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  1. DeathCap

    [OL-FB] Kurenai

    I'm really digging this carrack. This is far superior to the Armada Flagship. I also don't mind the paper sail, I think they look good.
  2. Haha yes, I use a lot of the secondary characters' names for my own secondary characters. The plot and actions of the characters are an amalgamation of various media but primarily feature details from the Hornblower and Aubrey-Maturin series.
  3. Chapter 4: Commission Confirmed Previous Chapters Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 A familiar ship, HMS Piper sights HMS Carolina off the coast of Quinsville. The officer in charge of dispatches orders the jollyboat to ferry him to HMS Carolina. He quickly approaches the quarterdeck and delivers Admiralty orders to Commander Julius Palmer. After sitting on the sidelines for so long, the Commander Palmer and his senior officers anxiously read Admiral Fletcher's orders. Dear sir, Excellent addition to the fleet. We will make sure the proper transfers are done, and hereby confirm young Mr. Palmer's lieutenant's commission and posting on the HMS Carolina. Rear-admiral Fletcher, Seawatch 1st Lieutenant Eccleston: Congratulations Thomas, might I be the first to shake your hand as a commissioned lieutenant in Her Majesty's Navy! Commander Palmer: INFERNAL LUCK! Months at sea and we are not ordered into action with the Lotii. Lieutenant Palmer, pass the word for Mr. Bowles. I want a meeting with my senior officers in 10 minutes on the quarterdeck. Commander Palmer: Gentlemen, These orders do not contain any mention of action with the savage Lotii. Therefore, we shall sail for Port Raleigh before the war ends. Sailing Master, set a course for Port Raleigh. Sailing Master Bowles: Aye aye, sir. HMS Carolina sets sail for Port Raleigh...
  4. We are allies are we not? In a common struggle against the Lotii, I'm sure the gondola man will not hesitate to join the cause, in service of the crown. OOC: This will make very amusing material for a free build >:)
  5. Great build! I believe the newly commissioned HMS Carolina will stop by to press the gondola crewmember
  6. Yes, this is the first ship with paper sails. I think they are much easier to make than cloth sails and they look better than the cloth sails I made. To get more natural-looking paper sails, I would recommend cutting half-ovals at the bottom of the sails. Let me know if you would like more tips!
  7. DeathCap

    Sloops for the Royal Navy

    [COR - Sloops for the Navy] HMS Carolina I present to the Commissioning Board a class 4 brig of 14 guns. Please accept acting-lieutenant Palmer aboard and do let me know if you need any scenes built involving HMS Carolina.
  8. Haha I'm glad everyone liked this story. If this sailor deserted and joined the Sea Rats, I have no doubt that Commander Palmer would search the seas just to flog him …or worse.
  9. DeathCap

    The Quinnsville gold mine

    This is really well done. I love the cuttaway
  10. Chapter 3: HMS Carolina Previous Chapters Chapter 1 Chapter 2 HMS Carolina is a brig-rigged sloop of war. She carries 14 cannons. Her shallow draught makes her excellent for maneuvering closer to shore; however, this reduces the time she is able to spend at sea. HMS Carolina is loosely based on the real-life Cherokee class and Cruizer class brigs. I fully intend on giving this ship to the royal navy with Thomas Palmer aboard. The commissioning board may rate her as they see fit. I recommend that HMS Carolina be rated as a class 4 or 5. Story Thomas Palmer, acting 2nd Lieutenant aboard HMS Carolina, carries out his duties as officer of the watch. Although the other ship's officers are not on watch, they take their place on HMS Carolina's puny quarterdeck since it is midday and they have nothing better to do. Palmer snaps: Mr. Boyle! Organize a swabbing party and get these decks clean! Mr. Boyle, a Midshipman, scurries towards the quarterdeck and makes his obedience: Aye aye, sir Whilst swabbing the decks, an unfortunate seaman knocks over a bucket in front of Mr. Boyle... Mr. Boyle, already moody due to not being able to pass the examination for lieutenant, ominously condemns the poor seaman. You'll be sorry for this once I've spoken to Mr. Palmer. Untitled by DeathCap, on Flickr With a great sigh, Palmer privately admonishes Mr. Boyle. I'm sure it was an honest mistake, but that man will suffer horribly once the captain hears of this. Do not threaten to punish the men out loud, it forces my hand. Soon enough, the entire ship's company is mustered to witness punishment. Commander Palmer: This man is guilty of negligence and shall be punished according to the rules at sea. One dozen, Mr. Holler (Bosun) The crew was shocked, a dozen lashes was a savage punishment for such a small offense. If this keeps up, mutiny will begin brewing. Mr. Holler: Aye aye sir, one dozen it is, string him up The punishment begins promptly. The bosun's cane makes a horrible sound as it makes contact with the seaman. Soon enough, blood falls onto the freshly cleaned deck. Bosun: 12 all and done sir! Very well, cut him down, announces the 1st Lieutenant With a yawn, Commander Palmer retires to his quarters You take it from here Mr. Eccleston (1st Lieutenant) I have important business to attend to (a nap) Aye aye, sir Mr. Eccleston hurriedly replies. Mr. Calamy, call the surgeon and take him to the sick bay at once!
  11. DeathCap

    [COR - FB] HMS Harpy

    I was planning on giving all my ships to the royal navy. Would HMS Harpy be considered a class 6 ship? Also for future posts, I would have to make the posts involving HMS Harpy relevant to whatever war it's in right?
  12. DeathCap

    [COR - FB] HMS Harpy

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed the ship. I dedicated this post to the ship alone. With this ship, I will use it as a platform for future posts that are primarily for story-telling.
  13. DeathCap

    [COR - FB] HMS Harpy

    I see you've found some material for the third chapter of "The Adventures of Thomas Palmer". This scene depicts a midshipman overseeing the bosun administering punishment to an unfortunate seaman.
  14. HMS Harpy is a 36-gun 5th rate frigate to be commanded by Captain Julius Palmer Armament 22 x 18-lb long guns 8 x 9-lb medium guns 4 x 9-lb chasers
  15. Can I get added to the faction chat please?