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  1. just checked my PMs but i havent received anything yet
  2. thanks to @Lego_GBC_NL i have produced a file for the loader switch, it is quite simple and runs of the unloader unit by the 24t gear and a universal shaft @Doug72 are you able to add this to the train thread as well please?
  3. thanks @Doug72 theres the updated switch unit there as well @Ankoku those renders are ready for the front page
  4. @Doug72 how did you go? were you able to open it?
  5. you need stud.io to open it
  6. https://bricksafe.com/pages/gbcbuilder/akiyuki
  7. there is an io file in the folder on my bricksafe
  8. @Doug72 just checked, all looks good
  9. Greetings all i have now finished a file for the new version of the train type 1 based off the 2015 japan brickfest video as well as the 2012 video, this version has a ton of toque with enough strength to stop the motor, that problem with the two 4 axle with stops has also been solved by adding a 2x2 tile with a 1x1 plate in front of the axle. @Doug72feel free to add this to the train thread thanks again to @Courbet for doing the instructions for this module
  10. @Lego_GBC_NL thank you for these photos, i plan on recreating this layout with the train, i want to display the crane and simple loader at the same time
  11. @Lego_GBC_NL do you have any photos of your switching device for your type 1 train that selects between the crane and simple loader?
  12. i had to remove the differential on mine, did you see the updated switch i posted?
  13. @Courbet did you have any issues with the differential in your crane loader? in mine it was binding quite a bit
  14. heres my progress on the type 1 switch as you can see it is no longer on a baseplate, which makes it modular for transport, and the hopper stabilizer is added to which stops the car from jumping the hopper off @Doug72 im glad it works for you
  15. heres some good shots i have of the train,i have circled some of the changes in the photo above you can see the L motor circled in orange, the part in yellow i havent seen before other than this video , i believe this keeps the cart on track which was an issue i had with mine as the container would sometimes fall off in this photo you can see the underside of the train is different and the purpose of the white 2x2 tile in blue is to keep the wheels from sliding in and out of the technic brick, also a 1x5 liftarm can be seen behind the white technic brick, when i did this on my train it was so strong i could stop the motor without slipping the gears. this would solve the power issues with the crane @Courbet