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  1. Captain Pirate Man

    Broadside's Brig MOC

    Awesome!!! How are your other Pirate MOCS going?
  2. Captain Pirate Man

    My Pirate/Fantasy Layout

    I decided to post this in this forum as opposed to the Historical one, because it's MORE Pirate themed than Fantasy (although I DO have a fair amount of both in it). Anyways enjoy!!!
  3. Captain Pirate Man

    Silent Mary MOC

    I've never actually done one of those. It's easy to fix the raising up. As for making a hull strictly based on 2 sets, IDK, but I mean towards no. The reason why is it's essentially a technic set, so most of the big bricks are all technic. Which isn't the most eye appealing. If you still incorporate the stands that the ship comes with, then I would say IT IS possible to give it the appearance of having a hull. But an actual brick built hull might be hard to pull off without more bricks.
  4. Captain Pirate Man

    Silent Mary MOC

    Ya, that tends be a common complaint. I actually like the Silent Mary, I think Lego did a great job making an accurate representation of what's in the film. But I also agree with you, lol. That's why I bought 3. One to keep as the Silent Mary, and 2 to use for a MOC. Trying to fit the square peg that is the Silent Mary, with the round hole that is the traditional hull proved to be quite the challenge. I did the best that I could. I'm not sure making the hull longer would help much of anything, tbh. The "correct" way to do would be to completely scrap the Lego design, and redesign it yourself. Which I personally don't have the "skills" to do. Having said that, I honestly like my SAINT MARY better than any other ship in my fleet (which I have 12-15 ships, I lost count, lol). Which that has nothing to do with the fact that's it's "mine", I just feel it is the most elegant looking one in my collection. But to each their own.
  5. Captain Pirate Man

    Silent Mary MOC

    Stayed up LATE working on her last night. She's still not done, but coming along nicely. I'm going to attach a dingy back here. Here she is next to The Silent Mary Here she is next to The Imperial Flagship.
  6. Captain Pirate Man

    Silent Mary MOC

    Got the sails in!!! What do you guys think???
  7. Captain Pirate Man

    Silent Mary MOC

    Thanks. Its been a lot of fun working on this. Probably my most enjoyable Lego project to date.
  8. Captain Pirate Man

    Silent Mary MOC

    Here is an UPDATE. Note, the sails I used in these pics, are from TBB. They are NOT the sails I am using for this ship, they ARE the same size, so they worked for me designing the masts. Again, this ship is BY NO means finished, just a little update at my progress. The hull is essentially the same as the hull from the IFS (except for a few changes to make feel more unique to this ship). But my overall design idea is to be able to lift the ENTIRE SM portion off of the actual hull in order to access the lower deck. Well now you can get a better idea on where I'm going with the hull. My next step is to incorporate the the "fake hull" aspect of the original set. My hope is that (with the pieces from 2 SM sets) that I will be able to use the "facade look" to cover up the the transitional space between the IFS and SM.
  9. Captain Pirate Man

    Silent Mary MOC

    Here are some pics, still in the early stages, but I think she will turn out nice!!! BTW, I made every symmetrical. While I appreciate the ghost ship appearance of the original set, making this ship symmetrical has been a lot of fun.
  10. Captain Pirate Man

    Silent Mary MOC

    So almost 1 year later I finally got around to starting my Silent Mary MOC. Basically I am taking 2 SM sets and putting the hull and lower portion on the Imperial Flagship underneath it. I'm nearly done with the main deck, and WOW 2 SM sets allows you to make a really pretty ship. The original being a ghost ship obviously had a lot of decrepedness to it. So cleaning all of that up has been a lot of fun. It's a really beautiful ship once you clean it up. I would say so far it's the prettiest one in my collection. I'll post some pics soon, but it's REALLY turning out good. I've never done this before (take 2 sets and combine them), so I'm having a lot of fun with that. I haven't seen many SM MOCS, which surprises me. One person on YT has done one, (MOC my bricks) but he pretty much designed his own version and incorporated certain aspects of the SM into it. I'm actually trying to keep the spirit of the original set, just better.
  11. Captain Pirate Man

    Lego Gozer from Ghostbusters

    Since the chances of Lego ever making a minifig based on Gozer, I decided to ask to commission one for me. I had them base her off of the minifig that appears in the Dimensions game. What do you all think???
  12. Captain Pirate Man

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I think the Silent Mary is s great set. It took some time for me to come to terms with the "scale" issues. But Lego did a great job recreating what is seen in the movie. It's one of the best Lego ships to date imo.
  13. Captain Pirate Man

    Can you ever have too much Lego?

    If you have say more than 3 of the same set, with 2 or more remaining unopened, I think yes YOU have too much Lego. I'm all for "investing" in Lego, but if you are hoarding more than 2 of something just for a pay day, you are not using Lego properly imo. Now if you plan on using those pieces for MOCS someday, that's different. If you have plans or ideas for using the bricks for actual building, I don't think you can ever have too much, just perhaps not enough space. I'm not trying to get on investors or hoarders. I personally enjoy seeing a little bit of "Lego money" to help fund my addiction. But those with 10 MF or Eiffel Towers stashed away are not really helping the community imo. They actually helped create the "need" for Lepin imo.
  14. Captain Pirate Man

    Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    Nice post. While I DO have a BL store, so I do like selling Lego for money. I do it to help pay for my Lego addiction, not to get rich. My personal collection is all about my display/layout. I don't like having Lego in boxes in a storage room (like you). I enjoy seeing kids (and adults) faces when they see my layout, that makes it fun for me. If I had "extra" modulars for example, I would either use them for a MOC, or like you said, sell them to someone else who will enjoy them. I recently acquired a TON of early 90s space minifigs and sets. The pieces can be used for MOC'S and what not, but most of the minifigs don't serve a purpose for me (I don't have a desire to add a space section to my layout). So I've decided to go a head and sell them to someone else who might enjoy them more. Besides, those minifigs can be turned into money, which in turn will be turned into Lego sets that I CAN use.
  15. Captain Pirate Man

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Looks awesome!!!