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  1. DrMuttonchops

    Turning 75211 into interceptor

    I'm with Robianco! But you can buy rebel builder's interceptor instructions, that's what I did. It blends with official Lego sets well.
  2. Great level of detail, man! I'm glad to see someone else hasn't forgotten the E Wing either!
  3. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    @That Orange Thing, that fits too well! I just need to find him a medic's uniform, or something! And @Daddy_Stardust, I didn't realize there were so many chinstrap heads, that's kinda nuts. Last resort I guess? I picked up a couple Arealight helmets a bit ago to make a tan Clone Commando out of a Shoretrooper and to outfit Jace Malcom. I added a brick-built gun to replace the one he comes with, and I think it turned out pretty well! What do you guys think about adding a plastic or cloth pauldron to Malcom? Edit: There doesn't look like there's a red pauldon, only dark red. Black would work at least!
  4. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Hey guys! Bard's beard looks decently like a chinstrap from a distance, if you're looking for different heads for helmets. His mustache and goatee fit with SW facial hair, too (assuming low-ranking personnel can have facial hair!).
  5. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The cross-section has two pilots and one commander per tank, but fitting them both in without serious remodeling is a challenge.
  6. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    @Daddy_Stardust, that looks amazing! My arms are on the way, glad it looks so good! And I agree on the backpack difficulty, you'd either have to cut the back of the cowl to make room, or glue on the pack... The images on the Firestar site often look like pretty grainy printing, but the products everyone has posted look stellar.
  7. DrMuttonchops

    Lego 75004 Z-95 Headhunter modifications

    I took apart the rear of the ship to remove the shooter, stuck a plate on the bottom to cover the hole, and converted the inside into a small cargo area. I thought about sticking an astromech, but never ended up going with it.
  8. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I added Kraven's fur trim to Cassian for his fur hood, I think it turned out alright. Now I need to pick up some Firestar blue arms!
  9. Holy cow Bricksfeeder, that looks amazing! Great job, it's pretty much to scale, and the details you've managed to pack in are superb. Keep up the great work! :)
  10. Looks great, Ramses! :) Are the printed tiles in dark grey or dark bley?
  11. A-ha! That's perfect for holding the pilot. And great thought on the pedals, man!
  12. Looks great, you did an excellent job! You captured the scale better then the official set, which is pretty beefy. How does the pilot fit in? Are the minifig neck brackets to stabilize the speeder? I'm looking forward to seeing it in real bricks! :)
  13. DrMuttonchops

    [MOC]: Republic Base

    Holy cow man, great job! The cliff and water look amazing, and the base looks spectacular. Is that the turret from the ARC trooper battle pack? I haven't watched the video, but is the inside of the base finished?
  14. DrMuttonchops

    MOC simplified full crouching AT-RT

    Absolutely fantastic, man! Certainly my favorite rendition I've seen, and one of the most poseable. I'm with Fuppylodders on the sitting model, but really both are great! The only criticism I can come up with is to maybe use a slightly longer bar for an antenna? Other than that, I love it. :)
  15. DrMuttonchops

    The Havoc [MOC]

    Looks amazing man, I love the updates! I had a bit of deja vu from your first post, haha. The seating and storage space looks great, as does the cockpit! The back looks much better. Also the Monster Rocker head is great for Nym, I use it for my Falleen character in Star Wars D&D. Could you use Kit Fisto's hair for Nym's tentacles? And do you have instructions for it at all? I loved your size comparison pics from the last post, too! :)