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    [moc] 2 wwi fighters

  3. bobton

    [moc] 2 wwi fighters

    no snot there. Check lxf
  4. bobton

    [moc] 2 wwi fighters

    Fokker CX and some other fighter. LXF here
  5. bobton

    [moc] in honor of 'Paradisa'

    Trunk, hood, doors all open. Under the hood is a fictive v6 engine. 2 minifigs fit in. House on the wheels has appropriate interior too. LXF here
  6. bobton

    [MOC] The Greenville brewery company, est. 1927.

    this looks like authentic brewery. Can be placed on a shelf in some vintage-style pub. Congratulations for one more fine model here on EU bricks
  7. blanc render window every time with models created and saved after LDD recent update to 4.3.9. Previewv 0.0006 bluerender version - the same
  8. bobton

    [MOC] SG Puddle jumper

    a proof it fits in the Star Gate SGA.lxf
  9. bobton

    [MOC] shark-mobile

    my early attempt to build smth like this: shark-mobile_v2.lxf
  10. anyway there's no way to influence that anyway. An alternative - look for other place to buy yer sets
  11. maybe price growth can be explained those are mclaren's and ferraris - so with a time they have all chances to become rare exclusives (even in a year term, when sold out from retailors' nets). So a bit justified growth. Then again, this year's SC sets are of what i can see - better ones. Same designer that worked for TLG designing SC pioneer sets prev year now fixed his lil mistakes, like on mclaren oil-pump like we can see in new Le-mans set for instance. Sry for my english, not a native speaker.
  12. bobton

    [MOC] Gaz 53

    A famous ussr vehicle - gaz 53. gaz_53_bread.lxf