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Found 29 results

  1. Brickington

    Review: 21013 Big Ben

    This is my first review ever and I hope all of you enjoy it! Big Ben is one of history's most recognized landmark in the World. And now, it's in a LEGO set. Now you don't have to go all the way to London, England to feel the majesty elegance of Big Ben! The LEGO Big Ben set is full of detail and will put you in all at every brick you place on the set. This build is a must get for those interested in the LEGO Architecture series and/or detailed LEGO sets. Basic Information: Set Name: Big Ben Set Number: 21013 Number of Pieces: 346 Price: $29.99 USD / 29.99 Euro Theme: Architecture (Landmark Series) Year Released: 2012 Resources: Brickset LEGO Shop@Home BrickLink The Review: The Box The Front: The typical LEGO Architecture box. I am starting to love the design of it. It is modern, simple, and just lovely. Side: Another typical Architecture set picture. However, I always love seeing these sets in this view. The one thing I do not like is the tape on the top of the box. Back: The back of the box just shows an overview of this set and facts of Big Ben. The back also shows us that this set is 7.7in. tall. Instructions Front: Here's another typical Lego Architecture picture. Just a simple photo, nothing to it. In the instructions there are quite a few pages about the history of the actual Big Ben. These little pages are quite informative and interesting. Also, throughout the instructions you will notice random little clips of the history of this great landmark. Overall, the actual build instructions were pretty easy to follow, in a very step-by-step way. However, I can see a a child having a little difficulty building this alone, due to the type of techniques that are used. But a piece of cake for your average AFOL. Back: Just a nice little picture of this set. Contents: Mostly contains tan pieces. Which isn't a bad thing, is it? I personally like all of the tan pieces. Printed Pieces: ​ Now here is the printed pieces. You have the usual name of the set, obviously here it is Big Ben. And there is the four clock pieces. I think that they are quite ugly. The Big Ben Build The Base: And I present to you the base of Big Ben (in LEGO version at least)! Here there is just some (LEGO) green grass and some (LEGO) concrete. And then of course, the Big Ben title. Stage 1: Just a bird's eye view of the first part of this build. Pretty simple. Stage 1 (with roof): Pretty picture, but as far as the build goes, pretty plain. 1x1 Pieces: For some reason, these 1x1 pieces have always intrigued me. Probably because these 1x1 are quite useful, but it takes a difficult technique to use them. Stage 2: Here's stage 2. It looks like the exact same build as stage 1, but as you will notice in the next picture, you can't always judge a book by it's cover. Also, here's where you can see the ingenuity of the LEGO designers. I never thought of using those 2x1's as windows. Amazing work. Stage 2 (top view): Do you see? Not the same as stage 1, is it? I think TLG did a good job here. The LEGO Big Ben set is a good example of a SNOT technique in the windows. You can see that in this photo. Roof: And now you have the roof. I believe TLG has remarkable job here. It looks very good with the rest of the set. The double-slooped roof pieces are attached to a half-stud offset. TLG had some ingenuity with this part of the build. First Part of the Tower: I like to consider this as the first part of the tower. Three more copies of this piece will be made after this. I like the use of the pieces and simplicity of this part. Clock Stage: Here's clock tower piece, without the clocks. All I can think is "Man is this such a great set!" You are building with the great SNOT technique and just the ingenuity of the window pieces. This set is instantly recognized in a room. Start of the Steeple: Here's the base of the Steeple. Steeple Stage 2: Another simple picture of the Steeple build. Steeple: And the steeple in all it's glory! Simple, yet majestic. Steeple with the set: A picture of the steeple with the set. The Instructions say to put the clocks on after this, so that's what I did. Pictures of the Final Product Full View: ​ * drum-roll* And we are finally done! I just wanted to show you some pictures that show you the true beauty of this set. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Bottom View: I love this image. It shows how talents the LEGO designers are at using simple LEGO bricks and making them into masterpieces. Tower View: Another view of this awesome set. Clock View: The actual (LEGO) clock in all of it's glory (well sorta). Here is where the complaining starts. I think TLG could have made a way better clock, after all it's printed in the first place. Back View: I love this view. I'll just let the picture speak for themselves. Real Big Ben Photo: I just wanted to post a picture of the actual building for everyone to compare to set to the real Big Ben. I believe the LEGO Big Ben set greatly represents the actual building. As I said above, it is instantly recognized in a room. I'll like to thankHoteles Y Alojamiento for the photo. Totals: Design: 10/10 The LEGO Architecture sets never seize to amaze me. I love the design of Big Ben. The designers did good here. The way LEGO made simple bricks into this, is just incredible. Thus, this set should be no more than 10 out of 10 in design. Parts: 8/10 Personally there are not really any rare parts. However, there is numerous of tan bricks. Which is a great plus. But besides that, not really any great pieces, as I said. Build: 10/10 Big Ben is one of those perfect builds. It is not a hard build, but just a little challenging were it is fun to build. Another 10 out of 10. Price: 7/10 At $30, this is a pretty good buy, but not great. At 7 cents per brick, not bad.However, I think this set could cheaper. I believe this set could easily be five to ten dollars/ euros cheaper. Overall: 35/ 40 Overall, this is a very good set. I enjoyed every single brick I put on this amazing set. I think everyone should go out and buy this set, and have as much fun as I had building it. This is such a great build and there is not enough words to describe how great this set is.
  2. Hello and welcome to my fourth review! This is the first of my Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Bronze Level reviews. I brought this set because it came with some of the coolest minifigs ever and it didn't hurt my wallet that bad as well. So go ahead and read the review, I'm sure you will like it! BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid Battle Pack Set Number: 9488 Number of Pieces: 98 Minifigs: 4 Price: $12.99 USD Theme: Star Wars (The Clone Wars) Year Released: 2012 HELPFUL LINKS: Brickshelf (My gallery for this review) Brickset Bricklink LEGO Shop @ Home THE REVIEW: The Box Front: The front of the box showcases a nice little battle scene with the set in action. I can't help but think how fake the big blast to the right looks. Back: Here is the back of the box. This is a normal LEGO Star Wars box sight. This is where LEGO shows us the main features of the set. Image courtesy of eBay. Side: To me this guy is the coolest LEGO clone ever released. If I was to be a LEGO clone, I would want to be him. The back of the box is just a normal scene that shows us the play features. I think we should just move on. Contents: Dark red is pretty much the main color in this set. Some interesting pieces include the clear piece and the two cape pieces. Cape Pieces: Here are the cape pieces for the commando clone, which includes one red shoulder pad cape and one black leg cape. Extra Pieces: The extra pieces are a black round stud, a 1x1 black tile, a black Technic connector, some droid arms, and bunch of dark red clone helmet visors and radios. Minifigs ARC Trooper Front: As I mentioned earlier in this review, I think this minifig is the coolest clone ever. He looks great, the capes are awesome and the torso is a great match. The only complaint I have is that the printed feet are a little strange and not necessary. ARC Trooper Back: The backpack is simple yet perfect for the minifig. ARC Trooper without the Helmet: The only thing I can say here is that the minifig has the standard clone head that is found in many Star Wars sets. ARF Trooper Front: This guy is a little more bland than his counterpart. The helmet, however, suggests that this minifig is a member of Commander Wolf's soldiers because it has a wolf logo printed on each side. ARF Trooper Back: The back of the ARF Trooper is very boring as there aren't any accessories for it and I believe that this is a fairly common back printing. ARF Trooper without the Helmet: Just like his fellow counterpart, he has the standard clone head. The Commando Droids Front: I have never really liked LEGO's droids because they don't display all that well and don't offer much in the way of playability; however, these probably are my favorite ones. I really like the color, and the face, for some reason, is appealing to me. Commando Droids Back: I asked myself, do I really need to show the back? I guess it doesn't hurt anybody to show it. The Cannon Before the Cannon and Support Legs: Here's the body of the cannon before the cannon and support legs are attached. My question is why is there a clear round 2x2 under the cannon? I tried to see if the legs supported the cannon without it and they did. The Finished Cannon: This is a pretty good cannon, especially for a battle pack with awesome minifigs. The legs are quite the eye candy and any minifig fits perfectly in that seat. The Full Set: This set is one of the better ones I have have purchased. Let's go see how it adds up in my totals! Image courtesy of LEGO. TOTALS: Design: 9/10 A really well-designed cannon. The legs are eye candy, the seat is great, and it looks realistic. The only thing holding it back from being a ten is the flick-fire missile. I can see why TLG needed to provide playability by having a "shooting" canon, but to an AFOL it is simply not needed. Parts: 9/10 Considering that this is a battle pack, there are many useful parts within this set that certainly would be beneficial to any MOCer. Build: 9/10 A rather simple build with nothing out of the ordinary. There are no challenges in this build, nothing should make you look twice at the instructions. Minifigs: 10/10 The minifigs, particularly the clone troopers, are wonderful! The clones are more detailed than the norm and the droids are much better than their counterparts. Playablity: 8/10 I wouldn't say it is an awesome set to display, but it isn't bad. For kids, this set could be played with for hours and hours. Price: 8/10 It is a battle pack which makes me think that it should be around $8-10 (USD). But for some of my fellow AFOLs, the MSRP is a pretty good price because it comes with awesome minifigs and great pieces. Total: 53/60 I fully recommend this set for any LEGO Star Wars fan. The minifigs are great and the pieces are very good for MOCing. The cannon isn't bad either, but, as you probably know, the minifigs are the star feature of this set.
  3. Brickington

    Albion Tower

    Lord Brickington was back in Avalonia. First thing he did once he was there was visit an old elf friend of his. This friend was a noble elf of a very serious manner. However, he was cursed with long blond. He hated his blond hair, for all respectable elves had brown hair (or at least he thought). At this point, he was a lord of an Albion tower and Lord Brickington went to see him. This tower was in the inner sanctum thus giving a rather enjoyable view from the top. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Well hello again everybody! I made this tower before my finals week, but just now uploaded it. I won't be building again until Monday, so this is my build for the week. Sorry for the poor pictures, it was a rainy day and week for that matter. This is Tower 1 in the Inner Sanctum of Albion. Well here are the additional pictures: And my favorite: ~Brickington
  4. Brickington

    Challenge VI: Revenge

    The Battle of Cedrica was already well under way. A man in black clothes came on the main road to the great city. He was well armed and went off his horse for it could it some of the grass. He looked at the city from the hill. He noticed that the city was up in flames due to the heavy battle that was occurring He spoke out loud to himself, "So the fun has already started has it? My my, Cedrica you have changed since last time we meant." He noticed the new gate and Victor's tower. The man stayed on the road until he found a little house. There he found a little pond where he could bathe. The man yelled to the home, "Do you mind if a weary traveler bathes in your pond?" A very old and weak voice responded, "No, I don't mind, as long as you leave me alone." So the man bathed and then put on his battle armor and load and behold it was Lord Brickington. Just when Brickington was about to get ready to head out, a Mitgardian soldier came up the road. Brickington greeted him, "Hello my good man! What business do you have in this area? I would imagine you would be greatly needed in Cedrica." The Mitgardian soldier responded, "I have orders to clear out every house near Cedrica. Revolword is almost in defeat and we don't want him coming around one of these houses and and hiding." "Well of course" replied Brickington. And with that the Mitgardian soldier headed to the door. The Mitagrdian soldier knocked on the door, but with no response. He knocked again and this time the old man responded, "Go away." The Mitgardian soldier said, "I have orders and I'll come in whether ye' like or not." And with that, the Mitgardian soldier opened the door and Brickington heard was the Mitgardian Soldier say, "What the?" Sir Brickington noticed the Mitgardian soldier being pulled in, but the door stayed open. The person inside must have thought Brickington already left. But he didn't. Sir Brickington walked in the building with his sword ready and he could hardly believe his eyes. Sir Brickington saw victor, three soldiers, and what looked like a general. The general spoke in a horrifying voice, "So men, we have company. Let's start the show, shall we." While all of this was happening, Sir Brickington couldn't help but notice Victor. He was very pale and wrinkly. He looked horrible. Then right before Brickington could do anything the guard who had captured the Mitgardian soldier did a horrible thing. The hand soldier threw the poor man's face in a magical plate of fire and burned his face. The Mitgardian soldier died right in front of Brickington. Filled with rage, Brickington attacked and easily overcame the three soldiers. Then the general came at Brickington and it was a hard challenge to overcome. Lord Brickington overcame the general. The general was dying in pain right in front of his leader, Victor. He looked up at Victor and Victor said to him, "You useless piece of junk, you disgrace me." Enraged at Victor's comment, the general threw his sword right into Victor. Both the shocked Victor and the general died almost instantly. When Victor died, a great flash came from him. Victor had died. Later on that day, a group of Avalonian soldiers came to the house. Brickington met them and the captain spoke up, "Hello, what might you be doing down these parts, My Lord?" "Look inside the house" Brickington responded. "Also what happened in Cedrica?" Brickington said as a couple of soldiers looked inside the house. The captain responded, "Cedrica was won after a long fought battle. The Hand of Corruption is done with, but Victor is still alive." With that Brickington got on his horse and left. The soldiers that went inside the house came running to the captain and they said, "Victor is dead, Victor is dead! Victor Revolword is dead! It is all over!" The End... This is my topic for Challenge Six. I will decide which builds I want to be scored as I move along. But as for know I don't know if I want it scored. The first build itself is heavily based on Sirens-of-Titans' awesome build of Cedrica. Comments are appreciated! I will update this post after I finish each build.
  5. Brickington

    Review: 60000 Fire Motorcycle

    This year, The LEGO Group has came up with all new sets for their adored City line. One of these sets is 60000 Fire Motorcycle. This little set is a great addition to anyone's collection and a must-have for fans of the LEGO City Fire sets. So go ahead and read this review! BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Fire Motorcycle Set Number: 60000 Number of Pieces: 4 Minifigs: 1 Price: £4.99 / US$6.99 Theme: City (Fire) ​Year Released: 2013 RESOURCES: LEGO Shop @ Home Brickset Bricklink THE REVIEW: The Box Front: A typical looking LEGO City set box. Nice that The LEGO Group tries to make it look better than it is. With bright flames and cement on the ground. Side: I love the new Fire fighter! He looks a lot more realistic than the one before. But we will go into the minifig later on. Back: The back of the box shows all of the features of the set. You see the rockin' motorcycle and the recycling bin. You also see the set in action that it will probably never realistically see. Instructions Front: Just like the box, a typical scene. Again it shows the set in action. The sun looks like a flash from camera. Instructions Image: The instructions are made for young boys. Thus making them really easy. This set is not a challenge to build, but it is fun. To bad my instructions had a little smudge. Contents: What a variety! Here's the bricks, all forty of them. You can see that you get many different colors with set. I am loving the big red motorcycle piece. No printed pieces, only stickers. (Dreaded) Sticker Sheet: I don't have anything to say about stickers. Extra Pieces: After you are done with the build you will find your extra pieces. In this set you get lots of extra pieces, which you should at $6.99 for 40 pieces. Minifig Front and Back Comparison Shot: I just wanted to do a comparison to show you how much more realistic the fire fighter is. The old one looked like a Halloween costume while the new one looks like a real fire fighter. The back of this minifig is really good. It is nice see that The LEGO Group has taken care in the back of this guy's torso. The Fire Motorcycle Build Process The Motorcycle before the armor: This is a pretty neat little picture. It's the motorcycle before the spice. I think it is a ingenious idea for stands. And let's move on! The Finished Motorcycle: Here she is in all her glory. Isn't she a fine thing? The motorcycle looks very modern and slick. Although I usually don't like big molds, I think The LEGO Group did good here. Additional Shots of the Motorcycle: I really like how these photos came out. They give three different sides of the motorcycle. I'll start with the back. The back of the motorcycle looks simply like the back. It isn't fancy so I think a back is a back. The two side look lovely, however I do not like the stud above the back wheel. It makes it less realistic. Other than that it looks great and as I said, modern. Comparison Shot: Which one should he choose? I think the choice is obvious. LEGO has come a long way as you can see in this picture. The Recycling Bin: This is a nice little bin. The sticker ( ) is clear so you can use it elsewhere. The only bad thing is that the lid is the to long. The Full Set: All and all, it isn't a bad set. It comes with some really cool stuff. Different Full Shot: Here is a different shot of the full set. You see the nice little minifig on his sleek motorcycle. This shot also gives you a good image of the fire extinguisher. It is a good little tool, but I feel that TLG could put a round 1x1 stud on the bottom of it to cover the whole. But other than that it's great. So let's see how it adds up! Totals: Design: 7/10 I think the design is simple. It is a small set so I can't be to picky. The the recycling bin is pretty sad to be honest. But I think the motorcycle makes up for it. I can't get over how awesome it is. But again the recycling bin is to simple. Parts: 6/10 Not really much pieces to MOC with. Well then again there are only 40 pieces. But there aren't really any bad pieces. Build: 9/10 It is a easy build. The LEGO City theme is geared for kids so any AFOL shouldn't have any trouble building this set. It was a rather fun build, perhaps because it was so easy. Minfigs: 10/10 I love this new fire fighter! He looks realistic and cool. I love his head as it looks rather neat. For a small set like this, a great minifig! Playability: 10/10 This set was made for play ability This set is a great one if you want to play with it. It even comes with a fire! Price: 7/10 At a little over 12 cents per brick it's a little pricey. I think this set could easily be $4.99 or so. But it does come with a cool fig and motorcycle. Total: 49/60 As I have said, it's a good set, but not great. I think wouldn't hurt to go buy it, but you can't be expected lots. The set doesn't really come with some awesome pieces besides the big red motorcycle mold which some people wouldn't call awesome. I really enjoyed doing this review and I'll let you guys decide how good the set is.
  6. Here's my WIP comic! I changed it to a better comic. I have just started to use Comic Life and am loving it so far!
  7. Ok, here it is ( I used Darkdragon's format ) : Protagonist vs. Antagonist Good vs. Evil Protagonist - the good guys, Socar, the knights, and especially Patrick They all were at the try-outs to be Royal Knights. Socar has been a knight for years and was picking the knights. Patrick, Wellington, and the other knights wanted to be Royal Knights for their kingdom in a time of trouble. They attacked the thieves who were trying to take the town. Antagonist - The Thieves and Wellington The Thieves are a big group of baddies. They have been trying to take over the Kingdom recently. They want to control and take over everything and be rich. Their thieves, so they like to steal. They see this group of knights all in one place on Recruitment Day and think it's a good idea to attack. Wellington wants everything for himself, but doesn't want to work for it. To be honest, he would like to become the King. Humble vs. Pride Protagonist - Humble Patrick was humble throughout his adventures, he has goals, but he stays humble. He could get all prideful about being invited to the try-outs by King Phillip. But no, that's not Patrick who was humble. Antagonist - Pride Wellington and a couple of other knights were prideful. Wellington thought he was the cream of the crop and that he was the best. He thought that no one could beat him because he was so strong. His pride made him overlook his flaws. Fear vs. Confidence Protagonist - Confidence Patrick needs to have more confidence, however he doesn't want to be like Wellington. He thinks if he gets more confidence he will end up like Wellington. He has a great conflict within himself. Antagonist - Fear Patrick suffers from lack of confidence and too much fear. He constantly does not believe in himself, but knows he needs to do better . Well I hope you enjoyed!
  8. Brickington

    Gaffon Bridge

    Lord Brickington was finally back in Albion! He was on his way to see Rex. When he arrived on the outskirts he realized that it would be a busy spring day, thus the main gate would be very crowded. To escape the crowds, Lord Brickington went to a alternative gate known as Gaffon gate. No one but guards and a few Albion citizens were around and he liked that. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Yet another build from me. I will be building all week to make up for the next two coming weeks. Very sorry for the bad editing in the last photo. Enjoy!
  9. Brickington

    Assain's Watch

    Lord Brickington was finally back in Avalonia. He was headed towards Albion and while on his he had a chance to the see beautiful Avalonia in the spring time. While on the road he passed a sturdy, but slender built tower. Although he didn't know it, the tower was known in those parts as Assain's Watch. Assain was known as a old King in a part of Avalonia. They say he built this tower for himself. But he probably didn't even exist, mere fairy-tales. When Lord Brickington passed this tower he realized that he was seeing a rare sight. There was an Assassin Archer. Those archers are the best, they shoot and kill. And apparently on this occasion, he was looking for someone who was suppose to ride by. Lord Brickington didn't pay any attention though. Others things were on his mind. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Well here's my most recent build, hope you like it! Here is another pic of the tower:
  10. Brickington

    Sorcan Tower

    There is a lonely watchtower on the border of Arkaine. It never sees any action, hence there is only one guard there. It is laid in a rocky plain. However, mysteriously bountiful trees grow around it. _________________________________________________________________________________ This was a little tower I built after I came back from my vacation. It is heavily based on DC's awesome tower, though mine is much more basic. Enjoy!
  11. Here's a free build for Avalonia. This is the first time I built with fleshies, so let me know how I did. I was surprised at how neat the figs looked with fleshies. I also would like to claim the Lord High Executioner title with this. The Officer interrogates a prisoner. The guard watches in case the prisoner gets any ideas. The Executioner is ready to chop! C&C are always welcomed!
  12. Brickington

    Review: 30152 Mining Quad

    LEGO has presented us with many great impulse sets and this one is no exception. This little set is part of the new LEGO City Mining line. This is my third review in the Reviewers Academy and I hope you enjoy! BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Mining Quad Set Number: 30152 Number of Pieces: 40 Minifigures: 1 Price: $4.99 USD Theme: City (Mining) Year Released: 2012 RESOURCES: Brickset Bricklink Brickipedia THE REVIEW: The Bag: The bag is the basic polybag and the design of it is the average LEGO City design. Instructions: The instuctions are tiny! I put the minifig here to show you are small it is. But they are very simple and that is a good thing for a dumby like me. Contents: The Contents are what you expect from this set. There are lots of yellow pieces and black pieces coming in second in the amount of pieces. Those translucent red pieces are great addition as well. Oh, and there isn't any stickers or printed pieces! Also, one trans orange round stud and a clear little piece for the miners helmet are the extra pieces.. Minifig The minifig is a pretty good one for a impulse set. I love the sweating head and the torso isn't bad. I really like the helmet and the light piece, so those are some good things. They make very realistic minifig accessories. The Mining Quad Set: The Quad: The Quad is pretty good. It can easily fit the miner. It has plenty of storage for whatever the miner has. Good job LEGO designers! Minifig in the Quad: I told he fits in nicely, you didn't believe me, did you? I like the addition of the seat part. Overall Set: Pretty shot here, isn't it? I haven't discussed about his little drill, so I will do so now. The drill is a good little accessory. It is detailed enough to look realistic. However, it is an older piece, but I think it fits in nicely with this set. Another great piece. Totals: Design: 7.5/10 The design isn't detailed like MOC experts, but it is the type of set we would expect from the LEGO City line. So although it isn't the best, it isn't bad. In fact it is pretty good. But 7-8ish out of 10 sounds right. Parts: 8/10 The parts are great if you build with the city line or any classic LEGO theme. There are some great trans pieces and who isn't happy with those? If your looking for some yellow pieces this is a great set. Build: 9/10 The build is very easy. There is pretty much not anything wrong with the build. However, I feel there could have been more of a challenge and I found that there was not any challenge, so that's why it isn't a 10. Minifig: 9/10 The minifig is great! He has a great face, helmet, and accessory. The torso ain't bad either. Who can complan about that? Playability: 10/10 The LEGO City line is made for playing. There is plenty of playablity in this set, so nothing to complain about here. Price: 7.5/10 Twelve cents a piece seems a bit to pricey to me. Forty bricks for five bucks isn't the best deal if I ma say so myself. But the fact that it comes with a great minifig and it is only five bucks makes it sound sweeter. Total: 51/60 This is an impulse set and so let's all remember that. Not only does it come with a pretty good minifig, but the Quad is simple but detailed enough. The only letdown is that it does only contain 40 pieces. I believe this set could be priced a little lower. But other than that, it's a-okay and it wouldn't hurt if you got out and bought it.
  13. Brickington

    Gardens in Hanaco City

    The Gardens of the great city of Hanaco City are a sight. This is an another free build for Avalonia. I would also like to claim the title of High Chief of Agriculture. The Noble and his guard. C & C always welcome!
  14. Brickington

    Looks can be deceiving...

    With this, I would like to obtain the title of Siege Expert. Lord Brickington brought de Gothia to a field in Hanaco. Brickington told him that he had something to show him. de Gothia wondered what this object had the be. de Gothia: What do you have to show me? Brickington: Here it is! de Gothia was quite surprised. He thought it was wasteful to be shown a cart. de Gothia: What is this? A cart? With some sort of tree thing in it? I am starting to wonder about your maturity. Brickington: It is not just a cart. Take another look. With that, the Avalonia soldier took a couple of pieces off the cart and, Wala! de Gothia: Wow! Lord Brickington, you out did yourself. This will make a great addition to the Army of Avalonia. Perfect disguise. Brickington: Thank you, now let's get out of this field. ​This siege weapon has it's own disguise and is able to move 360. C&C Please!
  15. Colonel Brickington wasn't able to go to the final battle of the Tournament thus, he stayed at home and did one of his favorite things: Eating some Bluecoat Chicken legs and meat. His fellow Redcoats had sent him the Blue meat from the battlefield. And boy was it tasty! I was noticing the end of the Toruney coming, so I built this for the Reds. Hope you like it!
  16. Here's the revised version: 1. Theme You don't have to be strong to be brave. 2. Story Arc There once was a poor farmer boy who dreamed of being a knight. He always wanted to be a knight in dashing armor like the ones in his grandfather’s stories. He wished he could practice his swordsmanship, but he had to work on the farm all day because his father was very sick. Thus, one day while Patrick was working in the fields near the main road to town, a mighty chariot was coming along. Patrick was very intrigued by this chariot that was very elegant. Then right before his eyes, a bear came running at the chariot and killed the single horse. Patrick ran right up to the scene, but he should have thought twice. Once he was close to the bear he didn't know what to do. The bear came running at him when a sword cut the bear in half. The owner of the sword, to Patrick’s amazement was King Phillip. King Phillip was a man of great stature. He admired Patrick for being brave enough to run to the scene. Patrick gave King Phillip a horse and some food. King Phillip thanked Patrick for his kindness and invited him to go to the Royal Knights recruitment which was in a couple days. Patrick immediately accepted the offer and couldn't wait to the day to come. It was finally recruitment day for the imperial knights in the Kingdom. There was the General Socar who was picking out the knights and there was this tall, strong, and dashing knight. His name was Wellington. Socar considered Wellington as the best one there and that he would for sure make a great knight. Wellington had great sword skills and knew every move in the book, but it was just a matter of using them. Patrick was there too, but he was overwhelmed by all of the tall, strong knights. Everyone, especially Wellington made fun of him. They said that he was puny and pathetic and that he would never pass the test for becoming a knight. And Patrick believed them. He had a brave heart, but his swordsmanship didn’t match up to it. And although, they made fun of him, those knights weren’t his enemies, but instead supposed to be allies. It was time to test the knights. Socar was a fair, but sometimes cruel man who made it really hard for a knight to pass. On one occasion, Patrick was put against Wellington. Patrick wanted to win so badly, but he didn’t know how to use a sword. Wellington made fun of him and said to Patrick, “What is a little, poor, and weak farm boy like you doing out here?” But Patrick tried to ignore him. Getting no reply, Wellington kicked Patrick to the ground. Socar stopped Wellington, but realized Patrick wasn’t a good swordsman. In the Kingdom there have been recent attacks by thieves and it was becoming a problem. These thieves were horrible men who wanted everyone to be mad. Recruitment day was sunny and clear, until suddenly a band of thieves came out and attacked Socar, Wellington, the knights, and Patrick before Socar could decide who would become royal knights. Wellington ran away to the village where he found refuge in a cart full of hay. Socar was most surprised and felt that Patrick was going to be of no help. But he was wrong. Patrick learned to be a good horseman on farm and could relate well with horses. Thus, Patrick took the horses from the stable and told them to charge at the thieves. Patrick planned out a smart plan where the remaining knights and the horses would charge at once. With the sight of the horses running, the thieves ran away leaving Patrick, the knights, and Socar out in the field. Socar promoted Patrick as Head Knight of the Kingdom and made Wellington muck the stalls of horses. From that day on, a little farm boy became known as Patrick the Brave. 3. Character Transformations Socar learned that it doesn't take a strong man to be brave and noble. He was wrong with believing Patrick was going to be of no help with fighting the thieves. He also learned that the cocky one is most times the wrong choice. Wellington was very humbled in this story. He learned that just because he was popular and strong, doesn't mean the unpopular and small people are losers. He also noticed the rewards of being brave. Due to running away from a fight, Wellington received the job of mucking the stalls of the horses. Patrick received a great reward in this story. But he to learned something. He learned that just because others say something, doesn't mean it's true. He learned to also have self-confidence. 4. Journey All of our characters learned something today. Wellington went from being bold, cocky, and successful to weak, humble, and not-so successful Socar went from knowing everything to learning many things from someone he least expected. Patrick went from small, poor, and dis-respected to powerful, rich, and much respected.
  17. At an unknown place, an elite knight of the White Riders of Arkaine was meeting a strange man in a great hall. The man looked like a strange wizard. He had a weird string next to his feet. But that isn't in this story. The wizard said to the knight, "You must pick one." He was referring to the men behind him. They were two Avalonian-looking soldiers. One was a peaceful looking one with the typical bright looking armor. The other was almost the exact opposite. He was a dark looking knight with a stern face. The knight looked at both men and said simply, "Why?" He drew his sword as if there was going to be a battle. The Build without figs: Just wanted to show this image because I'm so proud of my Avalonian border.
  18. Here is my entry to Pure Victory - Redcoat Community. Enjoy! No matter what age it is, Red has always beat Blue. Here is another example.
  19. Brickington

    Index: EB Licensed Forum Contests

    I was bored and I love making this awesome site better, so I thought I would index all of this forum's contest. Let me know what I can do to make it better or if I missed something. I sorted it by date 2008 Design your own Indy Movie 2010 Harry Potter Winter Break Contest Potterize Your Avatar Lego Prince of Persia Month 2011 Harry Potter Original Wizard Contest Eurobricks LEGO Batman Contest 2012 Super Heroes Month I would appreciate feedback. Not bad for a start, eh?
  20. Brickington

    The Warning Tower

    Here's a little tower I have made. I also have made a little poem for it. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell is scent of an Englishman, That walketh with a army of grand, That hasn't thinked before entering my land. He claimeth that he's the King of Britain, But how doesn't know of how he's going to fall like pillars of sand, His army will crumble as if they where small as ants, Oh poor lads who walketh on my land. So how did you like my poem? Here's an overview of my build:
  21. Brickington

    Fortane Fortress

    I built this as a tribute to how much my building skills have grown since I joined and I have only been here a month or so! Thank you all for the comments to my builds and putting up with me. Also, I think I get the title of King of Castle with this moc. Fortane Fortress was built to protect the people of Arkaine. It is the home of Lord Brickington and the White Riders. Lord Brickington was arriving back from his long journey and everyone wanted to greet him. Bird's Eye View: The Entrance: A White Rider of Arkaine: Courtyard: Wooden Tower: Side: Side: Neat Looking View: Without Minifigs: Thanks for viewing. I think my skills have improved tremendously since joining GoH. The goal is to become a powerhouse mocer like Ecc and dG. C & C would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Brickington

    RvB: True Blue Traitors

    Here thy go: In case you missed it: A True Blue Misfit
  23. Brickington

    ToR III Entry: A True Blue Misfit

    [pid][/pid] Here's my entry for the second round of ToR III. I missed Round 1 and I think everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats for a comic of mine. Oh, and I realized that Colonel Brickington hasn't shaved in a while. On one particular day, the Bluecoat Soldier Mazin was greeted by a pirate. , Thus, Mazin followed the pirate to his camp. ​Mazin couldn't take it. So he found a boat and just went on it, without knowing where he was going. Poor Mazin, he went towards the Redcoat HQ without knowing it. Brickington ordered Mazin to the Prison. Mazin didn't know what he was walking in to. And that's how Brickington started his collection of Bluecoat heads! Later on at the Pirate Camp: The End Hope you Enjoyed It!
  24. Brickington

    Road to War

    It was a sunny bright day and Lord Brickington was leading his men to fight at Albion. Lord Brickington was leading the famous White Riders of Arkaine. They the most fierce soldiers ever known. And they called Arkaine home. There was a poor farmer boy watching these soldiers march by. He was very impessed, he, a boy farmer boy got the chance to see the White Riders of Arkaine himself. He wondered if he would ever see these soldiers again. He wondered if all of these men would be alive after the battle. Then he started to fell mad, mad that he didn't volunteer at the local army sign-up. And he began to feel much self-doubt when the soldiers passed by. But the soldiers felt different, they were ready for war. The White Riders of Arkaine never lose a battle. And the soldiers moved on. They moved quickly, for the Battle of Albion was coming near, and they were a quite far away from the Pearl City. C & C are always welcomed!
  25. Brickington

    Albion Tower 4

    I will be away from my bricks for about a week, so I thought I owed Avalonia a build. Here is a build for Albion. I reserved the Tower 4. Not one of my best builds, because this was a quicky. Thanks for looking!