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  1. So, it all works nice. Works without issue, although it still isn't very event friendly. You would probably need an overflow system on the down ramp off the spiral lift, in case things go wrong. e.g. if you get a ball, which, for whatever reason, ends up missing the piston lift, the next ball has a good chance of stopping it ever making it up. At which point it just collects balls on the down ramp. Will get the instructions up soon. Made it show that the hopper ramp doesn't have any Technic holes showing.
  2. Ankoku

    GBC General Discussion

    Okay, I don't think this has been posted here. I quite like the tight spiral design. It also works quite well and is visually appealing in terms of being able to see the balls go up. Also, with this narrowness, it is rare to see it going vertically up, rather than at an incline.
  3. I don't think Akiyuki ever considered doing it as a purely mechanical endeavour. I look forward to seeing it in action! Will be great! 1 motor for all things is always the dream!
  4. Did you get inspired by this? It is going to be really cool to have two different approaches. Can't wait!
  5. I love the pure mechanics solutions to things. That said, it is an interesting use of real AI (rather than a decision tree) and a nice way for LEGO to provide the guy with a means to test it. Akiyuki's ball sorter was a: Orange or White? Question, where the environment where that decision is made, is very controlled. Here you have it looking at a bucket, which could have anything in it and just looking for a single white ball. Anything else is binned. I am going to build the ball sorter. Partially because I like the idea of doing the Ball Factory, where there is always 1 orange, 1 white ball in the bucket.
  6. So, it seems it was created to test some software. TeamViewer - Internet of Things. He is using the machine learning/visual recognition aspect of it. It is looking for 2 white balls. Any other combination is classed as wrong. 2 white balls goes in one hopper, the rest in another, probably recycled back in the system. He like the fact that LEGO gave me a real-world environment within which to test it.
  7. On a side note, Akiyuki has uploaded a new video, but I am not going to post it, as it is not GBC and it is just more of the previous video with the mechanism applied to something. The mechanism was worthy to add here, so you can think about using it in a GBC. A rotary engine video? No so much.
  8. @Lego_GBC_NL Not sure I agree with you there. I rather liked the look of it. Has a Ball Factory v2 feel to it!
  9. @9v system I would suggest making a post for all your work on the v1 train stuff, then have a link from the Akiyuki Train Mods thread on the first page via @Doug72. A most on the front page of the Technic section rarely lasts more than a day, before it disappears, so it is hardly an issue and makes for an interesting post anyhow. Then you have complete control and a prominent link from the threads which always bounce back to the top anyhow. @HRU_Bricks Great work on the robot arm, looks very smooth.
  10. Okay, I am away for a week in a few hours. So I will do it next weekend. Apologies for the delay!
  11. Ankoku

    GBC General Discussion

    I hate slack chains. So I approve of this!
  12. Ah, cool. Was just curious as I may end up doing some train stuff at some point. Am just glad he did instructions for it :P
  13. @Thierry-GearsManiac, I love how smooth the Akiyuki one is. For me, smoothness of operation is key.
  14. Is the new one less reliable?