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  1. Fabulous! I've a 5571 and know I have a new project to make!!
  2. Amazing build! I'm a fan of very realistic machines!
  3. Mordep

    Lego Technic Air Ambulance

    Amazing MOC! Never seen a helicopter so good.
  4. Mordep

    8296 - any opinions?

    I like it. It remind me of the 8414 that i have but don't like at all. Maybe I have to buy this and sell the other :)
  5. I really like this C model, can't wait for the instructions to come around! Thanks for your work!
  6. I have one, for me it's my least favorite set. The tracks are very difficult to use/push and the steering control always came apart because it has no reforcing to keep it from came apart from the frame when you push a little bit more (that is needed due to the difficult track system). To me it is a set only to parts, it is not even good looking or similar to something real.
  7. Mordep

    RC Hamster

    To me definitely a Model Team set. One of the bests topics in the forum! Great work!
  8. Mordep

    8051 Streetfighter

    Amazing!! I really like this bike!
  9. Hello, I've a question for all of you, Several of my sets are assembled and exposed around the house, like for example the 42009 or the 5571. Before I've had problems with the 5571 because the weels broke in the axle joint only because of it weight and it was to much time exposed i think. Anyone have his type of problems? Do you create supports to maintain the sets exposed or simply leave it there? For example the 42009 also as huge weight and i'm becaming worried about happening the same thing to its weels. Thanks Pedro
  10. Thanks for the review, great! It is one of my older sets that i have most liked and i've spent some money to revive the pneumatic system.
  11. Mordep

    [WIP] Scania Dunderbygge

    I build a 42009 recently and think that it is huge, but now seen those pictures Maybe I failed to read but how much parts are in this??
  12. Great work! 7347 really is a great set, pity i can't find it to buy at a good price
  13. Mordep

    [MOC] Folding Bicycle

    Amazing MOC. I liked very much this creation, will you give instructions and parts list for this? I would love to build it! Thanks and again, amazing work!