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  1. Lego 60th Anniversary Rumoured Pirate set predictions

    I'm guessing a pirate ship, maybe Imperial Flagship like. I doubt it will be a base or island.
  2. Help with 8x4 Pirates Layout for my Son

    It's gonna look nice, good luck!!!
  3. The Brick Bounty vs BrickBeard's Bounty

    Title speaks for itself, watch the comparison and tell me which you like better. 😃
  4. Reproduction Sails on ebay?

    Never used them, but they look good to me.
  5. All 3 POTC ships together

    Hello everybody, As some of you know, I have a YouTube channel and I specialize in all things Lego Pirates. I just recently did a video comparing all 3 ships Lego has released. I thought some of you might enjoy!!!
  6. Pirates vs EITC

    Besides I am not convinced that the Endeavour really could take out the FD on its own, let alone with the BP. Why? The ability to dive, the forward guns, etc. The Dutchman has some nifty bells and whistles to it. Even though it would be out gunned, the FD has more than just cannons to work with. As impressive as the Endeavour was, at the end of the day it was just a ship, a ship with a poor Captain at that. My money would be on the FD with either Will or Davey as Captain over the Endeavour.
  7. No bluecoats nor redcoats.

    I gotta be honest, I really like what the OP did to create green coats. I think I might "borrow" that idea for my Silent Mary/Imperial Flagship hybrid ship I am making. It will be a green coat ship, and I like these minifigs better than the "Spanish" ones Lego themselves made.
  8. No bluecoats nor redcoats.

    Thanks 👍
  9. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    No, they made one for the 2011 wave.
  10. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Lego actually made a Flying Dutchman once, so it would be easy to release it, the R and D is done.
  11. No bluecoats nor redcoats.

    I like them, where did you get that green torso?
  12. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I want a 6th film and I want a FD. I want it all!!!
  13. Future Pirates Speculation

    Here is MY Red Kingdom, might be of some interest.