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  1. Thank you! The only video I have is from competition finals: Sorry for vertical video, it was filmed for Instagram. If there is any demand I will film video about drivetrain and suspension, chassis is still built and is waiting to be dissasembled.
  2. This MOC is almost one year old and was made to participate in Moscow BrickFest 2019 Trophy&Trial competition. According to rules of competition, models need to have differential on both axles. I wanted to make a model with independent suspension and decent drive ability and that is the main reason for engineering solutions in this model, including old differentials being shifted towards the middle of the chassis. The drivetrains are organized with swinging gear meshing which are acting like inner CV-joint. - 2 L-motors for propulsion - Servo-motor for steering - Li-Po battery block - SBrick for control Front suspension is independent and based on McPherson strut suspension. Front wheel are supported with strut and lower arms. Rubbers bands on lower arms are used as springing elements. Lower arms are made of thin liftarms to make driven axle possible with good clearance. All three motors are integrated in front suspension, being as low as possible to ensure low center of gravity and enough space in chassis for shifted differentials. Rear suspension is just another classic double wishbone suspension with pretty long travel. On the rear I used planetary hubs from 42099 set to ensure that CV-joint won't break under the load. Wheels rotation speed is synchronized via gear ratios, drivetrains to front and rear axles are separated and each one uses its own motor. Suspension is quite soft and sink a little under it own weight but keeps about middle position during driving. Overall design was inspired by Safari editions of classic Porsche 911. And some WIP-photos: WIP-photos with first prototype of strut, that was broken by rubber bands tension : And some boastful photo of suspension travel I think of this model as of unfinished, but I don't have neither time or will to finish it, especially regarding the exterior. I have plans for another iteration of "Porsche-like" offroader with another unusual drivetrain. Thank you for you attention! I will appreciate any comments.
  3. Limga

    Using 65413 as clutch gear

    Nice find! Thanks for sharing. I wonder if we will see any other clutch gears from TLG.
  4. Limga

    Warped Model Team Tire?

    I had just the similar problem recently. BrickLink does show that the old rim and new one have similar mold. That made me think that Model Team tire would fit the newer rim. Well, it does “fit” but..
  5. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    I am sorry to disappoint those who were waiting for decent results but I am finally off the contest. During the sleepless night and somewhat eight-ten hours I wasn't able to obtain a satisfying results and I decided to stop endless trying. It is quite depressing feeling since I had a lot of plans for this contest and I really like the chassis. It just makes me sad, that I had searched the parts in a hurry, etc but in the end there is no entry Well, that is enough for whining! I want to thank everyone who commented this topic and supported me during the building process. It was a real pleasure to have such an audience, thank you very much! I hope, next time I will be able to organise myself better and will not be whining about being late to meet the deadline. Thanks to @Jim for organising such a huge contest involving more than half a hundred participants. It is real pleasure to look through entry topic. I am sorry again for taking your time into reading the topic with no results and I hope that someday I will present the Porsche I would not be ashamed of. But first I need to have a sleep and sort all white parts
  6. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    Thank you for your compliments! Your support inspires me to do my best to finish model in several hours and make an entry
  7. @Jim, does that mean that I still can make an entry in topic before end of the day?
  8. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    Wow, thank you! That means a lot for me. Yeah. I do hope, that contest will be closed later, but I will accept the fact that I am late. Thank you for suggestions! But I don't want to entry the contest just to participate. I want to present a finished model that I am satisfied with. Of course, I would like a lot to participate, but I don't want to do it with half-baked model. Also, I strongly want to build a coupe with hard roof, so no compromises for me. Nevertheless, thank you very much for your support and suggestions. It is heartwarming to hear an opinion that I need to participate at any cost
  9. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    Thank you! It was idea of a friend of mine, I hope he will reach Eurobricks soon to publish his models:) So, is it deadline already? I guess, I am off the contest unless it will be closed later. Still, I would like to finish the model, despite I am pretty dissapointed that I wasn't able to organise myself into building properly . Some progress for today: I was lucky enough to acquire a bunch of dark red parts and I am going to put them at use . I will replace hard user 3x5 halfbeams with more good-looking ones. I decided to build exterior in 14 studs width with arches extending to 15 studs. As for rear I was inspired to use panel #1 and #2 from other builders (I can name several models using this solution even years ago). I love how they look and I hope that it isn't considered as a plagiarism. But if it is - I can't think of something better so let is be a plagiarism . So far I am pretty satisfied with how it is going. I guess, I will need to replace some parts in front end of the chassis with white ones, since they will be part of the exterior. Shame soft shock absorbers aren't available in white.
  10. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    Some updates for today. Unfortunately, I had some troubles organising myself to get working on the model. Still, I hope to finish the model until deadline:) Interior (and new wheels). So, I decided to use Reddish Brown as main color for interior and have succesfully purchased Dark Red rims from set 10258. As I mentioned before I chose white as the main exterior color and I hope this color combination will work well. I have ordered some Dark Red Technic parts to use in exterior and I hope I will get them in time. Front seats were quite tricky to build and they are not somewhat realistic to real ones that are installed in Porsche. Also, I reworked steering wheel mount and used rubber wrapped around a pin to get steering wheel working. Not the clearest solution, but the one with half-bush makes a lot of friction between rubber band and #3 connector. The backseats, thought, seem to be more realistic in terms of comfort and embedded driveline (photo of real one is under spoiler) And two more pictures: I tried white arches on (as you can see on the pictures) and dreadful thought came inside my head: I will need to build bodywork in 14 studs. This is going to be one hell of a challenge:)
  11. Is it okay if I build exact copy of chassis instead of stripping the bodywork of finished model to make a pic? I am afraid, I will do some chassis alternation during the bodywork progress and it would be easier for me to build a copy of chassis instead of stripping the bodywork and putting it back again
  12. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    Whoa, McPherson is something I would like to implement. But I don't have any McPherson idea right now that will be more compact than current suspension. It will require quite a lot reinforcement (and even now front wheels are wobbly a bit) and the whole point of McPherson being compact suspension is lost. But I don't give up and hope to make McPherson suspension in that scale one day. Making it AWD while keeping sufficient interior and not ugly exterior is the whole point of this entry for me. Nevertheless, thank you for suggestions! I do looking forward to see results of your project, too and I too need some parts. But I heavily doubt that I get my order before the contest is ended due to corona. Hey, I think you are overpraising my build over yours. I agree with @I_Igor, beauty is in simplicity sometime.
  13. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    I think so too. I would like to build in other colors as well, after contest is ended. I hope someday lime wheel arches will be released. Good to hear, my inner graphomaniac is happy Thanks! Rubber bands are the pain in a neck for me. They do provide a working solution, but I feel that it is "unclear" solution. As for the engine transmission there are some ways to replace the rubber band with gears, but it would make engine more bulky. I need to think of it. The steering is very tricky. I don't know how to solve it using two gears and keep the inclined steering wheel and several turns. Moreover gears would increase complexity and make interior bulky. Always a compromise As for now I will keep it the way it is and I would be grateful for suggestions if there is any idea of how to solve it with gears. By the way, rubber bands are used to transfer drive in officials sets: 42074 and new Ducati 42107. While it is suitable in the yacht, I was surprised to see it in motorcycle transmission. I guess this occasion might give me some indulgence to use rubber bands But I definitely would prefer gear based solution!
  14. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    So, some progress is up here! Please, let me know if longposts are hard to read. I love to go deep in the descriptions, reasons and explanations but I also would like to make the topic more comfortable to read if it is desired by audience. The rear axle and engine mount I managed to implement part @zux suggested as transversal arm and to make rear axle and engine mount less complex and more robust. But I still kept the rubber connectors, but in other way: I switched the "frame" to the one described earlier and also switched U-joint to CV-joints as wheels tended to slip from U-joints while playing. Unfortunately, this solution is bending slightly and I need to think of it some more. To increase robustness of engine mount I used this suspension arm which shape is nearly perfect for this setup. Also, it is more thinner than a regular beam so suspension does have some room to work. I am very satisfied with this solution. I also reworked engine mount and used Pythagorean triangle to support the far end of the engine. I had to remove halfpins from 2L beams to fit the 6L halfbeams, but now the pistons (2L red axles) can be pushed accidentally into 2L beams and stuck the engine. I guess, I will replace 2L beams with perpendicular connector. The chassis I married front and rear axle and decided to put drivetrain one stud higher the chassis frame. This made pretty convenient ground clearance with rear slightly more higher than the front. Unfortunately, center differential just eats a lof of inner space and makes even seats building very challenging for me. Unexpectedly, chassis is robust enough not to bend a lot while holding it and the end of the engine. I guess is it due to support under rear axle. I think that is all for the chassis and I will rework it in case bodywork will require it. The steering wheel and HOG That was a pretty tricky part for me to accomplish. I changed several front axle mounts to make steering wheel and HOG work. The steering wheel works throught twisted rubber band so it turns in the same directions as wheel. Pretty large wedge wheel provides quite a lot of steering wheel travel for the sake of realism I decided to put a HOG wheel under the windshield since providing the axle to back or to roof would compromise interior and interior is already suffering a lot. I don't think I will be able to make it detachable as I intented, though. Steering wheel mounting is temporaly and I will change it when I will work on interior details. The video showcasing transmission, suspension and steering at work: Thank you all for your attention and comments!
  15. Limga

    [TC18] Porsche 911/964 AWD

    Thank you all for the responses and suggestions! I will answer in order . It is a pleasure to share experience and thought with all of you! ( @Jim, please, let me know if overquoting or such long posts are not acceptable here, I did not find the rule regarding it). And I also want to apologise if I don't accept your suggestions or solutions. Please don't be offended and think of me as arrogant. It is not because I think that I know what is best (surely not true), but because I would like to build MOC in a way that my heart will find comfortable. And I try to do my best explaining why I use this solution and why I don't use the other. Thank you for understanding! The reason I don't use this part is because of the ball socket that will fill not fit in the chassis and interior. Besides, when used with CV-joints there is always a probability of 3L axes to slip out of 12-tooth gear in differential. So, I used following "frame" in both rear and front axle: While it is not perfectly rigid and strong it provides additional friction lock to 3L axle and doesn't allow it to slip out. And it is still rigid enough not to break while playing with the chassis. However, I think, for the motorised version I will use this 92910 part and maybe I will cheat with some papers in LBG-part of CV-joint to make sure axle won't slip out. Thank you for explanation! I love to hear about building principles of the others. I tried it and it does work. But I would like to keep rubber connectors, because it that way, IMHO, suspension is closer to real one and doesn't rely on play between parts. That is a good idea, and I was able to use this part, thanks a lot! I do, however, needed to rebuild rear axle a little, but I like the result. I will show photos in the next post. Horizontal mount is not possible due to some latest chassis improvements. Moreover, it will still require a rubber connector, because in non-compressed state due to inclined arms the mounting points on chassis and suspension are not inlined. Thank you for the compliment! Luckily, my calculations do match with yours:) I do know how the lever works, but thanks for the explanation, may be useful to others who read the thread. Actually, I did try a lot of combinations of angles and mounts and I tried the solution you are suggesting since. It was very attractive to make more room for the backseats and reduce the suspension travel. But I discarded it for the reason of very and very stiff suspension it that case. Reducing the travel from 1.5 stud to 0.67 (2/3) stud makes suspension stiffer by 2.25 times which makes it almost unusable. I prefer more softer suspension so I decided to keep the way it is. I love the way you managed to do the steering, definitely less bulkier solution that I used, thanks for sharing! You have inspired me to an idea of implementing dual drivetrain similar to yours in my front suspension setup. If you are interested, I will show you the solution. Thanks a lot! For the bodywork I have already chosen (as my heart fully belongs to classic Porsches) Porsche 911/964 in a white color. I do hope that with help from the community I will be able to catch the iconic lines.