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  1. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Rindle Tower

    Very cool! I like the color scheme of the tower, and the eagle flying by is a nice touch!
  2. John Cromwell

    The Muddy Wiskah Bog

    Very cool! I like the use of HP wands for the windows. Brilliant piece of art!
  3. John Cromwell

    Assyrian Star Empire (Pic Heavy)

    Thank you! The minifigs were probably the hardest part to acquire. No one seller has all of your parts and then the shipping on each individual order just, ugh... Thanks! What, perchance, do you mean by that? Just space-related themes in general?
  4. John Cromwell

    Assyrian Star Empire (Pic Heavy)

    So, 83.16% of what I'm about to show you is a direct copy of someone else's work. Specifically, a person on Brikwars who goes by the username of Natalya. So credit goes to her as my inspiration. Alright, with that out of the way, let begin! The Assyrian Star Empire is a massive sprawling empire composed of hundreds of planets. To maintain the peace and wage wars they have three main divisions of their army: the A.S.F. (Assyrian Space Force), A.A.D. (Assyrian Armored Division) and the A.G.F (Assyrian Ground Forces.) I'll start off with the: A.G.F. Here are a squad of 12 Assyrian Regulars, the bread and butter of the A.G.F. (I'll get to the stuff behind them a little later.) Their standard weapon is the Heavy Laser Rifle as shown above. However, most squads have a sprinkling of specialized weaponry, such as the Light Laser Cannon and Sniper rifle shown. But a requirement for all squads is to have at least 2 Heavy Bolters, because of their rapid rate of fire and ability to mow down entire enemy platoons within seconds. And here we have a NCO, (Non-Commissioned Officer) wielding a Beam-Sabre and customized Heavy Laser Rifle. The Commander of the A.G.F. is Major James Smith. He usually just watches battles from the sidelines but when he must fight, he does so with his Nova Sword and Plasma Rifle. Next up are the Assyrian Commandos, elite fighting soldiers that operate in groups of 6. Front-left is the officer, Vladimir Vlango. Lastly are the Personal Bodyguards, the best of the best. These guys are issued to protect all important Assyrian officials and some military commanders. A relatively new addition to the Guard is a flamethrower unit, but they excel in urban and close-combat situations. And next an Officer of the Guard. These soldiers are equipped with a Plasma Rifle, OTC (Orange Transparent Chainsaw, the most powerful weapon of all time) and have very durable armor. Last but not least is the prototype 2nd-Type Assassin Droid. This unrelenting machine is quite deadly and very tough to destroy. This particular one has a jetpack and rocket launcher. A.A.D. We'll start with the tank. The Artemis Light Battle Tank is a worthy opponent and should not be taken lightly. The anti-infantry machine gun can decimate enemy squads in seconds. Here is what the inside looks like. Sadly I don't have a crew for it. (yet) Next up is the Jaguar Armored Car. This small, fast vehicle excels at scouting and quick hit-and-run raids. This one is equipped with a small laser turret. Also, if the gunner is killed, the doors can open to reveal the small cannons attached to the inside. Next is the Lightfoot Mech. Although somewhat fragile, these babies pack quite the punch! Armed with an Auto Cannon, Nova Sword, 6 MKII Missiles, a shield and a jet pack. The White Knight is a staple unit of the A.A.D. They usually accompany the ground forces into battle and offer great support. It's load-out includes a MKII missile, Light Laser Cannon, sword, minigun, and a small shield. The White Knight's smaller brother, the Brawler is a beefier, more durable variant. They are equipped with a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, laser pistol and chainsaw. A.S.F. Finally the star of the show and my biggest creation as of yet, the Assyrian Corvette. Natalya named hers the "Sonks", but I don't like that name. Closer views of the bow, middle and stern. Armament: The Main Laser Cannon. Directly below the MLC are the twin Ion Cannons. This small turret hangs out near the bow. This Laser Cannon is directly below the MLC control room. Next, the Main Heavy Laser Battery and side-mounted Laser Batteries. And here we have a small inset turret. 4 hidden missiles are stored behind this 'door'. Protecting the top deck is a Quad-Missile turret. And low on the stern are two more missile turrets. Hm... it seems to have locked on to something. And the final offensive capability of the Corvette is this rear Quad-Laser Battery. Now, the inside! Yep, the top deck can be taken off to reveal the bowels of the ship. The Main Laser Cannon's inner workings. And control room. This is the main control room, where most of the turrets are operated. Looks like the two crewmembers closest to us are having an argument! Extra picture. The powerhouse of the ship, the engine room. The entire ship is powered by the single crystal in the containment dome. Showing the chain of command, Major Natalya is leftmost, then a 2nd lieutenant, and a normal crewmember on the right. Lastly, we have my space Sig-fig. A decorated member of the A.S.E., I am a veteran of many battles and master of the force and Matrix. I also wield one of the famed Curved Beam-Sabres, one of only three that were ever built. I hoped you liked it! Sorry for the many pictures, but it could not be helped. Again, credit to user Natalya from Brikwars for the inspiration. Please share any questions, comments, criticism, rebutles, or snide remarks you might have!
  5. John Cromwell

    [MOC] The Crumbling Bridge

    Beautiful! I love how there is no wasted space on the ATV. Are those Minecraft faces used for boots?
  6. John Cromwell

    Regarding Giving Credit. (Question)

    Thanks for all your answers! I will go ahead and show it to you all. Ok, I'm not sure what you mean by that unless you are just making a comment.
  7. John Cromwell

    Regarding Giving Credit. (Question)

    So... I have constructed a space faction but it is entirely based one someone else's idea. Like, a complete copy, down to the names and everything. However, they reside on a separate website known as Brikwars. Since most of you aren't familiar with that, I wanted to post the faction here while giving credit to the original designer. Is that acceptable?
  8. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Nuclear war

    Very nice! I love the use if Inbanana Jones' whips for cables and wires! Is that a soft drink can of some sort sitting in that bush? That must be a rare find!
  9. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Training Grounds

    One word: Wow...
  10. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Steam-Pink War Machine

    Even though I dislike the Friends line, I must admit, this is pretty cool. Nice job!
  11. That looks much better! Please do share when you complete the front!
  12. Very cool! Now that's something I never thought of doing! One little critique, though: try to incorporate some more light gray bricks in the walls, they look a little too black.
  13. Any chance you can show us that map of yours? I'm thinking of drawing a map myself depicting all the Castle factions in the near future. Yes, I completely agree.
  14. @Lukandros Welcome to Eurobricks! That's an interesting theory. The colors and style of architecture is very similar. But where did they get the design for the shield?
  15. John Cromwell

    [MOC] Fractured kingdoms, Bandit attack

    Sweet! I like the spilled wine, it's a nice little touch.