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  1. DrMuttonchops

    [U12 - Teth - TT] Fear, Pain, and Horror...

    Jimminy christmas Bjorn, amazing build. Great job on the pillars, I haven't seen that technique before! Terrifying build, the red body (carnage?) really looks like it was just dredged out of that terrifying pit, and the red rubber bands work great for running rivulets of blood!! Scary as hell, dude.
  2. DrMuttonchops

    [K-12 - Kalist VI - TT] Horror in the desert

    Great build, I love the buried helmet! Excellent job with the hinge plates to create the mouth, it's shaped very well! I'm always a sucker for trans neon green acid... I'm not sure if it's doable, but changing the tan and dark tan inside the maw's opening to a red color might be nice, since most of the creature's guts are red. Very scary build man, glad those troopers came along but I hope they have a longer rope...
  3. DrMuttonchops

    [I7 - Ankus - CFS] A GNK's Horror

    Great little vignette, man! The door and wall both look great, the few studs sticking out add a lot of texture and make it feel worn! Same with the discolored/dirty floor. The ol' Gonk foot-searer is great as well, looks like it's ripped outta the bowels of Jabba's Palace! So many great details with the random parts and the table full of implements as well as the detailed border. I love the wires protruding from the heads! Certainly would be a room of horror for a droid.
  4. DrMuttonchops

    [Q10 - Sneeve - TT] Horror, Torture and Cyborgs

    Certainly fits with the blood and gore part of the prompt! Well done with the blood flow on the interrogation table and pooling on the floor! Building them both totally flush is a really nice touch, well done. The angled table is great too, good job on working on that! The Gleckle head works great for a Keshiri too! Great greebling and making it look like a cell block and I love the trooper with the tool on a tray. This isn't really needed, but you could maybe have added more detail around the table, like a light or a stand with tools like a dentist's office? Great build though, fits the prompt and makes you feel for the poor guy. Edit: did you use LEGS for the door?! That's awesome! I love it!
  5. DrMuttonchops

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Swoop trial

    Sorry to necro a thread! Great build, especially the tree and the unique swoops! But... What head did you use for the Melitto?! I can't find it in bricklink, it's perfect! Edit: I just learned how to read, apparently... The reverse of Embo's head!
  6. DrMuttonchops


    Oh man, I'm getting flashbacks to Rogue Squadron! GREAT build dude, looks just like it's depicted in the old essential guide! Looks like you included the side access hatch and the chin-mounted grenade launcher too, great work. The angling of the viewport is spot-on and the toes are great as well, although they look like they would be very fragile in real bricks. Great job on the legs, are you able to pose them at all? The ladder for the side vents is great too! You may want to add parts 63864pb036R & 63864pb036L or something similar to the front of the legs, most of the images have that. Searching "danger stripes" in decorated tiles on bricklink came up with a ton of options. Are you planning on building it in real bricks?
  7. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] Star Wars Imperial Turbo Laser Turret

    Of course, happy to help! You really did do a stellar job on the interior and if you're happy with the outside that's all that matters!
  8. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] Rey's Speeder with TUTORIAL

    Awesome build Koz, one of the best I've seen, and studless to boot! Very well sized with awesome details, I particularly like how you built the engines in the back! Adding the two jumper plates on the underside to allow it to float is excellent. The shaping is spot on, the only think you're missing is Rey's cargo net on the port side. Do you think you could add that and still have the tools?
  9. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] Star Wars Imperial Turbo Laser Turret

    Hey man, pretty cool build! You did a really great job making the interior detailed without being cluttered, and the little things like doors and ladders are well done! I especially like the angled workstations. However, the exterior doesn't have quite the same amount of detail and could do with some greebling and angles. You might try flaring out the sides and base a little more, the XX-9 Turbolaser starts out with a gradual slope and then really flattens out toward the base. That might make the exterior a little less plain! The cannons look a little anemic in comparison to the rest of the turret head in my opinion, maybe beef those up a little? I might also fill in some of the cannon "track", it looks like it extends a bit too far back. You could also throw in some dark tan, sand green, or sand red pieces to indicate rust or corrosion as well as some dark bley maybe?
  10. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    @Darth Bjorn the legs are from the 2016 Ghostbusters minifigs, I erased the printing very poorly and you can sorta see some of the stripes still! It was my first time doing it and I used a Mr Clean magic eraser which unfortunately also takes the shine off the piece so I'm not sure I'd recommend it. @Mr. Cube you're totally right on the visor being too high, that looks way better! @Mandalorianknight I was really hoping we'd get a full Beskar Mando with the Razor Crest, but with a season two I hope we get one soon! Hopefully TLG is better than they were with Rebels on releasing sets. @marvelBoy123 That's a good suggestion, I think someone in factions did that (Bjorn or you?) and it's better than not having one at all, I should just make one! And I already quoted Mandalorianknight but damn I would LOVE an MBS Chalmun's Cantina; they've been doing a lot of different head molds so I keep holding onto hope (which is what rebellions are built on anyway).
  11. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    @Daddy_Stardust that hairpiece works GREAT, is it hard plastic or rubberized? Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen it yet! Your updated Asajj looks great as well. @Samppu Mara's hair is kinda close to that piece in my old By the Emperor's Hand comic, but pretty much all of my old EU covers are either a bright or deep red, while my newer essential guide to characters has it as a pretty deep orange! With so many different representations, you're right that it's much personal preference! :) @Mandalorianknight Thanks for the heads-up on the McCree torso, I have one of those somewhere! I think the only non-purist pieces are a handful of Arealight helmets - one for the Old Republic Trooper, a tan Clone Commando I slapped on a Shoretrooper, and the Mando and Fett ones. (That's not including the Brickarms blasters, oops. Another slippery slope) The official Din Djarin helmet is just... really not great, so I don't feel bad about it, and the Fett jetpack needs the missile on top which I suppose isn't as big. I wish they had printed Djarin's visor higher and made it in regular pearl silver and added more detail. Although I'm not going to lie if someone came out with a good mold for a Ponda Baba, I would buy that thing in a hearbeat. I've never given up hope that someday they'll throw him in a cantina set... my first SW RPG character was an Aqualish, and he's the only character I haven't been able to make a minifig of!
  12. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    @V-2929, the Supercommandos look great with the printed arms, and good choice on the light bley hands! @ARC2149Nova I like the figs a lot but I think Mara might benefit from a red hair piece? I like Luke's hair too, and nice Vong. @Mandalorianknight your clones are very impressive, you must be very proud. ;) Seriously though nice job mix and matching the armor, you have some cool combos. The Santa Fett armor is prob'ly the best choice but it still looks like Santa to me... The Guavian merc armor might work for a non-traditional armor? Not sure. Also, what torso does the mando with goggles have? @LegoCalrissian, I received the Mando and Boba parts from NashVegas! Looks great. For anyone interested, here's a comparison between the Lego and Arealight Mando and Boba helmets: The Arealight Mando helmet is much closer to the right color and has detailing on the "ears" and the top of the helmet, while the Boba just has more flaking paint and better printing. The arealights both seem a little big at the bottom of the helmet to me but I'm still happy with them. Here's a comparison between the official and the Arealight jetpacks, the detailing and shaping is much better on the arealight but it also sticks WAY farther out from the back of the minifig.
  13. DrMuttonchops

    [M12 - Byblos - TT] Clone Infiltration Unit

    Thanks man! :) But I do need to practice more builds, so I'll start practicing with what I have!
  14. DrMuttonchops

    AAT mod/moc

    Really excellent build/mod/whatever! Looks great and thanks for the parts breakdown.
  15. DrMuttonchops

    [M12 - Byblos - TT] Clone Infiltration Unit

    I don't know how I missed seeing that post, you did a great job! And I've been toying with joining Factions or Dark Times, but I don't have a large part pool that isn't from the 90s (few brackets/SNOT bricks) which kinda limits my building. I've bricklinked stuff for specific projects but I'm much better at modifying than building de novo!