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Found 30 results

  1. Release June 2020. Price 59.99 EUR. Special features and new parts: - New large front brake discs - New shock absorbers with internal springs (damping, not only bouncing) - Rear brake disc and wheel mount of the Bugatti Functions: - Steerable wheel suspended - Rear wheel suspended drives V-fake motor Go nuts
  2. Four years ago I built dragster out of LEGO Technic set 42036. I also got idea for another alternative model but I haven't got enough motivation to finish it until now. Last Friday I twisted my ankle and got leg in plaster. It was inspiration that I needed to finish this wheelchair. I call it "Ultimate Biker's Vehicle" in accordance with this biker's evolution: If I keep having enough inspiration in upcoming days I will build other vehicles from this evolution. Building instructions are freely available at
  3. LEGO Technic buggies have special place in my life - my very first LEGO set was Technic buggy 8829 and buggy 8048 took me definitely back from "dark age" so buying new buggy 42101 was sure thing for me. I also knew what I wanna build out of it - motorbike because it was official alternative model of set 8829. It took me a lot of effort to build it. I spent more than 12 hours by trial and error before I found the way how to build it. Final model features same functions as main model - steering and rear axle suspension. Building instructions are available at
  4. Bricks Feeder

    [MOC] Ghost Rider's Motorbike

    This MOC is my representation of the Motorbike of the "Classic" Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch) from The Marvel Univers. It's inspired by "the Spirit of vengeance" of the terrific builder called Ben Cossy on flickr and MOCS based on the LEGO Marvel video games. The MOC has 111 pieces... X6 and it's the devil's number ! The Showcase video is online on YouTube and the Building Instructions are available on Rebrickable ! The Building Instruction is a PDF file : More shots below : I hope you enjoy the build! Let me know what you think about ! If you have some remark or problem with the instructions, let me know and I will correct. Don’t hesitate if you have questions!Moreover, could you post pictures of yours when you finish to build it and write a comment below please? Thanks ! :)
  5. bricksboy

    [MOC] Police Motorcycle

    LEGO MOC Police Motorcycle #2 Stop Motion Speed Build My other MOC models: [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  6. I've wanted to build another bike MOC for quite some time now, seeing that my Stealth Bike from 2 years ago had plenty of room for improvement. I wanted to make one that drives much faster and remains more stable than my Stealth Bike, and to get as much speed as possible out of the PF system. The idea for a second bike came after getting the 42054 set on discount. I saw the tires as a perfect opportunity for a bike, as their size means that I can make a bike large enough to fit all the electronic components inside. I also found that they are not easily tipped over, which is advantageous for a bike model. To reduce friction, I connected two L motors directly to a single wheel geared 1:1, which was a lot of speed for PF. In fact, I was very surprised that I did not have to use RC Buggy motors (which I don't have) to get such speed. The MOC features a modular build, with the rear wheel/suspension part being attached to the main body which housed the battery box, and the steering mechanism coming off of it. The suspension worked well and had decent range, and is not overly stiff. I used an interesting mechanism for the steering, which involved a servo motor controlling 2 links that steered the front wheel. However, I had to reduce the servo's angle to 45 degrees in the profile designer, as making the full 90 will cause the servo to stall. A small turntable allows the wheel brace (I'm not sure what you call that) to pivot as it steers, and there are handlebars that work. One thing I wasn't so happy with about this MOC is the large turning radius. Because I found large steering angles made the bike tip over easily, I had to make it small, and making U-turns in a reasonable space is nearly impossible. Another thing I didn't like is how steering must be done at low speed to prevent it from tipping over. This was worsened by the fact that it was quite windy the day I filmed it, which made it hard to control. Overall, this is a MOC I'm pretty happy about. I got lots of speed out of using just PF elements, and it did not become sluggish as weight was added on during the build. It was lots of fun driving it around, and remained quite stable without the use of support wheels Video: Photos:
  7. Hey guys, here's a new MOC I've just started making. It's going to be a motorcycle, and so far I've completed its rear wheel module, with the drive motors already in place. It will feature: Drive, with the 2 L motors, geared 1:1 Steering, which will be controlled by a M motor The final design will be similar to something like the Batpod, with the front wheel far in front of the chassis. This means steering will probably end up like that of a wheel loader, where the vehicle turns on an articulated joint (hopefully that makes sense). The front wheel module will be attached to the chassis via 2 large turntables, and the bike will steer simply by transferring gear drive to the turntables. (The steering motor will be geared down of course to ensure stability) Rear suspension The entire model will be, of course, controlled by SBrick. A rechargeable battery will power it in order to reduce weight. I'm making this MOC to give some out-of-the-ordinary applications for the Claas tires, which, in this case, is using them on a bike. I also think that my first remote controlled bike MOC (the Stealth Bike from 2016) was not so great, so I'm making a second bike to see if I can make it perform better The video will be, of course, filmed outdoors. This MOC is, of course, going to be pretty simple. But I'm already making plans for my BrickFair VA 2018 MOCs, one of which is already underway. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Photos:
  8. Somehow I thought it would be time to show you some of my creations. In this first post you will have an overview about the things to come. I will try to post them chronological, but sorted by theme. Let's start with my favorites: Motorbikes: 42036 - 1000V4 Custom Racer - 2015 My first technic motorbike and my first MOD. While I wasn't too excited about the original color scheme, the model itself looked like an Italian bike to me. Italian bikes are red! So I started modding it and also implemented a simple gearbox. 42036 - 1000V4 Black Edition - 2015 My second MOD. A naked bike, limited black edition, improved gearbox. Besides a clutch, switched by a lever, this bike has all what's necessary for street legality. 42036 - 1000V4 Half Fairing - 2016 This one has only a half fairing, same gearbox, but stronger shocks. It was my first test with system bricks in technic. 42036 - 1000V4 Full Fairing - 2016 Just the same as before in a nice color scheme. I also checked white/red, but I liked this one more. And for all who mentioned 42036 was too soft, this one has the hard shocks in front and double shocks in the rear. Quattro Stagioni My first MOC. Big bore V4, fat tires and a hand shifted gearbox. Gamberini My unfinished project. Planned is a gearbox and AWD. The Flat Bad My try to build a flat motorbike. Foot pedal shifting. 8051 - Triple Trouble TT The Italian bike. Still a 3 cylinder, but gear driven cam shaft and a gearbox. It was my first time I could create a foot peg shifting, which was done by gears. 42063 - BMW 1200GS This is my interpretation of a BMW GS1200R. This is the first time I tried the new 3L clutch in a gearbox which is foot peg shifted. BMK K2000 Flying Brick My rebrickable entry for BMW of the future, a hover bike. I won, but missed the validation date. LEGO was so kind to send me a (unsigned) price. Radicale My latest MOC. Still a bit of a WIP ... More MODs 8043 - white Excavator - Full RC 42024 - Container Truck - Full RC 42048 - Mine Loader Extreme 42035 - Monster Mine Truck - Full RC 42056 - Porsche GT3RS in white More Vehicels 42005 meets 9398 - Monster Crawler TC12 - His Fortressness Maybe some can remember that one ... Some Planes Triple Wing Fighter Fokker DR1 - Red Baron I pray for updates.
  9. Hi everybody. As I was into the shop this midday I saw this set: This makes me think, even if it is a star wars figure, that this pretty girl needs a bike. A BIG bike...just like Lara Croft.... So I decided to build something different this time. And here is the result of this evening build: it is the first sketch of what the model will be, as usual. About everything is to be compacted and redesign, but this give a good idea of what is incoming. Tomorrow I will by the SW figure st to match the scale of both of them. All the ergonomic aspect of the bike will be calibrate based on the TLC figure I let my imagination do this evening, Motoguzzi inspiration mixed with old BMW/Harley frame....All is in the mix. I am pretty happy with what I came out. This give me the base and a vision for the next of the build: The main ideas are: A fully detailed enormous engine fitted into a lightweight frame and all terrain wheels. At this point I do not have any idea if I will realize back suspension or not for this model. maybe just a suspension for the Saddle ? It will have a gearbox, already sketched and installed. The sequential lever is still a question actually. I think to due to it's size, it must be realized here. I do think that this model will take me a lot of time to finished. It is a quiet unusual theme for me. But I like the challenge that it represent for me. Any comment or advice are welcome. To be continued...
  10. Zerobricks

    BMW U2-P1A

    I wanted to build something special for the rebrick LEGO Technic BMW motorcycle competition. The first idea I got was to try to make hubless wheels. After trying several wheel sizes approaches and techniques I decided to use the old 8880 soft tyres with a combiantion of 8 135 degree connectors and a nunch of smaller internal wheels: In order to make the bike look low and sleek I decided to ditch the normal handlebar steering system for a multi-link one, which gave the bike its distinctive front shape: Belly photo of the multilink steering system - notice the two 6L steering links which allow for suspension movement: Of course a bike like this also needs suspension which is hidden in the frame: And finally the bike was covered finished in blue trim, with BMW color detail in the front: And of course I just had to include the special 3L beam found in this year's sets: And here's a video to finish it all up: In the end of the day I am very proud of myself for building something out of the box, I learned how to make smoothly rotating hubless wheels and I managed to build something trully futuristic with all the weird angles, shapes and functions. If anyone is interested in rebuilding this beauty, there is also an LXF file of the model without the tyres here: BMW U2-P1A
  11. This is my take on this iconic and all time classic scooter! Because of its very sturdy construction (a technic subframe support it underneath) and a great reception from my lego mates when I first introduce it to them, made me to take my chance and submit it on Lego Idea! Please support if you like it!
  12. Since I recently got LEGO Technic set 42036 and didn't built anything out of Technic for a long time I've decided to rebuild this motorbike into vehicle with four wheels. It was bigger challenge than I expected. I had to use few uncommon asseblies: replace front wheels by gears with chain replace connector in crankshaft by liftarm replace pair of bevel gears by bunch of connectors - this solution was proposed by Victor Imaginator Finished dragster features just V4 fake engine with moving pistons. I planed to add steering but I didn't have enough parts for it.
  13. The Mugbearer

    [BlueRender] Extreme-G Inspired Bike

    (The image is clickable) So basically, this MOC is inspired by Nintendo 64 racing game Extreme-G where player races against the AI or other players on desolate expanses of the old Earth using remotely controlled super-speed motorbikes. Also have a low-res rotation GIF:
  14. hi everyone recently done a few brick build motorbikes in minifigure scale. The nowady standard TLG bike assembly is too large in my opinion (and for my layout), so i build some myself I took some orientation for scale on lego classic bicycles and the motorbikes (around 1990s, "old body"), to me these are still the best from TLG considering the scale. Hope you enjoy! criticism welcome btw^^ possible parts bike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr possible parts bike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr green = handlebars red = speedometer yellow = wheelfork pink = leather seat blue = exhaust explained detail for new motorbike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr speed bike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr speed bike front view.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr speed bike back view.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr motorbike chopper.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr motorbike black .lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr motorbike cs style.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr handlebars for this one are supposed to be single minifig hands attached to the wheelfork. LDD just wont let me use minifig hands by itself :-( , pls imagine them to be there^^ Star Wars: "Rogue" One ;) - battle droid motorbike by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  15. Hi, I'm new here, 33yo AFOL and looking for feedback on my very first MOC. It's finally at the point where I'm not considering adding much more :) The motorbike has hopefully realistic frame no rear suspension, straight drive shaft (no chain) instead, the seat is suspended (I'm looking for smaller springs) PF lights only work with the battery pack in the side car front mudguard allows wheel to rotate with shock absorbers fully compressed 2 pistons per side to mimic R12's really big pistons, couldn't find a way to make a single piston the right size (~3x3.5 studs) hopefully discrete knob wheel you haven't yet noticed, for the motorized sidecar to input drive kickstarter lever and some stuff to fill in the and lacks speed-o-meter, couldn't find a way to fit it in, even without the PF light license plates what else? The sidecar has 2 PF XL motors for drive 1 servo motor for steering 1 IR receiver AAA battery box openable trunk with spare wheel several pieces in the wrong color (i.e. not black) or with stickers (I'll get clean ones from BL or just remove the stickers) several pins that go into the motorbike frame, plus the steering link and a couple more points to secure it, all easy to detach and lacks mudguard, I'm not sure it'd improve appearance enough to be worth the extra weight (already funded 1) SBrick so that the spare wheel doesn't make me lose control of the thing so easily More photos in BS. Apologies for their poor quality, I only get to my MOC/s late in the night and don't even have a proper white backdrop yet. Thanks!
  16. Hi there I recently build this 1/42 scale Motorbike with sidecar. Its a bit smaller then the normal Lego Bike moulds, everything is build from little bits and pieces. Hope you like it;) Motorbike classic military side car.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr the door can be opened Motorbike classic black brown opened door.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr front view, for the handlebars i want to use minifig hands in grey - but LDD wont let me do that as a single item:/ Motorbike classic black brown with side car front.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  17. Have got this much designed after a few days....
  18. Since there are images available without watermark, I think it is time to give the 42036 its own topic as well. I copied my post from the general 2015 Technic topic and pasted it here as a topic starter: As a motorbike rider and fan of most Technic bikes, I must say that I'm disappointed in the 42036. - It presents no new technical challenges like an interesting way of propulsion (through a drive shaft for example), exciting swing-arm configuration, new engine layout (would love a boxer) nor gearbox. - The aesthetics are not very satisfying as well: The body shape is not very pleasing and looks unfinished, the windscreen is too bulky, the stickers for the saddle look poor and the rear tire is too skinny for this type of bike. It almost looks like a B-model. - I really miss attention to details which would be possible in this scale: No license plate at the rear, no fuel filler cap, no realistic dials, no brake and clutch handles, no radiator, it doesn't even have foot pegs. - I appreciate the light blue panels, but as a whole the color scheme doesn't work for me. I would have loved a Martini color scheme with orange, white and light blue, but I guess this is copy-righted. This could and should have been done much better, I'll MOD it for sure, but with all the modifications, it will probable be more like a MOC. I'm curious in the B-model of this set, could be better than the A-model in this case.
  19. Hey guys, I decided to show you my new modification of nikolyakov's Cafe style motorcycle based on Moto Guzzi. The original model was made by nikolyakov. Check his original post here http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=96606. I think it was a really well made motorbike, so I wanted to build and 'pump it up' even more. The original model has clutch system, V2 engine and cardan drive. I was triggered by the clutch, because I never used that in my creations, so it was a good reason to try and build this great motorcycle and then modificate it. Thank you for your time guys, tell me what do you think about my upgrades :)
  20. Hi all Having only come back to building technic sets a few months ago and having been inspired by some of the amazing MOCs I've seen on here, I thought I would try my hand at my very first MOC. So here it is a sportsbike comprised of pieces from 42036 and 42028 (plus the gear selector from 8880) - I hope you can see past the mismatch colour scheme. Functions: - 2 speed gearbox, operated by foot lever - fake engine - front and rear suspension I would have liked to complete this in a single colour scheme and more/better fitting panels, but unfortunately have limited pieces to build with and would hate to take apart my other sets. If I attempt another MOC then I will definitely spend more time planning and getting proportions right before I start the build. The main thing I have learnt is that it's not much fun having to dismantle and rebuild several times because it just doesn't look right. This project has given me an even greater appreciation of other people's work on here and I'm looking forward to seeing all the completed TC6 entries. Any comments/suggestions on my work will be welcome - I have a vast amount to learn. Cheers
  21. Its weird and out of proportions, but it was my first creation over 20 years pause of Lego. But its V8!!!
  22. Hello, Eurobricks Technic, Mindstorms and Model Team! I have been without internet for some time, and just logged into Eurobricks again. I cannot embed an image, so here is the image location on postimage org: I am Kieran Chamberlain, and I present to you a rendering of a Harley Davidson custom designed using LDD that I will be building soon. It is my first LDD to POVRAY rendering, and uses the default render settings. The tyres in the render are for representation only, the real model will have tyres synthesized from pnuematic tubing, etc. 98% complete, It comprises a heady 3000+ parts at 65cm length, with the following functional features: -45 degree single cam V-twin engine with two pushrod operated valves per cylinder -Front and rear brakes with hand and foot controls -Springer front suspension -Foot gearshifter with nuetral and first gear -9v motor in gearbox, battery pack disguised as oil tank -Steering Enjoy!
  23. Since I didn't find any pull-back motorbike I've decided to build one out of set 42010. It was great challenge to create another alternative model with such a limited amount of bricks. Its only feature is pull-back motor. It's also solid enough to not fall apart when it crashes into wall. And these are left over parts: If I find more time I'll build something bigger. I wanted to build plane out of set 8041 (race truck) but it has 8 pieces over limit...
  24. Hi all. I decided build a motobike for contest because 200 parts enough to do it! Second version of my bike.(First version without suspension here) I inspired by old Lego's motorbikes like 8210 But I did not like the lack of drive, so motorcycle became with a fake engine All photo - Video review:
  25. legosamigos

    [MOC] Trike

    Hello Eurobricks members! Today I would like to show you a trike or if you like a street chopper Specifications: Length: 31 cm Width: 19 cm Height without antennas: 13 cm Weight: 613 gr. Power Functions: 2 x PF M motor 1 x PF IR receiver 1 x PF IR remote control 1 x PF battery box BS gallery