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  1. Lord James

    Old West Saloon, Bank, and Trading Post

    This is a phenomenal scene! Is an old-timey locomotive next?
  2. Lord James

    [MOC] Jungle Ruins

    Stunning! Even if they are just moments away from an ambush
  3. Yes, if not an entire Mayan city
  4. Lord James

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    If the $150 price is accurate, I'll definitely pass. By comparison, the Medieval Market Village cost $99 when it was released. That's about $122 today when adjusted for inflation.
  5. It would be refresshing to see castles that are not gray or black. Plenty of real castles are made of plain bricks. I don't think that look would appeal especially to Lego consumers, but a castle that's mainly dark red with some lighter Tudor elements would look good.
  6. Lord James

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The final blacksmith shop looks good; I just wonder whether it would have reached 10,000 supporters if this was the original version. The same could be said of most Lego sets that are made as, you know, children's toys.
  7. Lord James

    [MOC] Small Art Gallery - Modular

    I really like how the color pops out. Lego needs to produce more of their highly detailed sets of this size.
  8. A Marvel series would be amazing. Hopefully, it would include some of the most popular X-Men who haven't appeared in earlier sets.
  9. Lord James

    [Moc] Ebenezer Scrooge Counting House

    Really impressive! I could see Lego producing something like this for Christmas instead of the usual Santa-related sets.
  10. Lord James

    Rules for printing AFOL graphics on garment etc.

    Some of the Lego Castle heraldry is generic enough that someone was already using it long before Lego did. I'm thinking especially of the Lion Knights and the shields with stickers from the earliest Castle sets.
  11. Lord James

    The LEGO Ideas Thread

    I'm just happy I got it in under 3,000 elements.
  12. Lord James

    Future Castle Sets?

    I'm definitely more in favor of historical sets, but I have nothing against including fantasy characters with them.
  13. These look amazing! I would love an official theme consisting of ancient sets. Apart from the CMF series, this has been something of a blind spot from Lego, which has produced seemingly everything else (except for modern warfare, for obvious reasons).
  14. Lord James

    The LEGO Ideas Thread

    Hi, everyone, I have a historically accurate but also nostalgia-inducing project for you. Please support and share! If you leave me a comment, I can find your projects and support them back as well! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/4579400b-a126-447b-9840-b9b15074a47c
  15. I anticipate some rad MOCs for that Mesoamerican minifig.