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  1. Captain Pirate Man

    [VIDEO] LEGO Castle Adventures!!

    Here is the LATEST episode!!
  2. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Next Pirates GWP

    Lagoon Lockup FTW!! Saber Island is #2 for me.
  3. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

  4. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Which island type do you like the most?

    I voted for the slopes from Barracuda Bay. But honestly, I would have picked all of the above.
  5. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Yellow vs Fleshies

  6. Captain Pirate Man

    [VIDEO] LEGO Pirate Adventures

    The LATEST episode, and it HEAVILY features Jack Sparrow!! Who is OF COURSE voiced by Johnny Depp himself!!
  7. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Best Pirate Captain

    Here are the final results
  8. Captain Pirate Man

    Questions for fans of the Castle and Lord of the Rings themes

    VERY much a WIP, and progress has been slow of late (lack of bricks). FULL display: Shire: Helm's Deep: You sound like me, been collecting it for a while. YES, we used to be able to find Gandolf, Legolas and Gollum pretty cheap. But even those have dried up, here in 2024. I'm just saying it's not an easy theme to collect for, compared to most others.
  9. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Eldorado Fortress Assessment

  10. Captain Pirate Man

    Questions for fans of the Castle and Lord of the Rings themes

    I got into LOTR collecting when the Hobbit sets were on shelves. I then went back and picked up the LOTR sets I wanted for a "some what" decent price. I forget what I paid for Orthanc, but no where near what it goes for today. I'm of the opinion that I wouldn't recommend new people start collecting this theme unfortunately though. It's small enough that you will want to get all the minifigs (at least), and like others pointed out, they spread them out throughout the whole wave, so you kinda just end up buying EVERYTHING. Which LOTR is probably the most expensive theme to collect for (for it's size). Another problem I have with it, is you want MORE. More sets, minifigs, etc. But Lego doesn't offer more sets, so then you end up mocking. But even then, it's not easy or cheap to MOC a bunch of fleshy minifigs to populate a LOTR display, let alone mocking sets. So bottom line, it's honestly not a fun theme to collect for. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it, and will buy Barad Dur day one. But when I compare it to collecting for Castle and Pirates, it's a distant third (for the reasons I just stated). My wife collects HP, and I'm jealous of how easy it is for her to MOC those sets, just buy two of them and get to work. I'm not buying two Rivendell's or Barad Durs, not for that price, lol. Having said that, I DID do MOCS for a lot of the older stuff, to put them on par with sets like Rivendell. I doubled up Helms Deep, tripled up Bag End, and we did are own Erebor. I'm also using the Viking village set to make my Lake Town bigger and better. I might even get the new D&D set and add that to my LOTR as well. But again, it requires thinking outside of the box. It's not easy like HP and other themes are. So even though I LOVE IT, and am committed to collecting it, I don't recommend it for new collectors.
  11. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Eldorado Fortress Assessment

  12. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Eldorado Fortress Assessment

    Oh no, there isn't enough female representation in the emoji list. Better alert the keyboard warriors!! For the record, I was at NO POINT engaged in a debate with you. Once again, I gave MY OPINION on what I felt was the biggest flaw in this particular set. It was YOU that decided to turn MY OPINION into a debate. Again, you must be a JOY at parties. That logic is flawed, for many reasons, but again it's heading into a political sphere that I don't want to go into here. I will say this though, as a society trying to bow down and appease a vocal minority is a mistake that will be the downfall of our society. If an issue is important enough, the majority will agree with it, that's how democracy works. But trying to appease a vocal minority, just creates MORE vocal minorities. It's a never ending cycle. If a young girl wants to play with a Lego Pirate sets, then good for her. I don't have a problem with that. But to think that a toy that HISTORICALLY was aimed towards boys (Lego Pirates) will attract a whole bunch more female fans because of a few gender swapped minifigs, is just asinine. By this logic, young boys must be buying Friends sets in droves because they include some boy minidolls. "Look mom, I don't want that Star Wars set, I want that Friends set because it has a boy minidoll, just like me."
  13. Captain Pirate Man

    [POLL] Eldorado Fortress Assessment

    I didn't post a political opinion. I posted MY opinion on what I feel is the weakest part of the Eldorado Fortress set. I gave my opinion, but two people here didn't like it, and felt the need to respond to me. That's the chain of events. Other than that, yes I agree this topic has run its course.