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  1. Hi all, I recently went on a bit of a designing spree during my holidays and thought I'd share the results. I've been developing these models at a slightly smaller scale than usual (Hence 6-wide), but it's been a fun challenge and one I would like to develop into more actual models if I have the time. I thought i'd share them all at once as I didn't want to clog the forum xD MALLARD (LNER A4 Class) The first design I did of this scale and the only model I have physically made. You'll notice that the boiler is different from the render as those arch blue pieces are horrendously expensive. If you are interested I go into more detail about it in this MOC video on my Youtube channel. FLYING SCOTSMAN (LNER A3 Class) Classic design to follow on from. The wheelbase is copied from my Mallard build, which forms the base for all my pacific class designs. TORNADO (BR Peppercorn A1 Class) Developed this by tweaking the Flying Scotsman build. I know of better ways to do the smoke deflectors, but unfortunately the parts weren't available on LDraw. GWR HALL CLASS I developed this for a friend's Hogwarts Express build, but also as a bit of fun. With a couple of tweaks this could always pass for a King or a Castle. LMS ROYAL SCOT CLASS I think the front of this engine could be different if the parts were available, and I wasn't able to do the wheel arches, but I'm happy with the tender and the shaping of the cab. SR KING ARTHUR CLASS I thought i'd try and to an engine from each of the major British steam companies. The obvious one for Southern was a Merchant Navy or West Country, but I've already done a lot of Pacific engines. BR STANDARD 4MT TANK The one major drawback is that it isn't motorised. I've been considering making a motorised carriage that would not only move un-motorised engines, but help the bigger motorised ones around the corners better. That, of course, comes with its own set of drawbacks. THE FLYING SAUSAGE (LNER 10000 - 'HUSH HUSH') I wasn't lying in the title, this is such a wonderfully absurd engine that I had to try it. my only major niggle is the colour scheme, but I suppose experimental engines are hardly worth sprucing up. I hope you've found these MOCs interesting, I'd love to hear any tips, comments or suggestions for future builds! I'm planning on building the Flying Scotsman before long, then maybe a set of coaches. -Isaac
  2. Bricksmith

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    That Flying scotsman looks fantastic!!!! Definitely worth supporting that one!!
  3. Bricksmith

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Hi! There's every chance they are still selling, but may not be active on email. The last order I made was about a month ago however. In terms of price, I would only encourage people in Europe buying BBB wheels if they are certain the cost will be cheaper even with the import taxes added. I normally buy from them in bulk to make it more worthwhile.
  4. Bricksmith

    LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    It looks like this is based on the re-branded Eurostar trains. While I'm still not a fan of the front, like how the lights are right up next to each other, it does look FAR better with stickers than it did in the leaked images.
  5. Bricksmith

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    Hooray! Very happy to see this, and at a very reasonable price for a train set!! Consider it at the top of my to-by list. The only thing that befuddles me is why they did away with the magnetic couplings, but I wouldn't call it a problem.
  6. Bricksmith

    Cargo Train using Duplo Parts

    I love how simple yet effective these are. Great work!
  7. Hi all, I thought I'd share something I've been exploring recently in the realm of detailing trains. A lot of builders I know have found some way or another to detail their builds with lining- especially steam engines, where companies would choose to highlight the shape of their locomotives by following the edges with beautifully painted lines. There are multiple ways of doing this, all with different styles and effects to them. I thought i'd highlight a few I've noticed and share what I've done. I don't have the most experience, so if anyone uses other methods, please highlight them!! The 'purest', and possibly easiest way to do lines, of course, is to brick-build them. Here is an excellent example from BritishBricks on Flickr, who used this method for his amazing 'Duchess of Hamilton' and streamlined P2 design - not only for the lines, but for the letters of the tender also: For boiler lining, an interesting method is to use official Lego elastic bands, seen here on Andrew Harvey's Metro Line builds. Another popular alternative is to print or decal the lines on, For example on @Paperballpark's Flying Scotsman (Printed) and WideSquare Media's 'Thomas' MOC (Decals): The method I went with myself was to use stickers. You can get special tape (Google 'TrimLine tape'), usually used on model planes. It takes a steady hand and a lot of patience (neither of which I think I have, but oh well), but for smaller trains, like narrow gauge or 6 - wide, it seemed the most effective (and possibly economical) option. Of course, You don't necessarily have to use just one method- you can mix and match! Carl Geartrix has used multiple methods in the same build and they look terrific! I hope this post has helped people with their builds, let me know if I have missed any methods!! -Isaac.
  8. Bricksmith

    Ways of adding 'lining' to train MOCs

    BBB Certainly deliver to the EU - I've ordered them from Britain (we haven't officially left it yet) and they've arrived within a couple of weeks- albeit with a customs charge. There isn't anywhere inside the EU that sells them, and if it would it'd be from buying and re-selling, which would likely be more expensive to cover their costs.
  9. Bricksmith

    MOCer's will you buy the new train sets?

    For me it'll depend on whether they have enough useful parts, and at good value. If the new PF system is very useful and isn't sold elsewhere, I'd certainly be tempted. But even then, I'd need a closer look at the sets before I decide.
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    Ways of adding 'lining' to train MOCs

    Oh I like that!! Very clever too, especially the use of the hinge pieces.
  11. Bricksmith

    (MOC) - The 60163 - Tornado

    Incredible!!! I've made sure I supported the project on Lego Ideas, would love to see it as an official set! Tornado is a favorite engine of mine
  12. Bricksmith

    Train MOCs and Builders - Who/What is Your Inspiration?

    My largest inspirations when it comes to Railway MOC's all have large followings on Flickr, but for good reason. Carl Greatrix is already a huge name in the AFOL Community, and his early train builds have always been massively inspirational. My fave of his will be his A4 Pacific. Next would have to be Wes Turngrate, who builds some fantastic 8-wide British diesels & Steamers. Finally, BritishBricks, who has, among many other fantastic builds, made this amazing streamlined Duchess of Hamilton: Other inspirations include @ScotNick and StreamlinedBricks :)
  13. Bricksmith

    (MOC) - LNER Gresley P2

    Hi all, Embarked on this project after having a bunch of green wheels left over from giving my Flying Scotsman black ones instead. The P2's were built in the 1930's and designed by Sir Nigel Gresley. They went through many looks throughout their time, but the most unique and original was the one i've built below. All were scrapped, but two new ones are being built for mainline running! The first, No 2007 'Prince of Wales' is due to be finished in 2020, built by the same folks who built No 60163 'Tornado'. The build is 6-wide with Power Functions in the tender. I'm looking into ways of detailing it with stickers and prints in future! This started as a digital design, like many engines I build: A photo of the engine with my Scotsman and Mallard builds:
  14. Bricksmith

    (MOC) - LNER Gresley P2

    @577 Thanks! I have a couple to do before I get there but I've got those all planned out now. Will change it in due course, but those signatures are always a fiddle to get right xD @zephyr1934 Thankyou very much!!!
  15. Bricksmith

    (MOC) - LNER Gresley P2

    @ColletArrow Thanks!! I'm looking into ways of having some kind of piston rod motion on my models, though it'll be tricky with the P2 as there's barely enough space even for Slide Bars. @Paperinik77pk Thankyou! It's always my goal in that scale to make sure the right proportions are there, since they're not as detailed as other builds. @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thankyou very much! :)
  16. Bricksmith

    [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    incredible model!! I would absolutely support this on Lego Ideas, do you have any plans to propose it?
  17. Bricksmith

    0-8-0 Tank locomotive

    Incerdible, perfect mix of simplicity and detail!! Great work :)
  18. Bricksmith

    Alternative weights?

    Hi all, I've been working on a 2-8-0 locomotive with Big Ben Bricks' small drivers and Zephyr's connecting rods. It is tender driven, meaning there is very little weight in the loco itself, and as a result the driving wheels stutter every so often. I have reduced the friction as much as I can but there is still a noticeable loss of traction. The loco is just too light. I've looked at official lego weights and they're far too big to fit in the build. Are there any non-lego alternatives that I could hide somewhere in a hollow section of the body? Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Thanks! An image for reference. Taken before the connecting rods arrived:
  19. Bricksmith

    Alternative weights?

    Ah, paint is an interesting idea. I've not needed friction bands with Big Ben Bricks drivers before, only now with these smaller ones. Unfortunately since Lego don't do them in that size there isn't much work around. My Mallard has friction bands to counter the slight added friction of the tiles covering the driving wheels, but the Scotsman with Big Ben Bricks wheels runs just as well without :)
  20. Bricksmith

    Alternative weights?

    I'll look into that, thanks! I haven't actually, probably worth looking into. Big Ben Bricks wheels don't seem to accommodate for friction bands and I'm not confident enough to try and amend any; but it could be worth a try. Side note: I got some weights (Zinc plated screw nuts) and hid them in the chassis. The result is MUCH better, but there is still some stutter on the corners.
  21. Bricksmith

    Alternative weights?

    Thanks for the suggestions so far, Will certainly look at the crank pins as suggested by @Tenderlok. If nothing changes (It has a remarkably light axle loading, especially at this scale) I'll have a trip to the hardware store. @M_slug357 Annoyingly I live in Britain and our smallest coin (5 pence) doesn't fit inside a two-stud wide gap (The largest space in the model I can put something)! @ScotNick @asleepatheswitch I like the idea of using nails or fishing/lead weights, Especially the latter since they are very heavy for their size. I'll see what the store has. Still open to any other suggestions!
  22. I adore these, so well made and shaped!! Keep it up man :)
  23. Nice Moc! I like what you did on the side with the ladder rungs :)
  24. Bricksmith

    Piston Rods for Winter Holiday Train 10254

    Very well realized! I tried to do the same for an animation last year but your method is much less temperamental. Mine used various bar pieces instead of Technic connections and didn't run too well. You can see the method in the video- looks fine on camera, just not in practice.
  25. Bricksmith

    Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    These look great! Would love to use these at some point for a UK Bullied Pacific!