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  1. John Cromwell

    [MOC's] Colossal Castle Contest XVIII

    Ummm... They have the torso and leg printing of the new Tournament Knight from CMF series 21. Are they just wearing a different style of Lion Knight's clothing?
  2. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Hydralisk Fossils - 21320 Alternate Build

    Very impressive! As an avid Starcraft 2 player myself, I really like well done Starcraft MOCS. You captured the look perfectly!
  3. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Do you fear... the Flying Dutchman?

    Blimey! That be one hell of a ship! Awesome!
  4. John Cromwell

    Mountan Fortress disappointed

    Sadly Lego couldn't seem to replicate what made 6086 great in later sets. Eldorado Fortress is definitely one of those rare, shining examples of great Lego architecture.
  5. John Cromwell

    [MOC's] Colossal Castle Contest XVIII

    These are awesome! I love the fact that those two figures with the knight's printing from cmf series 2 keep popping up in different scenes, especially with the treasure chest. Love the Mega Man 'easter egg', I could not stop laughing!
  6. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Post-Apocalyptic 3-Ton Truck

    My second post-apocalyptic MOC. Enjoy! Front view: Left side view: Rear view: That there be Jimmy. Right side: Top view: Comments appreciated.
  7. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Nazi SS Officer

    Did you not read my post? I said: "If you are offended with this post, that's your business. Please don't comment on how I'm racist, etc. Art is art, regardless of what is being shown." My brother is neither stupid nor is he idolizing Nazis. He simply made a representation of a historical figure that happens to be highly political. There is nothing wrong with me. Why thank you. (Not.) I never said it was professional.
  8. Recently my brother made this cool armband for his imperial shuttle pilot to make him become a SS Officer. I thought it was pretty cool, so I thought I would share it with you all. If you are offended with this post, that's your business. Please don't comment on how I'm racist, etc. Art is art, regardless of what is being shown. And of course, Nazis with lightsabers!
  9. After watching the new Star Trek trilogy some time ago, I decided to make the USS Kelvin, USS Enterprise and the USS Vengeance in microscale. They have sat on a shelf for a while now, so I decided to show y'all them! USS Kelvin: USS Enterprise: USS Vengeance All of them together. Enjoy!
  10. John Cromwell

    Mountan Fortress disappointed

    True, but you can't argue that the greatest castle set of all time (according to many) was 6086 Black Knights Castle, which was built on a raised baseplate.
  11. Thank you. No, actually you mistakenly thought I was including you in that generalized statement. If I included myself, why would you get 'offended' and start talking about how you have different appeals than what I mentioned? You wouldn't, because you are not me. Thanks. You are welcome! If I may offer some advice(which, obviously you are free to ignore) try to leave your emotions out of your comments and just take a minute to re-read the comment you disagree with and think on how you would respond. I have seen many or your type get a little wound-up and excited when coming across something they don't agree with. Just a little advice from a fellow Eurobricks user.
  12. I'm sorry my post offended you, @Aanchir. If you had thoroughly read my post, you would have saw that I said "AFOLS who more than often" , i.e. I left an exception to that statement. Sure, I could have worded it better by saying: "AFOLS who more often than not" I never said that the older you become the less of an imagination you have. I'm just at the age to qualify for Eurobricks myself, and I don't completely just like realistic Lego. I never said I was judging you! I am currently collecting the 13 dwarves from The Hobbit sets, and reading the book itself. I am also about to finish watching Lord of the Rings and move onto The Hobbit movies. I've also considered creating my own head-canon on how Lego Castle became what it is today! I do completely recognize that there is nothing more inherently 'adult' about my preferences than yours, I was just making a generalized statement about the AFOL community. Sheeesh.....
  13. Don't we all? Actually, if you are interested in purchasing 6086, I found it is cheaper to buy all of the bricks and minifigures separately, and assemble the castle that way, instead of spending $400 on it! That's who I went about it, anyway. That makes two of us!
  14. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Marchenburg Castle - CCCXVIII entry

    Wow, that is quite awesome!
  15. I like your view on the whole matter, @AViewToALego! That's a perspective I never thought of!