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  1. I'm speechless ... I will accept this special prize/challenge publicly and will try my very best to write a readable review with acceptable fotos. It would be a great honor for me.
  2. Yippee! Wow! Thank you so much for this awesome contest! Thanks to all voters, and specially to @Jim and @Milan and congratulations to all entrants. Special thanks and congrats to @Didumos69 and @Anto. Thank you for this nice contest! @Jim I would accept any special prize/challenge for sure, it would be a great pleasure. Robert
  3. So some of the contestants have been disqualified, not some votes? Were the contestants be informed already? I'm not asking for details, but it could be helpful to know what happened in general, to demonstrated that such a behavior won't be accepted. Too bad, it was such a great contest again. Beautiful entries, thrilling voting time and a bad ending ... Awesome mugs! Maybe the best prices I've seen so far.
  4. I don't want to mix any rip-off part with my original Lego parts. You own it, you have sort it. Btw: you can highlight a users name by using the @ symbol, there's no need to write it in red, underscore and fat. ?
  5. Wow, what a beautiful engine! And awesome rendering @JunkstyleGio, thanks for giving me the "Blakbird-View".
  6. I'm completely with @allanp! There is no reason to buy lepin parts at all! I don't want to mix any rip-off with my original Lego parts, because of the huge quality difference. I'm pretty sure my [TC13] entry can only be builded with original Lego parts, for example. Since I missed 8068 in stores and couldn't get it for a reasonable price, I builded it twice with my own parts. First time in Mid Blue and white, but the second one had the correct colors, still with my parts. And I loved it! So these fake brands are useless, stealing the fun and can be thrown away. They're rubbish, not worth the money and time.
  7. Wow, thank you! Thank you for that video, I never saw it before. Your creations are just awesome beauties with amazing movements. Well, that Pullback can propel something with legs, but you have to be very careful with weight, maybe gearing and the construction needs to be very sturdy. Finally you will get just a few steps, what isn't really funny. That's why I decided to let it roll, and the winding up is much easier this way. After playing around with the bug for a few days, I have to say, it's pure fun to have it beside me on a table. I was pushing and pulling and rolling it around a little and it's nice to watch it, doing a few slow steps.
  8. Thank you. After I saw my video with a day distance, I think there aren't enough driving sequences. Thank you. The yellow and black combination is indeed astonishing. Specially the yellow looks somehow more brilliant to me then any other Lego color.
  9. Yippee! I'm done. I've entered this contest much earlier than I thought. First I thought I couldn't make it in time, because of the holidays. But then, the deadline was extended, so there was enough time to get the things packed. I have new photos for my entry: And finally the video: I hope you still like it. Btw: did someone noticed, that the two black bionicle tooth are not black, but taped transparent ones?
  10. 10. The Tiger Pull Bug It is powered by a single PB and has the normal behavior, pull back and release. The main mechanics can really walk on six legs, but only a few steps with one PB and almost none with two. And winding up the PB motor stresses the Lego parts around it a lot. To increase playability, I found a compromise where its rolling on wheels, but still touching the ground with the legs, creating an intimidating sound. I used isolation tape to create the stripes. Please find my entry video: And the oblige link to the topic: I hope you like it.
  11. Thanks for that! Wow, that's a really nice one! Getting this compliment from you makes me somewhat proud. Thank you. Finally i finished my video! Now I'm missing only one last photo and I'm ready to enter ...
  12. Thanks for the thumb, makes me smile Thank you too. You're right, I noticed that also. That's why EB contests are so great! I'm really waiting for all finished entries, there are beautiful creations. Thank you for your comment. I'm not absolutely happy about the stickers. Before I was using a foil, this time isolation tape, which doesn't adhere very well. The video is almost done, just a few seconds are missing ... two more days ... And I need better entry photos ...
  13. Really nice MOC! You caught the outline quite well. Maybe I would have closed the front fenders?
  14. I'm using Cute Cut on my iPad. It's not as precise as on a mouse based PC, but mine broke down a few months ago, and I have to be mobile at the moment. It works quite okay for me, but thanks for the hint. I've never created a video snippet before TC12, so that's a general problem of mine. I'm using my mobile without a tripod and it's hard for me to catch some good scenes that look also good in a video and present what I want to show. I think I can finish my entry video in the next two or three days. Meanwhile I have some more shots: And for those who like teasers (I don't), a really short video, that will give you a small view to the complete entry video.
  15. Thank you Sir. Thank you too. It's not really an option, the PF can only be attached for demonstration. Thank you very much! I'm fighting with the video at the moment. Maybe a teaser ...
  16. The Tiger Pull Bug It is powered by a single PB and has the normal behavior, pull back and release. The main mechanics can really walk on six legs. But only a few steps with one PB and almost none with two, while two of them were to heavy to be lifted by themselves. To increase playability, I found a compromise where its rolling on wheels, but still touching the ground with the legs, creating an intimidating sound. This solution also allows the additional weight of a shaped shell. I used isolation tape to create the stripes. The more I look at the pictures, the more I think I have to do them again ... It's builded modular, so it can be easily opened to have a look at the leg mechanics and the PB motor. To create the uniform leg movement in the video, I can change the rear axle against a PF driven one. The PB is still installed, so only forward is an option ... I hope you like it.
  17. Thank you for your comments about my ... well, pile of parts. It doesn't look like, but I was building for two weeks on it. And I have to apologize for being too excited, but I think I got the contest fever yesterday. It was late, when I opened this topic with almost nothing. I will show photos soon.
  18. Great model! I will wait patiently for instructions ... then I would try it with a bit more detailed seat, white nose and black front spoiler! Maybe also bigger wheels on the rear ... But great entry! I hope I can finish mine, then I'll see you at the finish line.
  19. It doesn't matter if it's a new or old pullback motor, right? How about other motors than PF or pullback?
  20. Somehow I thought it would be time to show you some of my creations. In this first post you will have an overview about the things to come. I will try to post them chronological, but sorted by theme. Let's start with my favorites: Motorbikes: 42036 - 1000V4 Custom Racer - 2015 My first technic motorbike and my first MOD. While I wasn't too excited about the original color scheme, the model itself looked like an Italian bike to me. Italian bikes are red! So I started modding it and also implemented a simple gearbox. 42036 - 1000V4 Black Edition - 2015 My second MOD. A naked bike, limited black edition, improved gearbox. Besides a clutch, switched by a lever, this bike has all what's necessary for street legality. 42036 - 1000V4 Half Fairing - 2016 This one has only a half fairing, same gearbox, but stronger shocks. It was my first test with system bricks in technic. 42036 - 1000V4 Full Fairing - 2016 Just the same as before in a nice color scheme. I also checked white/red, but I liked this one more. And for all who mentioned 42036 was too soft, this one has the hard shocks in front and double shocks in the rear. Quattro Stagioni My first MOC. Big bore V4, fat tires and a hand shifted gearbox. Gamberini My unfinished project. Planned is a gearbox and AWD. The Flat Bad My try to build a flat motorbike. Foot pedal shifting. 8051 - Triple Trouble TT The Italian bike. Still a 3 cylinder, but gear driven cam shaft and a gearbox. It was my first time I could create a foot peg shifting, which was done by gears. 42063 - BMW 1200GS This is my interpretation of a BMW GS1200R. This is the first time I tried the new 3L clutch in a gearbox which is foot peg shifted. BMK K2000 Flying Brick My rebrickable entry for BMW of the future, a hover bike. I won, but missed the validation date. LEGO was so kind to send me a (unsigned) price. Radicale My latest MOC. Still a bit of a WIP ... More MODs 8043 - white Excavator - Full RC 42024 - Container Truck - Full RC 42048 - Mine Loader Extreme 42035 - Monster Mine Truck - Full RC 42056 - Porsche GT3RS in white More Vehicels 42005 meets 9398 - Monster Crawler TC12 - His Fortressness Maybe some can remember that one ... Some Planes Triple Wing Fighter Fokker DR1 - Red Baron I pray for updates.
  21. Okay, a few more details about the Custom Racer: The cockpit with a digital dash, small canisters for brake and clutch liquids and low mounted handlebars. Please excuse the huge amount of dust on the model, it was quite a time on my shelf and I saw it too late. Front brakes and discs, also water and oil coolers. You can find typical details for a race bike like the small exhaust, high mounted foot pegs or the stronger swing. Too bad, there isn't a bigger rear wheel. Besides a HOG Motor, this bike has a simple two speed "gearbox". It's been shifted by pushing and pulling the motor rotation axle. The shifting and the idling motor is quite rough ... Just two more: I hope you like the pictures.