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Found 8 results

  1. December 622, Somewhere outside Nouveau Oleandia, Ile Dionysus As the winds of war started blowing again on the New Haven Seas, the exploration of the newly discovered lands was largely stalled. Knowing if the enemies had a foothold on an island was more important than studying the plants or animals living on them; discovering if Lotii agents had tried to make an alliance with a warrior tribe seemed more important than understanding the new languages and cultures. However, a few brave men still decided to try their luck, "for the progress of mankind, the glory of the Nation, and their own name". Expeditions of botanists, zoologists, and cartographers, part of the Oleander Royal Society of Science, arrived on the newly discovered lands alongside the soldiers. After a brief stop in Fort Arltrees, Jiangkai, or Nouveau Oleandia, the expeditions leave for the unknown: an uncontacted tribe, a coral reef, or the mysterious, unexplored jungle. Local guides, laborers and a few marines complete the teams, which will be alone and completely self-sufficient for several months. Among the various expeditions, a group of archaeologists arrived on Ile Dionysus (also known as Crocodile Island) to investigate some old bones discovered in the local copper mine. Some mysterious ancient bones had already emerged from the ground of Avestia, but the skeleton was too incomplete to determine the appearance of the animal. The mud of Ile Dionysus, instead, proved to be a real vault of ancient treasures: skulls, rows of vertebrae, complete and perfectly preserved skeletons... most were -unsurprisingly- crocodiles and alligators, but other remains belonged to animals never seen before. The most surprising discovery was made in a wet, cold morning of December: the skeleton of a monstrous snake was dug out of the mud, bone after bone. The animal must have been terrifying. From head to tail, the skeleton was at least 15 metres long, larger than any known reptile. If it had been similar to the other large snakes of the New World, this meant that it could have swallowed a horse, an ox or a large crocodile. Apart from the scientific value of the discovery, everyone was a little concerned… that skeleton could be just a trace of an ancient past, but nobody could exclude that snakes like that still crawled in the swamps of Ile Dionysus! A group portrait of the scientific expedition. The measuring rope was too short for the whole skeleton. Overall view ————————— Just a little MOC, to experiment with vegetation, mini figures and, obviously, the skeleton. Tilting a little bit the connections between the studs and the 1x1 plates gave a nice curved effect. I will license it as a small art and culture for Nouveau Oleandia (32x32 plot size, but too simple to become a medium property). I hope you like it!
  2. Somewhere in the bayou, Ile Dyonisus, November 622 Copper is not exactly what a miner hopes to find, when he first hits the rock with his pickaxe. However, it is what the prospectors found in the swamps of Ile Dyonisus: the weird minerals surfacing from the mud turned out to be azurite, a valuable copper ore. Despite the initial delusion of the prospectors, the city government was enthusiastic about the discovery. Copper doesn’t immediately fill your purse, this is true, but with copper you can make bronze, and with bronze you can make the cannons that your navy needs… or, if you feel particularly pious, the bells for the new temple. Digging tunnels in the soft ground of Ile Dyonisus was out of question. The slow flow of the water, however, had already made most of the job, century after century: in some areas the copper minerals were already exposed, and damming the river was sufficient to create a sort of open mine. The mud was removed, and the valuable minerals were shattered and brought away, piece after piece. When all the available ores will be collected, the dam will simply be moved of one hundred metres, and the hard work of the miners will start again. The environment of Ile Dyonisus is particularly harsh for the miners: humidity, mosquitoes and the ever-present mud are only the most immediate problems of the workers. Moreover, drinkable water has to be brought from a nearby river, as the swamp water would probably poison the miners. Then, obviously, there are the alligators: the dam and a fence of wooden spikes are usually enough to keep them out, but on Ile Dyonisus you can never really know… As a good precaution, a few armed men are always present: if an alligator could find his way into the governor’s house (some say with a little help), a fence is definitely not safe enough! Copper will soon leave the swamps of Ile Dyonisus and reach the whole Empire, as cannons, bells, statues, boilers to make sugar or whisky, or maybe the sheathing of a ship hull! To be licensed as a copper mine on Ile Dyonisus, the swamp island. Overall view: --------------- I didn't realize how long it had been since I last built something of this scale... but, as my brave prospectors explore the bayou of Ile Dyonisus, and my soldiers march on the hills of El Oleonda, real life tends to happen! I hope I'll be able to continue soon with my storylines!
  3. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL-FB] Patrol Galley

    The Destrier Although the day of the war galley is long drowned, many still ply the seas. In Nouveau Oleandia, a Mokolei galley has been pressed into service by Provisional Command No.1. Due to the nature of galleys, they make for poor gunnery platforms but tend to compensate with high maneuverability and large compliments of men. These attributes are perfectly suited to armed, coastal patrol vessals. In the case of the Destrier, a revolving platoon of infantry from Nouveau Oleandia's 4e Regiment de Triallieur Dionysian, accompanies the vessal on its patrols. Thanks, ♧ OOC; Class 3 ship R:3,M:4,F:1,C:4,CG:0,H:3
  4. Previously; Satisfied with his new sword, the Lieutenant is off to see a man about a horse.'hero' makes his way from headquarters with the most strident of strides, coming across a...uh...'Company Excercise' along the road. Marine; "Sorry, sir. I tried to break it up. What would you have me do?" The Lieutenant; "Oh! Eeerrm? Place five on the convict." The Lieutenant; "Now be a good man and spot your Lieutenant's wager, would you? I have my hands full at the moment." OOC: Intended as a platoon raising in Nouveau Oleandia, bringing the compliment there up to a full company. I'm purchasing them privately as I don't know if there is still an open ticket on troop builds in the NHS and I want to send a limited expedition to scout the area around the town in an aMRCA soon. The Nouveau Oleandia provincial troops are listed in the Encyclopedia.
  5. Somewhere in the bayou, Ile Dyonisus, July 622 The outskirts of Nouveau Oleander, on Ile Dyonisus, don’t seem the best areas for mining activities… unless you want to start a mud mine, or unless you are convinced that crocodiles are actually mineral resources! However, now and then, weird shiny minerals surface out of the sludge, or are found on the banks of one of the countless ponds. Nobody really knows what those stones are, and they were considered simple curiosities… at least until the chaplain of a passing ship recalled to have seen something similar in the Mokolei Empire, near to some important mines. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember which type of mines, probably the most important point, so a proper geological survey was organised. Therefore, some of New Oleandia couriers du bois (the local hunters) left their beloved rifles and embraced some shovels. If they found something, governor would reward them well for the lost hunting days. Digging in the marshes is a boring job, especially if compared to crocodile hunting, but it has at least an advantage: a bag of mud doesn’t usually try to snap your arms off! One of the prospectors, in the meantime, was preparing the lunch: a thick soup of hardtack and canned horse stew (Explorer Special Recipe, WTC registered trade mark). That stuff is barely edible, but isn’t infested by maggots (the WTC “Can of Worms”, with extra maggots and crunchy weevils, surprisingly, never rose to international success) and is not crocodile, differently from most of the meat available on the island! Overall view: the MOC is quite simple, I played a little with the ground level but this is largely covered by the vegetation. I originally planned this prospect for Ile Sous le Vent, but then I decided that building a mine on a swamp island could be far more challenging… provided that I find something worth! @Ayrlego, I think this is up to you now… @Darnok, the WTC canned horse strikes back!
  6. In lieu of propper military forces in Nouveau Oleandia, a platoon of civilian and military seamen has been pressed into service as infantry. Used to thinly patrol the harbor and serve as crew for Float Battery No.1, they are to be billeted in the barracks ship anchored there. "Finally! If we are attacked we should have just enough men to fire the harbor..." -Lt. 'Gabi' Provisional Shore Party No.1 (+Platoon. N.O.) Corporal Suchet of the Compagnies Oleon de la Marine has brevet command. ... Humans require more supervision than the scarecrows under 'Gabi's command and to this effect, an abortive lighthouse construction has also been pressed onto service. Meant to function as the command post and armory for the fledgling defences of Nouveau Oleandia, this structure is connected to the mainland by a bridge and has an unimpeded view of both the barracks ship and the floating battery. From this tidal island the defenders transfer to and from their aforementioned positions, recieve orders, and groom their magnificent hairs... From here, the crews at the barracks ship and floating battery are synchronized with the harbor patrols. Varnum Point. Headquarters of Provisional Command No.1, Nouveau Oleandia. To be licensed as a troop build and small residence. Hence the moc size.
  7. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL-FB] Pickets

    Some quick moc-ups for some Oleon activity in the New Haven Sea. Preperations and the like. Fusiliers of the fabled Essener's Death's Heads, join in patrols and picket duties alongside our own infantry on the outskirts of Fort Arltrees. A company of these stout Carnite line-infantry have been garrisoned at Fort Arltrees since the previous Battle of El Oleonda. ... Meanwhile, in Nouveau Oleandia, a newly arrived "one-man-army" assumes picket duties around the settlement. Banging drums, firing off rigged muskets in volleys and brutalizing an old sheet of tin with his sword, the lout attempts to conflate the size of the garrison for any distant observers. Thanks! Just some scenes to convey activity in these settlements as the issue looms. Bit busy for a week or two but squeezed these in this week. Stumbled on @Khornes boys in the archives. I am hoping they are actually still in Ft Arltrees. If not, lemme know and I'll rework it.
  8. In order to afford the citizens of Nouveau Oleandia a greater deal of protection against possible Lotus attack(or Corries), the hulk of an old trading cog has been moored hastily on the edge of the harbor and fitted with a cabin. At last! Our brave soldiers can leave their wet and soggy old tents behind and billet themselves in a wet and soggy old boat! Here some troops may be seen cleaning and refilling the community bird-feeder. The dread of all pirates...and Corries. As all good defensive posturing requires a lot of heavy metal, a low-floating battery of 32 pounders has been anchored within sight of the barracks ship to cover the harbor itself from raiders. A lone sentry strolls the deck as the garrison takes some leisure time to buy more fine Nouveau Oleandian leather... To be licensed directly to the Crown of Oleon as a medium 'fort' in Nouveau Oleandia. I have been wanting to do each of these for a bit but a barracks with no guns or a battery with no barracks? I figured between the two of them, they can pull off fort stuff. Thanks! Sent the license, not sure if I did it right. I requested a property license listing request and a blank list came back. I hope isn't an issue...