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  1. Great to already have the ideas for improvements ready so shortly after the release of the set. @efferman what are chances of implementing HoG with this set? I believe this is crucially needed for playability..
  2. Well, in the base I've installed 3 L-Motors. 2 for driving the tracks and one I've used to drive the rotation of the turret through the center of the turn table. An AA-Battery box and 1 Sbrick is placed in the base aswell. For the "off loading belt", the rotation of the "off loading belt" and driving both linear actuators for adjusting the height of the bucket wheel I've installed 3 M-Motors in the backend. The second sbrick is installed at the side of the turret. On the top a the XL-Motor just drives the wheel as in the original design. It still doesn't run really smoothly (which I guess I caused by the track belt and the mounted 5L-Liftarms. The 3 Sbrick is placed here. 3 PF-LEDs are connected to this one as well.
  3. I've build the BWE with 3xSbrick, 3 L-Motors, 3 M-motors, 1 XL-Motor and 4 PF-LEDs. My children (and I as well) love to play with it. ?
  4. Well I now have a 2nd 42054 and additional PF parts waiting to be used in a RC version of the saddle track.., ?
  5. Hello all, After having build the great efferman RC mod, I'm looking into building the saddle track.. As I'm always justifying my builds by giving my kids something to play with ?, I would need it to be RC as well... Has anybody build it RC by using the rc body from the Xerion rc mid successfully?As suggested by efferman... Cheers Roland
  6. Here is a short video of my xerion. Mudguards are still missing (I've run out of parts)
  7. I just finished building effermans RC mod. It was a pleasure building it (and the first time I've build with LDD files as instructions. This was a new challenge, but I liked it) I've used 1 sbrick as receiver, as I prefer how the Sevos work with sbrick compared to IR. I've tried to make a sbrick profile that let's you select between the 3 steering modes and then allows steering with one slider... But I've failed. It is either not possible or I'm simply not seeing it, how it can be done. ;( The drive train has quite a bit of elasticity in it (I had seen the effect in videos of the claas rc mod before), but this seem nearly impossible to improve, due to missing space to bring the XL motor closer to the differentials. Big Thank You to efferman for providing his excellent mod! Roland
  8. Ok, most of the PDF instructions for the H1 2017 sets are online. Incl. the Air Race Jet Model A and Tracked Racer Model A.
  9. For those in Germany: You can get the new lego technic sets for a very good price. If you are member of Payback (Loyalty program in Germany) and buy 4 items in one order, you will get 25% price reduction on all items (and yes you can add 3 very cheap items beside your lego purchase). And you can use in addition to that coupons (I had a couple of 10% coupons). The 42065 is already reduced to 69,99€. With all the price reductions I've ended up paying 47,24€ for the set. For that I've abandoned my plans to build it from already available parts. :) Promotion runs out tomorrow December 24th. LEGO LEGO® Technic Ferngesteuerter Tracked Racer 42065 79,99 € / 69,99 € Artikelnummer: 5702015869720 Anzahl: 1 69,99 € (010462 Rabatt) -7,00 € (012634 Mengenrab.) -15,75 € 47,24 €
  10. Ok guys, based on my pneumatic modification I've decided to change my 42042 to full RC. Slewing for some yet unknown reason is a bit jerky. The IR-receiver for driving the tracks is obscured pretty bad and may need some improvement. It sits below the turn table. And I definitely need to practice with the remotes. That's why the video is somewhat slow ;)
  11. I've bought the pneumatic hoses from eBay:
  12. Hello all, This my first post here but I've been reading the forum for quite some time. To improve the playability of the 42042 I've replaced the gripper with dual bucket design from the Arocs and added pneumatics to it. A M-motor is drive the pneumatic pump. For the dual bucket design is I choose a stronger cylinder. The pneumatic hoses could look nicer and the M-Motor is visible, but I prefer the design over the one with a motor added directly to the gripper. And it works flawless. Cheers, Roland Lego technic 42042 with the pneumatic bucket by Roland Schneider, auf Flickr Lego technic 42042 with the pneumatic bucket by Roland Schneider, auf Flickr Lego technic 42042 with the pneumatic bucket by Roland Schneider, auf Flickr Lego technic 42042 with the pneumatic bucket by Roland Schneider, auf Flickr