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  1. Well yeah... except an iPhone does way more than a Lego set
  2. Volcano RS Supercar

    Damn this car looks beautiful. Good job man
  3. I've gotta admit, as basic as 42084 Hook Loader looks, I really dig it. It has that 80s cabover truck appearance, and the rugged off-road looking tyre treads really suit it. It looks far better than the truck in 42060.
  4. I take it this build is dead
  5. Have they actually? Without 42054 and actually 42039 (I only realised this one like 10 minutes ago), what other sets have changed significantly? Like, this is a genuine question, not at all meant to oppose you.
  6. I disagree. With exception to 42054, prelims are a VERY good indicator of the final set's final form. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these leaks (given that they're from a catalogue) are made for retailers. They wouldn't trick retailers into buying a set that looks completely different than advertised.
  7. I know we don't know much about the design process, but my god, I feel exactly the same.
  8. I don't understand why Whack and Bash, both Lego Racers vehicles, are even part of the Technic lineup at all. This isn't what Technic should be about :( I wholeheartedly feel that the low price racing vehicles should be in the Lego Racers theme like they used to be - the two new small sets this year, 42059, 42058, 42047, 42046, 42034, 42033, 42027, 42026, 42011 and 42010 don't belong in Technic at all
  9. All those small sets look so bad ): why can't TLC make small sets that look nice? So hyped for that Mack truck though!
  10. I'd hate to think how impossibly long it would take to create a deconstruction album for this. This is amazing in every way
  11. Nah stuff that, Imma rant. For a set that was in development for two years, TLG underdelivered pretty damn hard.
  12. For the crappy quality and functions of the released set, that's SUPER depressing
  13. Future Star Wars Sets

    UCS Venator class SD bloody hell please TLC, it's the sexiest non-OT SD there is