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  1. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    For sure. I've always used part 18828pb01 from the alien trooper for quarren, the color doesn't match super well and the head is too round but the tentacles are a bit better. But yeah you're right, Kranxx could work! :) His head tentacles aren't spot on for the quarren triangle head but it's the best we can do!
  2. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    Lots of people post renders, doesn't bother me and doesn't detract from the fact that it's an awesome build! You did a hell of a job with the limited space in the cockpit, you should be proud! And as far as the landing gear, I've seen thinner landing gear support weight, so I'm sure you'll be fine, or you'll figure out a solution! I'm looking forward to when you build it and I hope you post more pictures when you do! :) Yow, that was four exclamation points in a row...
  3. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    For some reason I never remember the tubing pieces. I don't mind cutting Technic to make them fit, I'll pick a 3L yellow axle and some tubing.
  4. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] AT-DT: The Walking Gun

    Not from Veynom, but you can mod Bricksfeeder's!
  5. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] AT-DT: The Walking Gun

    Hot damn, you did a great job! Great texturing and greebling. If you based it off 75201, there's no "ankle" movement and only "hip" movement correct? It looks pretty stable overall, like you said as long as you're careful. I love what you did with the seat and and controls, really the whole back. Are the raised tiles on the front face held on by brackets?
  6. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    Holy hell, this only took three weeks? You made the most of the time, great job. As with your TIE bomber, the color blocking is amazing, I especially like your use of part 61406pb03 on the nose with the coloration, it's superb. I like how chunky and blocky the ship looks, as a precursor to the X-Wing I always liked bulky Headhunters, which you nailed! The reactor space behind the cockpit is flawless as well, and your engines rock (one intake to four exhausts is really fun). I checked out the rest of your pics on Flickr, the cockpit is off the chain, i LOVE the joystick you made! Seriously one of the top cockpit detailing I've seen. The underside is so smooth, and the landing gear is great! Does it really support its own weight? I usually try to offer some criticism, but honestly I can't find anything. I love the build.
  7. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC]First Order TIE-SF Heavy Bomber

    Hot dang dude, this is stellar. E.C. Henry did a great job designing it, and you did a fantastic job bringing it to life! Color blocking looks nice, but the Special Forces regular TIE had the red on the opposite side, not that it matters a ton. I love the holes in the wings, they really make the ship stand out. The greebling also takes the cake, it simultaneously looks sleek and detailed.
  8. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Hey guys, a couple things. Picked up Ematt on bricklink and some dual-molded legs, I like them more than the original legs. I also thought that Kranxx's head from Space Police III is about as good as we're likely to get for a Selkath (from KoTOR et al.). The head back tentacles don't exactly work, but the face barbels kinda do! I combined them for your viewing pleasure. Also something that I hadn't seen here, I've been using one of the Iron Drone minifigs from Exo-Force as an HK-47 since they came out. Like with Kranxx's head, it's about as good as we're likely to get! There isn't a yellow technic axel to use for the eyes, so I just stuck with the original red. Pardon the dust, he's kinda old (I noticed after I took the picture and was too lazy to retake it).
  9. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] MF Scale Arena Creature Acklay from EP2

    Like Bonks said, the claws really are perfect. You did a great job on sizing, shaping, and overall color blocking! I really like how you handled the little "pincer" claw on the front legs. I'm not a huge fan of the head, but I think you did the best job you can without any special elements! Is there any way to maybe widen the fin on the back? Overall, stellar job. It's instantly recognizable. :)
  10. DrMuttonchops

    Jabba's Palace Micro

    Wow, you really packed in a lot of detail! The Khetanna looks excellent, and the joystick as a stormtrooper with a lance is pure genius. Is the leg/dewback held on by a stud? What about its tail? The palace is also extremely recognizable, the toothed gear as the windows works very well. Great shaping of the sand, maybe add some other color? I think the palace is on a rock outcrop.
  11. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Holy cow man, phenomenal greebling, shaping, attention to detail, and making the whole thing a functional MOC! The interior of the cargo pod is very well done, I love the usable ramp and speeder bike space as well as the striping on the hull, it makes it look like a working ship. Great solution on the pod corners as well, that can't've been easy to figure out. Also the turrets on the pod and back of the ship are great. Are the gunners there to control them? One criticism that's not a big deal because as you said it's a variant, but the ship seems a little bit long to me, almost like there's too much "neck" between the cockpit and cargo container? Still looks great, reminds me overall of an imperial cargo LAAT.
  12. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] simplified full crouching AT-RT Final Dec.03.2018

    Looks fantastic, the fishing rod looks perfect to me! The armor shaping in the front is a huge improvement as well, it looks damn close to the cross-section! Totally amazing.
  13. I kinda disagree with Bonks, I wouldn't add foot pedals since the minifigs are sitting instead of standing. and pedals can look out of place. Additionally, I think I prefer the skis to the rounded slopes as the vanes in the front, but that's my opinion! I'm also neutral on white vs lbg, I think either would be great. Who knows, they might've been white when they rolled off the production line! Overall, great MOC, you really did well on the narrow profile and color blocking. You may have taken inspiration from lots of others, but you produced something great! "If I have built better it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants"! :)
  14. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] LDD Hound's Tooth

    I loved all the old canon bounty hunter's ships, I haven't seen many Hound's Tooth (Teeth?) since @woodnman412's version from a few years ago. Any other shots of the inside? Does the ladder lead up to the cockpit? (I LOVE that the door opens) Fantastic job with greebling and shaping overall!
  15. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC] Z-4 Speeder Bike

    Hey man! Pretty great looking speeder. I know we're working within the constraints of the system, but it seems to me that the back is just a little too long, relative to the size of the minifig? I'm kind of torn on the use of the black cones on the bars in the front, it both smooths the front and kinda breaks up the visual... But it looks like you kind of need them to maintain stability with that bracket so no big deal. I really like the use of the engine pieces on the back, that matches the actual speeder pretty well. One thing I've seen on other speeders is the use of a 2x2 corner for the vanes in the front, which I think works pretty well instead of the triangle road sign piece. Overall though, I like it, and good job!