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  1. The way the balls leave the sliding hoppers really makes this module! Great find! It is basically the top tier of Japanese GBC Creators coming together.
  2. That is a damn fine looking module! I will most certainly be building it! I backed up the IO file here: Mainly because the above Google Drive link treats the IO file as a zip file (Which it is) and thus shows you the contents which sit within that, rather than just showing you the IO file. Thanks for making the IO file available! I hope it does well in the contest! It deserves to!
  3. IO file is fine. Consider leaving a version which is still the studless variant. Some people prefer things studless. And yes, I appreciate your point when it comes to not wanting to release an unfinished version. There is a difference between a version for a competition and a version you will see built by others. I suspect if you do put an IO file out there at some point, you could well end up seeing this at events which have a GBC run.
  4. I hope you do instructions for this. The motion is really satisfying!
  5. Having the ball run down, along the inside, seems really nice and pleasing. The motor changing speed pushing them up, no so much.
  6. Brickfest Japan 2022 29:20 in. Nothing too much of note. Still cool to see it.
  7. This is quite impressive! His Twitter account has a few development videos.
  8. @9v system and @aeh5040 are referring to this, in case anyone is wondering:
  9. Easy enough to do with gates for distribution.
  10. That is rather cute! Would make a good mini-addition to events! I appreciate the colour scheme!