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  1. Ankoku

    GBC General Discussion

    Curious module:
  2. @Berthil are planning on doing instructions for it?
  3. @9v system Wow. That is impressive. I will get the front page updated on there. Will also draw attention to it on the front page here. There are always a few people who want to do the ball cleaner.
  4. I experimented with using this: in the input area. The results weren't worth mentioning though.
  5. @dunes I noticed your video dump. Thanks for the mention. Good work! One day, not any time soon, I want to completely redo the stuck ball modules and have those 4 channels fed by 3 flip-flop gates, spreading the balls equally and on a steep enough incline to make sure balls don't get stuck. It will take away from the simplicity of the module, but the way it currently works bugs me.
  6. @9v system Yeah, I wonder if the strength of the motor makes it smoother. I always wonder if doing an even number of forks would actually be way better and more even. Again, what is going on in that video is an odd number of forks.
  7. @9v system Yeah, it is a straight up spiral lift with transparent blue cylinder in the middle and clear transparent liftarms. That said, there doesn't seem to be much after it. Maybe it is just one of the modules he uses to help testing? It is a shame the video is in such potato quality. Sure, it is from 2013, but that is no excuse for 360p. I get the feeling that it is just the front part of the Stepper Module v2 without the other 2 parts connected. e.g. just the spiral lift and the yellow and grey off-ramp. If I was going to do a video of a circuit, I would probably miss that one out, as it really requires and overflow system, which it doesn't have at the moment.
  8. It helped a little bit. The key issue is that there are an odd number of forks and they are operating uphill. Thus when you get the set of 4 moving 4 balls uphill, that is the highest point of stress, movement wise. Of you hold the fork run flat, it moves a lot easier.
  9. Video of it in action. Nothing exciting to see though. Still bugs me that you can see a slight pause every now and then. Still not worked out what causes it.
  10. In that last image, you can see the two 1 x 4 Bricks. Then above those two, there is a single plate. e.g. you can see the line between the bricks. I also use the vertical Technic liftarm as a guide. e.g. where the bricks line up with the holes. This isn't perfect, as you are not looking at the module directly on, but it can help.
  11. Okay, so I have spent a bit more time recently trying to fix Fork-to-Fork. It was making the clutch gear slip, so some things were obviously wrong. For the most part, the clutch slip issue was more an issue with my own build than the instructions, but in fixing it, it has highlighted a number of other differences between the instructions and the original. First off, the rotating guider for the fork axle. In the original, there was no way of knowing how it was done. So Technic, Axle Pin without Friction Ridges Lengthwise were used. That said, whilst initially messing about with it, I switched them for Technic, Axle 3 with Stud as this seem like a more stable approach, even if it did add a bit more fraction. In watching another vid by Akiyuki with the Fork-to-Fork module, you can actually see what he used, which was the Technic, Axle 3 with Stud. This may have been a later modification of his. I also noticed that the main wall for the wheel, in the original version, uses 2x Panel 1 x 6 x 5, which may look better, at least from the front. This doesn't really impact how it runs. He also doesn't have a bush holding one of the gears in place. In the instructions, both gears have a bush next to them. Removing the bush could help with adjusting the timing of the wheel without having to take the wheel off. That said, the wheel is very easy to take off. I am going to trying using it without bush, but it isn't a notable change. Finally, there is one big difference. The motor housing seems to be at the wrong height in the instructions. If you look at it, it even looks wrong, axle wise, as the axle which drives the wheel is tilted down. Here you can see it is 2 bricks high. In the original, you can see it is 2 bricks and 1 plate high. Fixing this, I do believe, make it run better. That said, my issues were mainly my own fault. I thought I would mention the various things I came across though.
  12. Can you do some 200px wide images and then I will add them to the front page. I will created a "modified" section at the bottom. Might be worth mentioning what has been modified in each one. e.g. if I wanted to build them, I would want to know why the modification improves it.
  13. Ankoku

    GBC General Discussion

    This is 10 years old, but has some really nice stuff in it. Works nice and smooth. I really like the tic-toc ball drop.
  14. I saw this the other day, but didn't want to post it, as the creator may wish to. You have gotten the Invisible Lift working well! You should do another video focussing on the parts which you have personally added. So people can appreciate your work!
  15. More appropriate here than the general GBC thread. Quite impressed this guy was able to recreate this in LEGO. Not the smoothest, but better than expected.