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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I want to share a new creation. This time it is an alternate build (B-model) for the Liebherr LR 13000 Crawler Crane set #42146. You can find instructions here to build the model by yourself. 100% made out from parts of donor set 42146 with no additional parts needed. 100% controllable with official Control+ Application. In order to all functions of that Liebherr HS 8300 Dragline Excavator, you get a complete overview in the following article on how to build, control and calibrate this alternate model. Summary of Functions & Features remote controlled tracks and 360° superstructure rotation remote controlled boom remote controlled independently hoist-rope and drag-rope controllable with official Control+ App for Smart Device using 6 motors and 2 hubs spinning radiator fans detailed cabin playful details like fire extinguisher, ladder, railings and exhaust pipes brick-built bucket 133 cm / 52 inch long 100 cm / 39 inch high high-quality premium PDF instructions includes guide how to calibrate the model Impressions Main control The Liebherr HS 8300 Dragline Excavator is designed to work 100% with official Control+ Application using the already known interface from its main set. Driving tracks and rotating the superstructure works exactly like the LR 13000 does with the original designed buttons on the app interface. Boom control The giant boom of this alternate model is controlled with the right app lever. It drives the longest rope (shown in blue) through pulley mechanism to raise and lower the boom. The highest and lowest position of the boom depends on the limitations of the app after proper calibration of the model. The boom stops automatically in the lowest position to always ensure a 360° rotation of the superstructure without colliding with the tracks. A linkage mechanism slightly moves the nose who is helding the drag-rope and ensures that the app can detect the highest boom position during calibration. As a nice addition, a spinning radiator fan is connected to the same motor that drives the rope for boom. The second fan spins freely. Hoist-Rope & Drag-Rope Controlling the bucket works like the real machine with an independently hoist-rope (shown in green) and drag-rope (shown in red). The hoist-rope is controlled either up or down with the left joysticks vertical movement. By horizontal movement with the same stick, the drag-rope goes in and out. Since this two ropes are controlled by just one joystick, combinations with both ropes are possible and also needed for proper playing. This requires a bit practice though, but makes it possible to control the bucket and two ropes together with just one (steady) finger. The length of the hoist-rope depends on the app limitations for that joystick movement, meaning that the hoist-rope can't go too long before the app stops the motor. On the highest position of the boom, the bucket can reach the ground with fully extended hoist-rope where boom and hoist-rope are in limited positions controlled by the app. During calibration the app also detects the most inner position of the drag-rope. Working under ground With lowered boom and extended hoist-rope, it is actually possible to dig something below the model. This makes fun by placing the model on a table for example. Calibration For a correct calibration by the Control+ app, it is required to separate the hoist-rope from the drag-rope. In the instructions there is a full guide included how to calibrate the model during building. Additionally there is an extra PDF guide included that explains how to calibrate the model at any time. Please make sure you have completed the calibration to ensure the best playing experience with this model. How to build Building the Dragline Excavator starts with the base from the LR 13000 main set. Make sure you build the undercarriage with book 1 until step 343 is completed. Before you continue building, check the tracks und turntable function. After the correct calibration with Control+ app, the instructions for the HS 8300 takes over to complete the alternate model. The premium instructions for this model comes with 338 pages of high-quality images and building steps to ensure a satisfying and slightly challenging building experience for a 18+ set. Make sure to test all functions and alignments of ropes through the building process. Happy people with sealed parts can open bags 3 to 5 to complete the build. Connecting ropes with spools and making nodes can be an annoying thing even for the main model. If you already have built the LR 13000 main set, you can let the spools with ropes connected. The alternate model starts with wound up spools during the building process. Controlling quick guide To become a real Dragline expert under the sun, here are some quick tips for controlling the model: 1) Place the model from the left to the right At the beginning, place your model driving from the left to the right to match the joystick interface for the Control+ app. 2) Sliding bucket over ground This is some basic control for Dragline Excavators. Slide the bucket over smooth surface by controlling the drag-rope winding inside simultanously with the hoist-rope slightly going down. 3) Moving bucket along the boom As advanced controlling, this requires a bit practice but also avoids loosing cargo when the bucket moves along the boom. The drag-rope should go out simultanously with the hoist-rope going up with a bit tension on both ropes. 4) Unload the bucket On a loose drag-rope, the bucket always hangs in the air on the hoist-rope. Simply give some length on the drag-rope to tilt and unload the bucket. 5) Keep watching the drag-rope The app itself cannot detect outer limitation for the drag-rope. In case the drag-rope goes out too far, it is possible that the rope slips over the spool. Treat the drag-rope always with a bit tension. 6) Avoid tension on same direction This case is also not detectable by the app. When the drag-rope goes in simultanously with the hoist-rope going up, there is too much tension at any point. As a result, the parts holding the bucket are going apart at the weakest pin connection. Giving some length on both ropes and connecting them together solves this. Final note Goal with this alternate model was to create something else from the hard discussed Liebherr LR 13000 Crawler Crane. Rebuild, re-calibrate and having fun is exactly the way how this model works. The app goes hand in hand with the design with a large learning curve on controlling the model. Let's find it out by yourself. Think out of the 42146 box and have fun with this replica of Liebherr HS 8300 Dragline Excavator. If you like the design and you even own the 42146 LR 13000, go for it on rebrickable and build your own.
  2. Curious if anyone has used the Build together feature in the Lego Builder app yet and what they thought of it? What set did you use? How many people? Were they all AFOLs? Did it 'work'? Was it fun? It seems odd that any concept of 'togetherness' begins with each member on their own mobile device but I suppose this is a necessary evil given the subject matter. I've always tried to get my friends in on the fun, especially when building the big Technic design released each year around my birthday. Admittedly, there have been varying levels of interest over the years... This year, everyone asked me what I wanted for my 50th birthday (you mean, apart from pretending this milestone isn't actually happening?!?) Naturally I feel inclined to force them through building 42146 with me. What do you think?