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    akiyuki container transporter

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  1. 9v system

    [MOC] WAVES - A Kinetic Sculpture

    brilliant, very nice use of differentials
  2. has anyone got an MPD file of the planets and invisible lift? i need them for a layout plan im doing in stud.io thanks
  3. i saw that as well, i found this site through one of the copied sets instructions which one of my friends sent to me yea i was thinking of the best way to get it taken down, this might be a good option
  4. looks like i found another suspicious website useing the instructions from this project https://legogbc.com/2018/07/11/乐高gbc图纸大全-2015版/
  5. no baseplate, standard input and output with black thing on it, ratchet, clutch gear, L motor
  6. been working on the V2 basket shooter, almost finished, just need to do the last set of LAs thanks to @djm for the file
  7. finished an updated version of the Catch and release module, now has the black thing on the end https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-80937/9vsystem/catch-and-release-gbc-v2/#details
  8. @jeroen did the file and i did the instruction steps so it was a combined effort
  9. interesting, i finished the pdf instructions for the ball cleaner module, at over 3000 parts its one of the more expensive modules https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-80659/9vsystem/gbc-akiyuki-ball-cleaner/#details
  10. 9v system

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    i had the same issue with mine, i found that if you slightly squeeze the two 12l axles inwards it can help
  11. unfortunately no, they look like 2x4 tiles in the middle of the belt but this is just a guess. got all the parts for the strain wave gearing too, really looking forward to building it
  12. @Brickthus i agree about the powered up thing, should have done what mouldking do with their control system, i feel that lego have shot themselves in the foot with the horrible new power system
  13. that looks pretty spot on to what i see in the photo. should reduce the jerkiness off the conveyors
  14. @Ankoku i found those spiral drive photos, hope they help
  15. has anyone here built the strain wave gearing module? whats the most difficult part of it? its the only module i have not built, but i have just started ordering parts for it it looks like making sure everything is free from friction is a challenge