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  1. Hey everyone, so last Friday @Lox Legoand I woke up super early and headed to the closest Lego store. By 10:05am we were proud new owners of the Bugatti set, that afternoon we got to building and decided to try out a timelapse build. I hope you enjoy! Last but not least, keep an eye out on future posts as Lox and I plan on building a B model for the Bugatti!
  2. @technic_addict same here, hopefully we have enough to work with. Although now it looks like Gulf livery cars will be doable finally. Now all we need is a British racing green and we're set for colours @LM71Blackbird yes it really is quite a large model, slightly larger than the Porsche. A much better build too despite its few flaws. @dr_spockI think in total including a dinner break around 8.5 hours so. It's a very intricate build! @Victor Imaginator haha good eye. We needed snacks along the way @BusterHaus thanks, I spent a bit of time trying to figure out the perfect timing but it worked alright. Each picture was taken 30seconds apart and each frame of the video is 0.3 of a second I believe. @pagicence haha never, it doesn't need to end up like the crash test porsche.
  3. Great job on the gearbox @Didumos69it looks awesome, I can't believe you were able to figure that all out so quickly!
  4. I agree I'd much rather have functional suspension.
  5. I tried every which way and what I just showed is by far the best solution, also besides the one I originally did it's the only other version that works.
  6. Unfortunately the Porsche wheels don't work with these hubs, however for general spacing I think the regular hubs with two pulley spacers and a Porsche rim would be very close.
  7. Oh yea, absolutely that's even easier. It does work I'll post up some corrected pictures in a few.
  8. Soo I tried the frictionless pins, and I tried a few more options all of which don't work that well. However I did set up a very simple and minor torsion bar set up and it works perfectly. It makes the front bouncy and playful like the rear of the car and it only uses 16 extra very common pieces to do so. There might even be some left overs you could use as well. @Didumos69 if you happen to get a chance to look over this and possibly add it to the LDD as a front suspension correction ootion?!
  9. @agrof that was another thought I had as well, although it seems a bit excessive having to use a third spring when all it need is better geometry. It really bugs me that one of the biggest flaws of the Porsche carried over into the Bugatti. I'll see what I can come up with, I'll also give the third shock a try.
  10. @technic_addict I'll see if I can't get some pictures of the options tomorrow and I'll post em up.
  11. Soo I played with the front suspension a little and with given pieces there isn't much you can do. Unless you entirely dismantle the front and change things around significantly there aren't many options. I did try one thing that did work but you need a few extra pieces and it lowers the front a little over a .25 of a stud. But on the bright side it springs back up nicely and it sits the same height as the other side seeing as the original layout doesn't spring back up fully. I can share if people are interested. Next option is to add a torsion bar. (I know not everyone likes torsion bar but it sure does help keep tension on weak suspension)
  12. @Kumbbl enjoy the build once you pick it up. It's definitely worth it, even if it's just for the pieces. @Didumos69 I'm guessing the white slip gear is just a built in fail-safe just in case there's built up tension in the gearbox or something jams in the gearing. Although unlike the Porsche this shifting mechanism is flawless, it shifts fast reliably everytime. @technic_addict the front suspension doesn't have very good geometry at all, if it was set up properly it would work much better. Unfortunately the way they've set it up doesn't really leave any room for adjustments and or tweaking.
  13. Lox and I just finished building and there isn't any concerns with friction in the W16. It's surprisingly smooth... quite friction less, despite what LDD tells you. My only real issue is the unnecessary/unrealistic 3 drive shafts. Definitely a lot of minor bodywork tweaks could be done, but not much is possible with given pieces. HOG steering would be great, it seems like there might be a straight forward solution directly below the dash and bring it up through. I can also confirm that the front suspension, despite dual shocks is weak and needs adjustment. Ackerman steering might be difficult due to the steering assembly at the front and not the rear of the front axle. Besides all of that though I much prefer this build to the porsche. It's really well thought out and there were a few times where I actually stopped for a second and went ohhhh that's actually pretty clever. Soo looks like they've (AKA TLG) have definitely improved since the release of the Porsche. Also I'm super happy about the new clutch gear and gear selector.... It will make gearboxes so much more simplistic and compact! Oh and also due to the 20 tooth blue clutch gear and the 24 tooth gear not meshing properly in the gearbox, Motorizing this set and maintaining the gearbox is probably not functional. Not to mention I feel like the rear drive axles being out of line with the control arms/friction pins is a huge weakpoint?! Anyways just my two cents from a day one build. Hopefully this all helps.
  14. Oh very cool idea! That looks like a great display model, showing off the clean lines and internals all at once
  15. Definitely a very cool build, I'm glad you enjoyed the RC side of technic! Thanks to you in working on both RC and HOG models for future builds. Although this greyhound is really only good as an RC, it really shows off the capabilities of a Lego offroader!
  16. This thing has some killer suspension, I love how it pitches and rolls in cornerimg. Looking good @Didumos69 how was building with motors? Any final thoughts?
  17. Very cool little car. I really like how you were able to keep it so compact while still have an interior. I hope we get to see a video of it ripping around
  18. Looking good so far, I look forward to seeing how this progresses. Keep up the good work
  19. DugaldIC

    [MOC] 2018 Supercar

    Very clean lines and great proportions for a fantasy moc and has some decent functions to match. Well done!
  20. Awesome mini truck on a large scale. I really like the clever use of flex axles for leaf springs!
  21. Very well done, the shaping is excellent. Even though it's not my style of car I love it
  22. I purchased a Tevo Tornado, still waiting for it to arrive. Fingers crossed later this week.
  23. I've just ordered a 3D printer for my own personal use so I might try making a few of these for testing. Thanks for sharing.
  24. The details are spot on and I love the stickers you added, it really makes this truck pop!