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  1. @Ankoku did you notice that the drive shaft feeding into the bucket dumper gearing is at a slight angle upwards? if this is true then the bucket dumper gearing must be one plate higher meaning that the dumper will stay open for a bit longer when the shifter is moving across.
  2. been a while since i was last here, great to see you still making more modules, i was wondering if you had instructions for the roller coaster module?
  3. im also interested in the file, having taking a break from GBC to fix cassette decks im eager to get back into it
  4. looks like im late to this but heres my answers for some of your questions. i used a small airbrush compressor for mine. same as @HRU_Bricks i ordered my pneumatic hoses and ev3 cables of aliexpress as you can get them in 1m lengths for the cables and 10m rolls for the hose. i would connect the pneumatic stuff as you build each part. you will have trouble getting the hoses on if you leave it to the end. i took the pressure regulator off my build as it isnt really needed same with distribution block.
  5. nice work @Fyredog, the gear that turns the whole module arround is wrong in the instructions, it should be a 16 tooth gear not a 12, i made a file with the correct changes
  6. i have uploaded the part list to rebrickable, that one should work when exporting to BL
  7. hi all, its a bit late but i wanted to post the gbc layout we had at brickvention this year, i had a large section of Akiyuki and @Berthil modules on display, most of the modules run ok, i had to pull out tilted rotors and turntable cup to cup. @Jude The Lego Dude also brought a few of my old Akiyuki modules i sold to him. for this year im currently building the gbc tower by @diegobaca
  8. how much are you selling it for? and could you send me some photos? thanks
  9. i will take a look at this tomorrow and see what the issue is,i know BL has changed the part id's of some pieces and the white clutch gear is one of them
  10. super interested in the instructions for this one, i wanted to do this as well, your version is excellent
  11. i will send @Jim a message and see what he says
  12. interesting, from what i have seen they work with designers frequently, i am currently getting one of my gbc designs to be possibly made into a set, they have also been nice enough to send me copies of the GBC sets
  13. regarding the stolen designs, there are fake mouldking websites that steal designs. MK have confirmed this
  14. seeing that CADA is allowed here is it possible we could have a thread for mouldking? im happy to start one if its ok