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  1. 32: 10 5: 6 3: 4 25: 3 11: 2 35: 1
  2. I am not sure if this is the right forum for asking this question, so forgive me if this is the wrong place. I just want to know if it is possible to buy the back issues of the "BLOCKS" magazine at any of the bookstores in London? If yes which bookstore would you recommend? I did try to check out their website, but it looks like I could only order online and then receive it by postage - since I will be travelling to London soon-ish I would like to find a bookstore that I could possible grab a few back issues. Thanks all for the help!
  3. I don't get the reason why people keep saying "the majority of the parts will be pins" and then "it is not that great a set"... Yes we got it, most modern/studless sets have more pins than anything else, but does it make the sets less appealing? Where do you get that information from? The way I counted: 6628 x14 87082 x35 6558 x214 4274 x18 32556 x11 3673 x8 32054 x64 32002 x15 2780 x495 874 pins in total... Information like this is funny. But anyway the point is moot. Let's get back to the BWE itself, and not how many pins it is going to get... I am looking forward to getting those "quarter-turntable" or "gear-arc". I miss the Hailfire set so this large turntable is nice thing to have - also it would be great if we could build a true ball-bearing turntable with these parts and LEGO balls for some really heavy machinery. Not sure how common these new parts will be in the future...
  4. I come back as a Technic fans mid-2014, and by no surprise my first (modern) one is 42030. It has a few merits to me... I like the build: it is easy (for someone that's new to Technic or like me who haven't touched a set for two decades), but it also contains bits to learn (like aligning the LAs, for example). PF components: I think by no doubt this is one of the best sets that will give you most of what you need as PF components. One of each motors (exclude the E-motor), 2x IR receivers (v1 though) and 2x IR controllers. Playability: it lifts, it tilts, it steers and it drives :) Seriously, even a young kid will find this attractive and intuitive when driving it through a pile of lego bricks. The only downside (for me) is probably the color... It is yellow, again :P
  5. I thought that was ?
  6. I wouldn't mind if the BWE turns out to be this (or this scale) instead of the gigantic landmass mover. As long as there is something new it will be welcomed. Of course it would still be better if we got a big BWE with conveyor belt and spin-able buckets... More mechanics = more Technic!
  7. parngon

    [MOC] Hong Kong 70'S Truck RC

    Nice model... resembles so much about the old days truck. Are the dark green panels manually painted in that color? For those who are curious about the original truck, here is a couple of photos: (images linked from
  8. Yep, I'm comparing this to 42009 and 42030. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Concerning the only 4 flagship sets you listed, I will definitely go with Arocs - it has more mechanical functions than the Unimog, fixed a few asymmetries of it, and has the new pneumatic (v2) components. The motorized pump is a big plus too, so in one set you get both pneumatic and electric plays and later on if you do MOC/MOD you could start from there. Crane MK2 is even more mechanically complex than 42043 (in my opinion), but it is yellow again if you don't mind and you can find one cheap it will definitely be your next target. Volvo, as all the other posters said, is PF components rich and you get 2 RC from it. The downside is that it has very simple mechanics and since you already build quite a few recent years Technic sets, it might not be that attractive to you. Another downside (maybe just for me) is the steering of Volvo seems... slacking. I would say even the Crane Crawler and the Crane Truck are much more fun than Volvo - although one of them is not the flagship and the other one is older, they still give me better play time than Volvo. That being said, I got Volvo last year first when I came out from the dark age just because of the RC... So... for me, Arocs > Crane MK2 > Volvo > Unimog. Of course you will eventually get them all once you get addicted like everyone else
  10. Thanks Jim for this great review. I am sold the first time I saw the leaked box photo but your review just enhanced my obsession for getting it :D On a side note, I would really prefer they would release this (or any aircraft) without the PF components so the price can get lowered. Then make the design in a way that the PF function is "modular", just like 9398. Lego aircraft doesn't really fly so I should be able to switch my motors for something else when I am not playing with it...
  11. Nicely done! I saw that you are using 3 IRs instead of 2. Perhaps the superstructure is a little bit too crowd to accommodate the gearbox for functions I guess? Otherwise it is a perfect replica
  12. Thanks! Judging from the functionality and the versatility of the EW160E, I will be satisfied even it doesn't have a B-model - just give us the extra parts for different functions (excavating vs grabbing, for example)...
  13. I missed it...? Are you talking about the Volvo excavator or the BWE? Would you mind posting the video link again please! Thanks!
  14. parngon

    Doppelmayr 3s Gondola Ropeway

    This is beyond crazy and awesome... /jawsdrop