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  1. Then just design it in two snap-together parts
  2. Why don't you buy yourself an FDM or cheap resin printer?
  3. That being said it IS CaDA, and (at least as of 2021) their Technic pin, axle and connector quality wasn't that great. If it's any better now then it'd be pretty mad
  4. Oh hell yeah I rate that, looks really nice :o
  5. Very nice, would be interested in a video
  6. Nobody here that can answer that for certain, but you can check the 2021 and 2020 topics to see when we first got images of those
  7. If you think that's bad, look at the BMW So glad I ditched this hobby and moved to Gundam kits
  8. I can only begin to imagine the manchildren booming on about how they've been scammed and should be given the new tyres for free if TLC decided to change them I feel like it's a pretty reasonable claim. - Liebherr gets delayed little over half a year before next year's 1H sets get released. - Hey, let's begin developing a 1K piece replacement set that'll only be released at earliest the same time as next year's 1H sets. I reeeaaaally don't think TLC will be adding another surprise set and risk saturating a lineup whose size they've already deemed is the most profitable.
  9. Product cycle takes ages dude. They're not gonna suddenly divert company resources that are occupied with next year's sets to rush development of another set just because a product got delayed... You get what you get, beyond good product value you're not entitled to expect anything.
  10. Bloody hell I know, right? I dislike the guy's soyjak expression as much as anyone else, but at least he doesn't live rent free in my head. Just live and let live...
  11. Bloody hell, touche. My space shuttle's already baking in the UV lol
  12. Yellow cyls worked perfectly fine on the Arocs. Perfect to contrast the red crane and add some flavour to the grey/white
  13. I'm gonna go stab myself in the eyes with a pen. I much prefer the white
  14. Oh hey not bad, I dig the sliding engine cowlings, good for access. I also like how fast the rotors spin, looks real good