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  1. I don't know what kind of program or file you've posted, but it is filled up with spam and trash.
  2. Hello Jundis, Are you willing to share the IO file??
  3. Well, I'm not that good of a builder, so building a two hub version with all functions working simultaneously I can not do myself. That's why I'm always on the lookout for instructions. So I'll be waiting patiently for someone to make them. If not, I won't be buying the set, the playability is so bad, I won't spend the money on a original version without modifying it to a more playable version. But have to wait a little longer for someone to make it and sell the instructions.
  4. @nugnug115 How long do you think it will take to make instructions for your version??
  5. Does this version use a lot of extra parts besides the extra motors and hub??
  6. Sorry that I am replying to this old topic, but I hope to find out if D3K is making any progress on the instructions, after all these years I am still hoping on them.
  7. Very nice and clean. Well you've made it in LDD, planning on selling the file??
  8. Are you going to make instructions for this beast??
  9. Any chance on instructions???
  10. @eric trax unfortunately always the same story, when I see a good MOC, there are no instructions. I am more of a collector then a MOC builder, so I need instructions to rebuild these beauiful builds.
  11. @eric trax do you have, or planning on making instructions for the Challenger?????
  12. @pagicence did you fix the bugs in the drivetrain like Carsten said? I have downloaded the instructions and started collecting the parts, think I have about 60% of them. But it would be a let down if it will not work when I build it.
  13. And yet again a stunning model from you. Just beautiful!!!!