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  1. DrMuttonchops

    [Review] #75273 Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter

    Great review Bob! I think I'll wait for it to be on sale, but I do like the changes like the engine intakes.
  2. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    That's a pretty good idea, and while I don't love that visor it's better than what I've got! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pick up a regular helmet and that visor and give it a shot.
  3. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I'm trying to make an M-3PO military protocol droid and am having some trouble. This is my best so far, I've also tried with the mask sides of 3626cpb1055 and 3626cpb1616 as heads but they didn't look quite as good. Here's a photo of what I have, and a reference photo. Suggestions? I'm considering erasing the mouth grille and cutting under the visor so it can be flipped down.
  4. DrMuttonchops

    Three "woke" films later and we still lack a female X-Wing pilot

    It doesn't fit perfectly, but I've used the body from minifig cty0794 for female pilots. It matches the color of other jumpsuits and has crash webbing and hips!
  5. Unhelpfully, I don't. :( But I always appreciate an excuse to look through bricklink!
  6. DrMuttonchops

    Microscale [Q12 - Nixor - TT] Command Escort

    Oh jeez, that'll kill their coaxium milage.
  7. Makes total sense! :) What part is the red hood? It's new to me.
  8. DrMuttonchops

    [N10 - Foundry - TCR] Loading Time

    Your attention to detail never ceases amaze! The Skakoan is great, although it might use some details on the chest armor? The whole foundry is fantastic, you've packed it full of little things to find and look for! The vents, the piping, the tanks, the ship... Love it. Great story too!
  9. DrMuttonchops

    Microscale [Q12 - Nixor - TT] Command Escort

    Great build, and very different than other mini scale Aquitens I've seen! Any trans studs for engine emission?
  10. I love the tree, and the Harch is spot-on (great use of the Oni head) but holy cow the curved wall... Amazing. How many parts is it?!
  11. DrMuttonchops

    Microscale [Q12 - Nanth’ri - TT] Duck Hunt

    Holy cow. Both ships look absolutely spectacular, great builds and great perspective on the scene!!
  12. DrMuttonchops

    Microscale [Q12 - Nanth’ri - TT] Imperial Patrol

    Looks great on both, Clone Wars ships are the best! I don't know if it's possible at the scale, but I think both might benefit from a little plate angling? They're pretty flat.
  13. Wow. That's... Eerily spot-on. Great job!
  14. You really nailed the skinny insectoid shape, great job! What parts are used on the feet? Love the two scenes, very detailed and fancy looking! I like the wiring coming out of the paneling as it's being worked on!