials being shifted towards the middle of the chassis. The drivetrains are organized with swinging gear meshing which are acting like inner CV-joint. - 2 L-motors for propulsion - Servo-motor for steering - Li-Po battery block - SBrick for control Front suspension is independent and based on McPherson strut suspension. Front wheel are supported with strut and lower arms. Rubbers bands on lower arms are used as springing elements. Lower arms are made of thin liftarms to make driven axle possible with good clearance. All three motors are integrated in front suspension, being as low as possible to ensure low center of gravity and enough space in chassis for shifted differentials. Rear suspension is just another classic double wishbone suspension with pretty long travel. On the rear I used planetary hubs from 42099 set to ensure that CV-joint won't break under the load. Wheels rotation speed is synchronized via gear ratios, drivetrains to front and rear axles are separated and each one uses its own motor. Suspension is quite soft and sink a little under it own weight but keeps about middle position during driving. Overall design was inspired by Safari editions of classic Porsche 911. And some WIP-photos: WIP-photos with first prototype of strut, that was broken by rubber bands tension : And some boastful photo of suspension travel I think of this model as of unfinished, but I don't have neither time or will to finish it, especially regarding the exterior. I have plans for another iteration of "Porsche-like" offroader with another unusual drivetrain. Thank you for you attention! I will appreciate any comments.
  6. Nice find! Thanks for sharing. I wonder if we will see any other clutch gears from TLG.
  7. I had just the similar problem recently. BrickLink does show that the old rim and new one have similar mold. That made me think that Model Team tire would fit the newer rim. Well, it does “fit” but..
  8. I am sorry to disappoint those who were waiting for decent results but I am finally off the contest. During the sleepless night and somewhat eight-ten hours I wasn't able to obtain a satisfying results and I decided to stop endless trying. It is quite depressing feeling since I had a lot of plans for this contest and I really like the chassis. It just makes me sad, that I had searched the parts in a hurry, etc but in the end there is no entry Well, that is enough for whining! I want to thank everyone who commented this topic and supported me during the building process. It was a real pleasure to have such an audience, thank you very much! I hope, next time I will be able to organise myself better and will not be whining about being late to meet the deadline. Thanks to @Jim for organising such a huge contest involving more than half a hundred participants. It is real pleasure to look through entry topic. I am sorry again for taking your time into reading the topic with no results and I hope that someday I will present the Porsche I would not be ashamed of. But first I need to have a sleep and sort all white parts
  9. Thank you for your compliments! Your support inspires me to do my best to finish model in several hours and make an entry
  10. @Jim, does that mean that I still can make an entry in topic before end of the day?
  11. Wow, thank you! That means a lot for me. Yeah. I do hope, that contest will be closed later, but I will accept the fact that I am late. Thank you for suggestions! But I don't want to entry the contest just to participate. I want to present a finished model that I am satisfied with. Of course, I would like a lot to participate, but I don't want to do it with half-baked model. Also, I strongly want to build a coupe with hard roof, so no compromises for me. Nevertheless, thank you very much for your support and suggestions. It is heartwarming to hear an opinion that I need to participate at any cost
  12. Thank you! It was idea of a friend of mine, I hope he will reach Eurobricks soon to publish his models:) So, is it deadline already? I guess, I am off the contest unless it will be closed later. Still, I would like to finish the model, despite I am pretty dissapointed that I wasn't able to organise myself into building properly . Some progress for today: I was lucky enough to acquire a bunch of dark red parts and I am going to put them at use . I will replace hard user 3x5 halfbeams with more good-looking ones. I decided to build exterior in 14 studs width with arches extending to 15 studs. As for rear I was inspired to use panel #1 and #2 from other builders (I can name several models using this solution even years ago). I love how they look and I hope that it isn't considered as a plagiarism. But if it is - I can't think of something better so let is be a plagiarism . So far I am pretty satisfied with how it is going. I guess, I will need to replace some parts in front end of the chassis with white ones, since they will be part of the exterior. Shame soft shock absorbers aren't available in white.
  13. Some updates for today. Unfortunately, I had some troubles organising myself to get working on the model. Still, I hope to finish the model until deadline:) Interior (and new wheels). So, I decided to use Reddish Brown as main color for interior and have succesfully purchased Dark Red rims from set 10258. As I mentioned before I chose white as the main exterior color and I hope this color combination will work well. I have ordered some Dark Red Technic parts to use in exterior and I hope I will get them in time. Front seats were quite tricky to build and they are not somewhat realistic to real ones that are installed in Porsche. Also, I reworked steering wheel mount and used rubber wrapped around a pin to get steering wheel working. Not the clearest solution, but the one with half-bush makes a lot of friction between rubber band and #3 connector. The backseats, thought, seem to be more realistic in terms of comfort and embedded driveline (photo of real one is under spoiler) And two more pictures: I tried white arches on (as you can see on the pictures) and dreadful thought came inside my head: I will need to build bodywork in 14 studs. This is going to be one hell of a challenge:)
  14. Is it okay if I build exact copy of chassis instead of stripping the bodywork of finished model to make a pic? I am afraid, I will do some chassis alternation during the bodywork progress and it would be easier for me to build a copy of chassis instead of stripping the bodywork and putting it back again