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  1. Brickfest Japan 2022 29:20 in. Nothing too much of note. Still cool to see it.
  2. This is quite impressive! His Twitter account has a few development videos.
  3. @9v system and @aeh5040 are referring to this, in case anyone is wondering:
  4. Easy enough to do with gates for distribution.
  5. That is rather cute! Would make a good mini-addition to events! I appreciate the colour scheme!
  6. This is fairly next level and probably doable in LEGO:
  7. @9v system Not quite finished, but finished enough for you! :) I will up it for a short time for you!
  8. For my Ball Factory at the moment, I have used longer tubes and only rotates 540 degrees on the spiral lift.
  9. You should probably add a video. Although isn't this more appropriate in the Akiyuki train thread?
  10. I wonder how many people started the Ball Factory, but never got it working properly.
  11. The issue is, I started with the Ball Factory. Others may start with the Invisible Lift and neither are good as your first GBC. Although you can get both working pretty well in the end, it isn't the easiest of tasks. So it is worth appreciating that the front page can be the page that someone, who is new to GBC, visits to decide what they want to build as their first GBC. People like me, would probably still do the Ball Factory first, but hopefully we can convince others to start with something different.