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  1. greetings all, all the files for the Akiyuki project are now fully digitized and are available for download thanks to @Jude The Lego Dude for helping me with some of these https://bricksafe.com/pages/gbcbuilder/akiyuki/akiyuki-project-files
  2. i found that the blue pump has the extra plastic at the base to stop it from cracking, the older ones have issues with splitting at the base causing loss of pressure
  3. your in luck, myself and @Ethan M are working on instructions for it, i have finished my part, and the module section is ready, just need to do the gearbox
  4. hi Berthil, will you be creating instructions for this masterpiece? i have the nxt version but would love to build this as i love the way it works thanks
  5. has anyone been successful with getting their designs made by CaDa? i have a couple of GBC modules i would love to get made into sets
  6. no worries, please let me know if it is ok to share them here. we have been testing these motors and the MK ones for GBCs as well as the cheap generics too with some interesting results.
  7. this was out GBC layout at brickvention. the Akiyuki ones with the exception of the planets, catch and spin and five rings were mine, built from all new parts, i used motors from aliexpress and they held up well esp the mouldking ones.
  8. im interested in the files for the motors and controller, have you done the other cada motors too? double eagle servo and L motor
  9. greetings all, after some time working on other GBCs of Akiyuki and rebuilding them out of all new parts im now going to rebuild this masterpiece out of all new parts as always. will see how well it runs on a mouldking or generic XL motor and report back after testing PS. does anyone have a file of the module the could kindly send to me to play around with? thanks another copy spotted, looks like its working well
  10. not sure if anyone posted these here but Takanori hashimoto has come up with two really nice modules inspired by akiyukis gbcs, he has instructions for both which i have purchased
  11. thanks for the file @Ankoku i have made some changes already. reverted some parts back to the instruction version as i dont want to buy some of the other parts, i changed the slopes in the hopper to how DJM has them in his cup to cup module
  12. thanks, i tried to fix the issue with the current design and its just not working, i do like the input ramp though
  13. @Ankoku i have currently finished the step module but im having some jamming issues at the input of the spiral lift. did you finish the file for the improved version?
  14. yes i had the same issue with my build too and yes its related to the shock absorbers, i find that some are stiffer to compress than others