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  1. The enhanced pedestal should have a great improvement in performance and visual performance. Look forward to the video....
  2. Yes, I was also suspended for half a month because of gear slippage. By accident, I found that the yellow 3069b was removed. The gear separation can be delayed a little and there is no sweeping gear sound. At this time, the track is just aligned and there is still a short period. Locked, the springs popped out and the train smoothly opened. The counterweight mechanism is not very sensitive. I just tried it and I can work with two 18mm steel balls.
  3. After a period of debugging, the akiyuky Rotary Dumper module & Elevator module was finally able to work normally. This set of mechanisms is very delicate, and it seems that every change can affect the entire system. The point is that each time the spring is struck out, the back two yellow 32249s need to maintain the position shown in the figure. The sound of the sweeping tooth during operation is not correct. Try to remove the yellow 3069b.