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  1. just found this video of the servo and it has a weird problem. has anyone had this issue before. BTW i dont buy knock off stuff but this interest me
  2. 9v system

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    have you tried running it slower? my works better when run slower as i dont follow the standard anyway
  3. 9v system

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    @Ankoku my stuck ball runs nicely in this video
  4. 9v system

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    my thoughts on the new frozen 2 sets: i think they look pretty good, the builds look good and have some interesting pieces that im sure could be of use the only thing that is really annoying me being someone who collects and builds these sets is the faces on the minidolls, they look really weird compared to what they used to look like. i prefer the older look, like the old aurora to the new one
  5. 9v system

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    i havent really had this issue with mine since i rebuilt with brand new parts, but i see what you mean, how did you go with fork to fork?
  6. 9v system

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    this video has one that has about 100 balls under it
  7. 9v system

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    @Ankoku have you thought of changing the input part of the stuck ball module to this input with the two agitators? also @Courbet the screw type 1 works with the panels with side supports, i tested it on my old build before ordering all new parts for the rebuild
  8. akiyukis ball factory is a good one for automation as it does lots of things of the one motor
  9. 9v system

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    im sorry but this isnt my build as i havent built it at all, i just found it and thought i would share it here, can you show me what part the gears catch on please?
  10. 9v system

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @Berthil i have finished your version of the ball factory but im having trouble with the bucket dumper, at certain speeds the dumper doesn't grab the buckets properly, i have not had this issue before so im curious as to weather you had this issue
  11. 9v system

    [GBC] Akiyuki project (EV3)(NXT)

    yes i saw this too and i just had to share it to my Fb group, i can recognize parts from different akiyuki modules
  12. 9v system

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

  13. 9v system

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    @Courbet do you have a bsx file for the steering cup module? i noticed the part list is at the end but i cant find the brick stock file.
  14. 9v system

    [GBC] Akiyuki project (EV3)(NXT)

    im also wondering what the purpose of these are, i tried adjusting them a bit to see if i can get it to grab a bit better, if they are bent to far the clamps struggle to close also the instructions are fine but i think the small linear is meant to go into the hole next to it on the right , then it is able to hold a lot of balls as i dont run at full speed or follow the standard