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  1. Bartybum

    Torn Between Supercars

    CaDA's quality is mostly under control. There's very few pieces that have problems, and the guys at Double E (CaDA's parent company) are generally happy to send you replacements. That being said, sustainability and labour rights are something that I consider quite important, and Lego is big on the first and runs under laws that enforce the second. I have no idea about CaDA, but I don't think they care as much or are as bound by labour laws (China's not big on labour rights afaik, which keeps its market dominance).
  2. Looks awesome, I really hope you're gonna make a trailer for this one too
  3. Yes but you applied it totally wrong
  4. In the long term, if CaDA can't make enough money because the instructions are too easily found for free online, then they'll be less likely to sign a future contract with him. Time will tell indeed. It'd still be illegal to rehost Thijs' instructions though. You could legally make your own instructions and sell them for cheaper, but that'd just be rude
  5. No, he's talking about CaDA only. CaDA has chosen not to release instructions, because that's their business model for these supercars. The physical instructions probably fall under some form of copyright though, so the acts of redistributing and downloading copies (scanned/photocopied) may indeed be illegal. It's a similar situation to torrenting games. However, if someone makes a build video, or makes their own instructions, there's probably nothing they can do about it. Ethically it's the same though. If you want instructions, you should just buy the set (or instructions if they're available separately). If you want to build 42102 because you have the parts to do it then Lego's happy to provide you with free instructions, because that's how their business model works.
  6. Bartybum

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Yeah fair, that I'd agree with in that case
  7. How are you gonna build it from just a parts list? What copyright? Part list copyright? No
  8. Bartybum

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    I suppose that the Corvette also wasn't the scale?
  9. I'd totally just give out a parts list if I had the set, especially since T-Lego's Centenario has a free parts list available on Rebrickable. I don't see any reason why a parts list would give away too much information.
  10. Bartybum

    Rotating Paddles

    Really promising solution. Can the MLA be replaced with some other assembly?
  11. Bartybum

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    The 42001 is tiny, so it wouldn't fit an engine anyway. The 8465 is nearly 20 years old so I'm not sure I'd count it. I suppose my bias is rather from the scope of the 42093-42098 scale vehicles, and that smaller scale suspension is in general so rare nowadays (which was why I was so happy about 42102)
  12. Bartybum

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    I do not. Lego has shown over and over again that they value engines more than suspension
  13. Bartybum

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Yeah it seems it's too similar to the normal curved Technic panel
  14. Bartybum

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    @allanp What do you think that the EH160, Arocs and Unimog licenses brought to the set, that the Sian, Defender and A60H licenses didn't?