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  1. I first like to say, good job all! 12: 10 15: 6 25: 4 5: 3 7: 2 31: 1
  2. jgw

    A Team Van

    Very good job! You got all the shapes very well, even without panels! I really like the front, B.A Baracus would be proud!
  3. jgw

    [WIP] Iveco Trakker 8x8

    I'm really into anything related to the military, so do I love this truck! The speed you build is just amazing, and the quality of your build shines out! The front looks awesome already! Keep it up!
  4. jgw

    [WIP] Scania WLS

    Okay, a new update! This update is quite drastical, but worth it IMO. It is seen from my position a logical step. The project was in the end not turning out as I wanted it to be. Everything turned out very smooth, but then I connected the drive. The whole drivetrain was based on U-Joints, strangled in all weird positions you can imagine. This resulted in a very fragile drivetrain. The rear differentials were supported by 2 O-frames, but the scale made it so that I couldn't place a small turnable between them. So the weight of the rear of the truck pressed on a single 4L axle. Now all of you know this wouldn't work, and it didn't indeed. On top of that, I was not able to gear down the 2 L-motors, so the torque wasn't great either. I had to come up with a solution, and I happely did find it yesterday. I removed the already poor performing pendular suspension, Which resulted in one layer of space more. Doesn't sound much, but it fixed a lot! The drive is now going in a straight line. The LA's are placed one stud lower, which means that the boom performes lovely now, it can almost touch the ground! And, who knows, there may be some place for that container attachment, albeit manually. Got a new phone, so better pictures in bad light! Don't mind me in the window Let me know: big wheelcovers or small ones?
  5. jgw

    Forum Upgrade

    The menu thing IS showing up. You will see when you tap the menu icon, the screen will darken. Now just scroll a little to the right. For the feedback, I like this update very much! I only use mobile version, And it much improved! One thing, can there be an option where you can disable the account "banners". I dislike them, and they look a little messy. Also, the mobile version of the forum takes just a half of the real width of the webpage. This makes that some notifications are only half visible, and that the page zooms out sometimes. BUT! There are way less minors than there are good things, and I thing we all have to respect the time the admins put in this for us! Thank you admin team!
  6. jgw

    [WIP] Massive Dump Truck

    I agree with Agrof, try a rebuild. Not that this model isn't good, but a rebuild can be a really nice learning progress! And I know, you are reading this and think: I don't want to take my model apart, so much work for "nothing". But: The rebuild will be a lot easier, because you know the building progress! And you are building again and thinking: Ow I am such a megablock for building this that way, why didn't I build it a much easier way! You will enjoy it and it will be really satisfying! You really turned this topic into a nice storyline!
  7. Why you post only photos of the real model? I understand you post some for reference, but so many? I guess this doesn't fit the community guidelines. Kidding kidding kidding. This is such a stunning model! I seriously had to look twice before I saw it was lego. Very good job!
  8. jgw

    [WIP] Massive Dump Truck

    Hey man, nice project! Although maybe a little to ambitious, it does not look bad! Especcialy for such a big scale it ain't bad. Side information: To Lego2016Lego: the people on this forum are mostly very experienced builders. When you show a picture where something isn't working out right, the community will tell you. Sometimes they seem to be a little rude, because they are mostly all building at a higher level then that you build right now. I say right now, because you are now making the mistakes that EVERYBODY made. The more mistakes you make, the faster you will learn. Keep up the good work! To Eurobricks Community: sometimes guys... I love how positive you all can be, but sometimes you seem to be semi-helping or semi-positive. (Exception are there) instead of being salty that you don't really like what you see, give this guy some POSITIVE tips and help and you will see it turn out good. I don't think negativity is a good way of helping someone. This is by no means an insult, if you feel insulted than start thinking ;-)
  9. jgw

    [MOC] Churchill Bridge Layer

    Nice model, as always! I do agree with Legolijntje, it looks a little boring. Good to hear that you switch to DBG, I always think it looks a little more special. And that Fury! Lovely!
  10. jgw

    [WIP] Scania WLS

    You indeed solved it. It is a very very clever mechanism! But sadly I can't use it. Too little space for it...
  11. jgw

    [WIP] Scania WLS

    So, new update. A small one. There are some things that worked out well, and some that didn't. So, bad things first: The lifting boom does not reach low enough at all. I am waiting for a 13L liftarm, which will compensate the length by 4 studs, but even then it is to low. The problem is, I cant make the cilinders extend any further, since that will bring them over their "dead point". If the boom is then taken back up, the LA's will tare the whole chassis apart. The pendular suspension on the first axle is removed. This because I needed the space. I am running low on building space. The gearbox is taking up a lot of room, and the motors take the rest. The BB will be outside the cabin. Ugly, but the only option. The "X-frame" is not for sure a component of this truck. It's all about the space... Good things: The studded parts of the truck did work out very well IMO. I am not finished with the rear, but the side did come out very lovely. The gearbox and the LA's work very very smoothly, need to test the drive though. Still some poor, unedited photos
  12. jgw

    [TC10] FlightSim

    Wow! Just wow! This thing is working so smooth and beatiful, it's almost addicting to watch! The joystick works so smooth, and the plane is not rocking, but making nice smooth moves! Good, good job!
  13. jgw

    [WIP] Floating Resort

    I never followed your posts that much, I sometimes looked at it and then went to do something different. Big shame on me! You are a very very good builder, and the product you deliver are simply stunning! This small scale boat is lovely already. Respect!
  14. jgw

    [MOC] Off-road Truck 6x6

    Owhh those batteries... Melting as butter in the hot sun. Cool creation, and gearing down those buggy motors is a very clever way to gain torque and speed together! I only am afraid that those 16 tooth gear (or have they 12?) will suffer from the forces. Did you experience that? Keep the good work up!
  15. jgw

    [TC10] Unimog U 400

    Challenge succesfully accomplished! Haha I love this project more and more!