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  1. Lego Gozer from Ghostbusters

    Since the chances of Lego ever making a minifig based on Gozer, I decided to ask to commission one for me. I had them base her off of the minifig that appears in the Dimensions game. What do you all think???
  2. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I think the Silent Mary is s great set. It took some time for me to come to terms with the "scale" issues. But Lego did a great job recreating what is seen in the movie. It's one of the best Lego ships to date imo.
  3. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    If you have say more than 3 of the same set, with 2 or more remaining unopened, I think yes YOU have too much Lego. I'm all for "investing" in Lego, but if you are hoarding more than 2 of something just for a pay day, you are not using Lego properly imo. Now if you plan on using those pieces for MOCS someday, that's different. If you have plans or ideas for using the bricks for actual building, I don't think you can ever have too much, just perhaps not enough space. I'm not trying to get on investors or hoarders. I personally enjoy seeing a little bit of "Lego money" to help fund my addiction. But those with 10 MF or Eiffel Towers stashed away are not really helping the community imo. They actually helped create the "need" for Lepin imo.
  4. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    Nice post. While I DO have a BL store, so I do like selling Lego for money. I do it to help pay for my Lego addiction, not to get rich. My personal collection is all about my display/layout. I don't like having Lego in boxes in a storage room (like you). I enjoy seeing kids (and adults) faces when they see my layout, that makes it fun for me. If I had "extra" modulars for example, I would either use them for a MOC, or like you said, sell them to someone else who will enjoy them. I recently acquired a TON of early 90s space minifigs and sets. The pieces can be used for MOC'S and what not, but most of the minifigs don't serve a purpose for me (I don't have a desire to add a space section to my layout). So I've decided to go a head and sell them to someone else who might enjoy them more. Besides, those minifigs can be turned into money, which in turn will be turned into Lego sets that I CAN use.
  5. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Looks awesome!!!
  6. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    I agree that Lego has oversaturated the market. As other posters have said, "no kid will be able to collect an entire theme on star wars, city, super hero's, etc." I had EVERY classic pirates set when I was a kid. It's just not possible anymore. I would also add that IMO, Lego "works" better when making a building, vehicle, etc. Not pieces and parts of the inside of a larger structure. That's one thing that always turns me off when looking at newer sets. Take The Lonely Mountain set for example. The real appeal in that set was Smaug, that's it. The rest was a lackluster attempt at creating Erebor. I see SO MANY sets that suffer from this (Hoth, classic Batcave, etc). The classic sets like Lagoon Lock up were complete as is, because they were an actual building. I understand that releasing an actual complete Erebor or Batcave set would be HUGE and unrealistic. So my point is, don't even try. Or release something that has the front facade of a building (Arkham Asylum), so at least from the front angle it looks complete. "Inside" sets are just a waste imo.
  7. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    I agree with all of this.
  8. Ranks and positions in the pirates theme.

    What about quartermasters? I here that position a lot.
  9. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    I absolutely adore Lego as a product, toy, hobby, ECT. That is, and always will hold true. As a business though, I think there is always room for improvement. The last handful of years it's been really hard to criticize them (they were #1 toy company in the world), it's hard to argue with those results. Now that they have fallen from their lofty perch, I feel it is helpful to offer constructive criticism on areas where you see improvement. Not because I want to see Lego fail, but because I want them to succeed. It's like rooting for your favorite sports team. Some fans are blindly loyal, even when the team stinks. While I will ALWAYS support my team (Lego), I'm not afraid to say "Hey we need a new a quarterback."
  10. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    @Aanchir, While I agree many of those sets you pointed out are nice, some of them not so much. No baseplates is the problem I see. Without a baseplate, it makes it harder for kids to get creative imo. Back in the 80s and 90s, all sets came with them. Now very few sets do. That is another turn off for parents imo, they don't feel like they are getting a value. A 600 piece set with a baseplate really feels like something. The same set without one feels lackluster. I'm not just making this stuff up, I actually read parent comments. After the Lego news came out about losing profits, I read an article published by a neutral news source like business insider or something similar (it was NOT Brickset or another Lego fan type article). Anyways, I read through the comment section and was SHOCKED. 95% of the comments were extremely negative towards Lego. Parents were saying things like "I don't even let my kids play with Lego because they are too expensive." The vast majority of comments talked about how ridiculously over priced Lego is. I'm telling you guys... this is a real problem. Today's kids DO want minifigs they like though, but parents are NOT willing to pay $100 for a set so their kid can have that minifig. That's probably why minifigs fly off the shelves of my brick link store. IMO, Lego really needs to rethink their strategy. CMF series was fun at first, but I feel that has gotten stale as well. The blind bag aspect is probably off putting to some parents. I think minifig team packs are the way to go. Give kids access to the minifigs they want, stop hiding them in blind bags and expensive sets. Also, bring back baseplates and make the $75 and under sets really shine. I think a less is more type of mentality. Less sets, but make them BETTER. Compare the smaller sets of the 80s and 90s vs today, and I'm sorry the older ones WERE better imo. Take Lagoon Lock up for example, you got EVERYTHING you could want in the set, for a good price. Today you get bits and pieces of a cool idea that isn't fully realized. Not to mention, I feel the girl centered lines have failed. Why? The minidoll. I went rounds with people on this board and on Brickset about minidolls being a mistake. Well, last time I checked my local Wal-Mart, the girl Lego isle was gone. Friends and Elves were jammed next to Duplo. I think it's clear they didn't perform as well as some thought they would. They should have made them with cool and unique minifigs, not minidolls. I hate saying "I told you" but, I TOLD YOU SO. Girls don't want to be treated different, period. I whole heartily feel Lego NEEDS to reevaluate things.
  11. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    My 2 cents... Lego overall is GREAT right now. Is it the best for ME right now? No. But that's ok. I think it SHOULD be goal to get into moc/mods eventually for AFOLS. I know it's where I am heading. The actual sets (except for THE really good ones) serve a better purpose as a basis for something bigger and better. I have a rather large layout (city, pirates, castle, lotr) and I tend to think more about "how can I improve this" as opposed to "what new set do I want?" But again this is just me, we all have different wants. Would I prefer a new pirates or castle line? Sure. But I did get the silent Mary this year, and I feel she's pretty impressive. Now they have Destiney's Bounty out. Even though I'm not a Ninjago fan, I'd still love to add that set to my layout, same goes for Ninjago City. Which is why Lego is still great, because I could care less about Ninjago, but I like those sets. Interesting sets will always get interest. They have NEVER been better than they have for the last few years. The place where Lego needs to improve is with the $75 and under range. Parents are sick of buying $75 sets when their kid only wants a certain minifig. I say, make less sets, but make them BETTER, and sell team packs for minifigs. Dimensions was a gold mine for minifigs, keep that going but lose the game.
  12. [MOC] Mutiny of the Map

    Looks great 👍