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  1. Looks fantastic, you managed to pack a ton of detail in a tiny frame without them looking too busy. Could we see the back and bottom? I'm interested to see how you made the front angle. Do you think you'll make the hyperdrive rings?
  2. [MOC] [CUSTOM] X-Wing Star-fighter Variant

    Thank you so much! :)
  3. [MOC] [CUSTOM] X-Wing Star-fighter Variant

    I know Booster Terrik had that in old Legends.
  4. [MOC] [WIP] Modified Custom B-Wing "Azure Diamond Squadron"

    The landing gear is clever and well hidden, and the ship as a whole is spectacular! It's pretty darn beefy, but not unwieldy looking, plus with the coloration (love the azure) and design, it almost looks like a Resistance B-Wing. I like the larger engines, and the fact they're offset a bit, it's really visually pleasing. Great job man! :) Now you just need to make a bunch more to complete your squadron...
  5. [MOC] [CUSTOM] X-Wing Star-fighter Variant

    Holy cow man, I love it! It's very much like the XJ, but you've certainly made it your own. The geometry of the ship is awesome but kinda strange, it almost looks like it was smooshed from the top and the sides are bulging out a bit (but in a cool way, don't get me wrong.). The engines and intakes are really well done, I especially like the multi-studshooter part for the engine exhaust area. What mechanism did you use for the wings, something like the resistance Xwing, or ratcheting clips like the old Xwings? Great color schemes for both fighters. I'd love to see it when/if you build it, and let me know if you post the LDD or sell instructions! :)
  6. [MOC] TIE Fighter (STARWARS REBELS Design)

    Hey Bricks Feeder! :) amazing MOC as always, the cockpit is one of the best I've seen, both interior and exterior! The pylons are really beautiful. However, I'm not a huge fan of the square plates with the circular opening on the outside of the wings, I feel like the square doesn't fit with the rest of the aesthetic, but that's a nitpick. :) it's still stellar!
  7. Have you gotten ahold of any 2x2 wedge plates in light bley for the back of your wing yet? :) happy new year!
  8. Updating Your Minifigs

    I was thinking of the Mad March Harriet cap from the Batman CMF series, which wouldn't look nearly as good as the Nesquick head, but might be cheaper. Not sure what head to put underneath though! :)
  9. X-Wings

    Those are stellar! :) great job, they're easily some of the most accurate X-wings I've seen, and I love your hypothetical next model. Colors are great too! :)
  10. [MOD] Imperial Fighter Tank

    Looks great, man! I love the modifications you've done to the original, they're great improvements. The cannons and the hatch on top are especially great! :)
  11. I commented on Reddit too, but I love this ship and the crew. :) having the cockpit mounted where it is is pretty original, and the color scheme and greebling are top-notch! The mandible shape is also pretty interesting, and if made them larger you could've called it megaloptera instead of trichoptera! ;) if you have any shots of the interiors of the body or cockpit, I'd love to see them!
  12. Fast Food Falcon [MOC]

    That's super clever man! I like the use of pepperoni and mushrooms as detailing. :)
  13. [MOC] YT-1930 Nebulon Baron

    Looks pretty great man, the shape is very fun, it almost has a classic space feel to it. I feel like a jonesin' addict, but... Ya got any of them interior shots? :)
  14. [MOC] The Sphyrna: A Freighter Wars Entry

    Great ship, man! I love the little "toy sized" YT1300 in the crew area. and the interior engine area is superb, I love the use of the engines from the old Zam speeder chase set! The overall shape is awesome, very original, and I like (what looks like to me) the tank treads around the cockpit hallway. Color scheme and greebling are stellar, and the crew is very cool! The brick-built droid is rad as well, plus your sensor dish is great. Any other interior shots? I'm a sucker for them. Best of luck to you! :)
  15. UCS Jedi Interceptor

    That interior looks great, well done! And I hope they make the pieces you need. :)