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  1. Captain Pirate Man

    Harry Potter Quidditch Arena MOC

    Thanks. It's one grey baseplate in size. We didn't want something bigger than Hogwarts Castle, which I think it's perfect size for next to it. Which our Hogwarts is not the out of the box version either (but by no means as large as some out there). So we wanted it to be an appropriate scale to the castle.
  2. Captain Pirate Man

    Harry Potter Quidditch Arena MOC

    Here is our build of the Harry Potter Quidditch Arena. Thanks
  3. Captain Pirate Man

    Soldier's Fort MOC

    Here is my latest MOC, an improved version of the 2009 Soldier's Fort set.
  4. Captain Pirate Man

    The Saint Mary

    Hello, here is an update on my ship The Saint Mary. I meant to put this in MOCS, sorry.
  5. Captain Pirate Man

    My pirates/medieval collection

    I HOPE we see an entire wave of sets, I'll find room in my display to make them happen (especially if they are red or blues). Greens I would have to do some reconfiguring, but that's ok. Heck I even hope for 2 more ships (Pirate and Soldiers). Even though the ships are harder to find sufficient room for in the display, I'm at the point that "lesser" vessels just get retired aka given to my son to play with. Or if that doesnt seem plausible, I'll just make a shipwreck island or something similar out of one. So I for one WELCOME a full wave of 2 large sets (pirate and soldiers), 2 ships (same), and plenty of smaller sets. As for rumors... Only what I've heard on this forum, sorry to get your hope's up.
  6. Captain Pirate Man

    My pirates/medieval collection

    Thank you. Yes, I LOVE the classic Lego Pirate sets. They are my absolute favorite sets Lego ever made.
  7. Captain Pirate Man

    My pirates/medieval collection

    Lack of room tbh, as well as it being more difficult to acquire minifigs to fill out the army/navy. I currently have 6 or so, plus a few that I've brick linked together. But that PALES in comparison to the amount of red and blues that I have. I entered my Dark Age around 1994-2012, so I completely missed out on the Green Coats. While I had a pretty large collection of reds and blues when I got back into Lego. Every faction HAS to have a castle/home base in my layout. Which my original green castle was Helm's Deep, but I have since made a LOTR display, so the greens lost their castle. Another reason was the IFS just plain looks better as a Blue Coat flagship imo. So giving them the IFS, and making my Saint Mary my Red Coat flagship just seemed a viable solution. So even though The Saint Mary was intended to be a green coat ship, they had to lose that as well. So when I added all these reasons up, the green coats just had to go unfortunately. Perhaps someday things will change (that's the beauty of Lego 😀). At this point, that would probably only happen is if these 2020 Pirate set rumors are true, and the Green Coats are featured. So I guess we shall have to wait and see. You are making me feel bad for them, lol. Thank you. I hate to say it, but for the last 2 years or so, my Pirate/Medieval layout has gotten the short end of the stick. I was never satisfied with how things looked or how they were placed, etc. I also had some MAJOR lighting issues in my basement, and they were in the "dark" part, so they kinda got ignored. So we spent a lot more time on my Lego City, which was fun and what not. But truth be told Lego City's are pretty common. But Pirate layouts on the other hand... So when we got the lighting fixed, I made it a priority to give them proper attention. Which even since this video I have made 2 more MOCS as well as updated The Saint Mary Which I will have videos for all of this in the near future (I'll be sure to post them on here). One of them is a SUPER Soldiers Fort inspired by the 2009 set.
  8. Captain Pirate Man

    My pirates/medieval collection

    I just saw this on FB, thanks for the share 😀
  9. Captain Pirate Man

    My pirates/medieval collection

    Hello everybody, here is my WIP pirate/medieval display I'm working on.
  10. Captain Pirate Man


    I've thought that myself.
  11. Captain Pirate Man


    I agree that a ship on the scale of the IFS (but a pirate version) would have been my preferred choice. But I also agree that beggars can't be choosers, so I'm super happy for this set. I have a pretty large pirate layout, and I think this will go nicely with my current pirate "base" which includes Rock Island Refuge and modified 2015 pirate sets. So including this new one will give my pirates a pretty proper "island" imo. So I'm not dissapointed we are not getting a ship, even though I ALWAYS love ships.
  12. Captain Pirate Man


    When do you guys think this set will get released? I've heard some people say "before the end of the year," but is that realistic? Is there a precedent for ideas getting announced and put on store shelves that quickly? I ask because I am saving up for that set (just crossed the $240 mark today). But I can buy something else, then save up for this set (probably around March or so), if it's most likely not going to get released until then anyways. I just dont know the typical release schedule for ideas sets. This Pirate Bay set is my #1 set on my radar, and would like to get it day one. I AM Captain Pirate Man after all. But if its (mostly likely) not going to get released for another 6 months or so anyways, I'd rather get something else (right now). Also, what would you guys think the retail price range for it will be? Thanks
  13. Captain Pirate Man


    Awesome!!! I enjoy doing Horror and horror related stuff with Lego.
  14. Captain Pirate Man


    Here is a little video about our latest MOC, any SUPERNATURAL fans out there?
  15. Captain Pirate Man

    The Saint Mary- Silent Mary MOC WIP

    I did a little update video on my Silent Mary MOC that I have named The Saint Mary. It's still VERY much a WIP, any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks