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  1. 9v system

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    @dr_spock heres the photos https://bricksafe.com/pages/gbcbuilder/fake-lego-pf-motors
  2. i brought a copy of the fake 8878 rechargeable battery box, and it works good, heres a video of it working
  3. i have added some more modules today including the Ball factory V3 on the front page of this project, i will keep working on more instructions and add them as i go
  4. @Courbet do you have a render of the Steering cup module? i want to add it to the front page of the project
  5. 9v system

    BuWizz Motor

    i have a question, what sort of overload protection will it have? i ask because i have been testing Chinese pf motors in my GBCs and only the Motors from GOBRICKS/mouldking have some sort of yellow overload protection on them as i have opened them up myself. also what sort of current will this motor draw?
  6. very nice, i see you also changed the yellow shocks for black ones
  7. greetings all, i have been given permission to update the front page, if you have any modules you think should be added let me know, i plan to ad a section for @Berthil and @FernandoQ modules as i feel they were very inspired by this project
  8. @Ankoku are you still updating the front page of this project? its a little bit out of date now, the compact spiral lift has instructions which are ready to put up
  9. thanks, i build all my modules from new parts only, so it took a while to get it running smoothly
  10. i finally finished my new invisible lift build, it works very well once timed correctly. i set this little layout up today to test along with the v2 stuck ball lift and Berthils ball factory v3. im also testing some lego compatible motors from GOBRICKS/ mouldking and im please to report they are fantastic and even better than lego pf motors.
  11. another fantastic module, while i wont be building this one, there are some really nice techniques in it.
  12. @rskamen do you have any photos of your v3 ball factory?
  13. 9v system

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    i have been following this for a while and bit the bullet and brought some of the mouldking motors, and im very impressed with the quality, the internal motors are built better than the lego ones especially the M motors, i have taken photos of the internal motors and will post on my bricksafe, i have already brought more of them, and some other gbc builders are doing the same as me.
  14. interesting, thanks for the update, did you happen to make a file for the invisible lift by any chance? i would love to see a video of your one running
  15. @Ankoku this might interest you, it is the last time akiyuki had the invisible lift on public display