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  1. That is true. I think it's quite possible that the truck will be a flatbed rather than having a trailer, for that very reason.
  2. Apologies, I should have been more specific. I was asking in terms of brittleness
  3. That sounds about right, NASA's LRV was battery powered - no combustion engines in space I love the idea of mixing multiple vehicles in the one set, but I'm just so sick of pneumatic excavators. I just want a pneumatic logging semi truck with a crane for heaven's sakes That's technically true, however I'd argue that's quite a minor thing, since it's still perfectly functional without it PFF naaaaah dude trailers are awesome. Imagine if it were a self-steering trailer as well! Doubtful but I can only hope
  4. Ahh, bless the silence Can anybody comment on the plastic quality of CaDA nowadays? Has it significantly improved since the Centenario?
  5. Remember though, 8043 and 42006 were from a different design era in Technic history. Nowadays the builds have more pieces dedicated to aesthetics
  6. That's just the opposite one reflecting off the beam
  7. The SPIKE hub has a fair bit more going on in it than a PU smart hub though, no? Yeah, with a medium linear actuator
  8. I've said this twice before but if TLG didn't **** themselves so hard by developing a 4-port smart hub and instead went for 6 ports, it could be done with five motors, each with a two position gearbox. That way gives you two modes of operation - drive and backhoe: Motor 1 - drive wheels or backhoe boom Motor 2 - MLA steering or backhoe knuckle Motor 3 - lift arm or backhoe stick Motor 4: bucket tilt or backhoe swing Motor 5: gearbox and stabilizers But nope, now we're stuck with four ports forever...
  9. 2k pieces is quite small for $250. I wonder what it'll have Do you reckon it might be in the same scale as the Mack Anthem?
  10. Oh dude, that actually looks fantastic! How rigid is the bumper construction? You've nailed the proportions of the whole thing
  11. Or just don't be a douche about people's careers, especially when those careers require an acute level of creative skill to pull off. Like sorry hot wheels but where's the funny in saying that set designers are no better than burger flippers? It was a shit joke, get over it
  12. It's not a very good joke when all it does is make you seem ignorant... If you spent 40 years in the industrial design industry and can't recognize the creative skills common between good industrial designers and good set designers then damn dude
  13. But they don't, they're linked. If you wanna just move the bucket or the arm, you can't
  14. No, 42121 is also a liar of a set. No heavy duty excavator has a linked arm and bucket. I think people flipping out over this need to relax. The parts spin, that's the important bit