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  1. UCS playsets are a problematic idea fullstop.
  2. I was under the impression that SvL confirmed the transport? I’m probably mistaken
  3. MOC SSD eclipse

    20hrs old and still no pics ): pls no bamboozle
  4. Bugatti Chiron 1:8

    Considering that the real Chiron is bulbous in almost every aspect, you’ve done a pretty good job. For future models of the Chiron I’d recommend staying away from panels and sticking to flex axles, because they can be bent to 100% capture the shape of the bodywork, whereas panels tend to leave you with awkward flat gaps.
  5. [WIP] LEGO Technic McLaren P1

    Can you not post a thread before you have progress photos please? It’s really annoying having to filter through this kinda stuff
  6. Turning them down isn’t the problem, it’s that there’s no block there like in the 2004 model
  7. Man I wish Lego would do mini scale ships. Microfighters are no bueno
  8. Thank the lord I’m not the only one who’s annoyed at that. Where is the connection between the bars and the dome?
  9. I really hope your second point isn’t based off the description, because “queer” in that sense is obviously supposed to mean unusual , especially since it’s coupled with the word “bizarre”
  10. Because that's another half a million dollars that they'd need to spend on two molds. It's a waste of money on something that's a hidden aesthetic.
  11. @Saberwing40k With the narrow independent suspension argument, at what point do you draw the line? Once Lego gives you parts that let you do that, then it’s inevitable that someone like you is gonna want to build even narrower independent suspension.
  12. Well I mean, they’ve pretty much run out of things to mold now without getting into too specific parts. The current selection is pretty sufficient. inb4 7L dogbone
  13. [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer

    I’d recommend doing part fadeout because then you can make more complex steps/smaller file size
  14. Reckon we could get a video of it too?