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  1. ancestral

    Building the Taj Mahal 10189

    All orders are from European stores except 1, which is from Malaysia. I have ordered pieces mixed for both sets so don't know exactly how much each set costs, but for 2x Taj Mahal and 3x Market Street we've paid 2600 US$. That includes all extras, shipping etc. Took me 5 days to search for cheap and new parts, find stores with optimal shipping costs and complete orders.
  2. Hey there, My question especially for those who've moved to another country for good (EU zone, UK to be exact); Will be moving to UK if everything goes according to plan, want to move my collection as i invested a lot both in money and in effort. Anyone did something like this? Any of your comments, opinions, suggestions are welcome. Do i need to pay any import taxes for private goods? Will be shipping to myself. What method should be used? Which company could be used? Any known international movers? Any occurred problems/solutions? Thank you.
  3. ancestral

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    Bumping up :) 1x Market Street 1x Cafe Corner 1x Fire Brigade 1x Green Grocer 2x Palace Cinema (1 MISB) 2x Detective's Office (1 MISB) 2x Parisian Restaurant (1 MISB) 2x Grand Emporium 2x Town Hall 4x Pet Shop (1 MISB)
  4. ancestral

    Building the Taj Mahal 10189

    Just done building my Taj Mahal. Had it already with box and instructions but sold it 2 years ago for an offer i cant reject. Just Bricklinked this one together with Market Street. I actually BLed 2x Taj Mahal and 3x Market Street in 22 orders, just to share some costs and making some friends whos not familiar with BL really happy. Taj Mahal pieces are ALL new and accurate (except 3 technic bricks which are not seen really), i was not so lucky with Market Street, had to replace some and buy some used. Some pics;
  5. ancestral

    [MOC] [WIP] Modular Brick School

    Details given seamlessly. Nice build. Really good job.
  6. ancestral

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Wish they had done 48 wide modular but even 4000 piece count is too much for a modular set. It would have been OK for a Sculpture or Landmark. We are talking about an official set with complete interior, that's why i said it has to include 5000+ pieces for the width.
  7. ancestral

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    They would do it in 24 studs and leave modification part to consumer. 48 stud wide modular format has to include 5000+ pieces iin order to match height and depth, which is not feasible for market. Having done a MOC on a 24x36 base myself , it had more than 3500 pieces which does not include interior.
  8. Well, this is just epic! Congrats mate, looks like its worth the effort. Really nice crane.
  9. Although i agree with the lackluster comment about 42009, its a bit harsh to compare these 2 sets. 42042 enjoys the advantages of the new gear box as you've mentioned, and new gear shifter. Most of the skipping gears are caused by literally packed and under scaled gears, because you have too many functions but almost half the space compared to 42042, only way to make it work is use smaller gears. If you take it a step further and convert it to an ultimate model, you cant even see anything in chassis and drivetrain, its just plastic everywhere. Boom malfunctions are caused by a design error, which is using just a single 24 tooth clutch gear, which gets worn out pretty quick. It is normal that 42042 could actually lift something, as it as more torque at boom thanks to the string setup. 42042 has a more balanced center of gravity, as it has a smaller footprint, a shorter boom and is actually standing on solid tracks, not bumping tires or wobbly liftarms.
  10. ancestral

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I dont think they would do that, since it will kill all the collectors value of modular buildings. I would certainly buy 2x of each but at the same time as owner of GG and in process of Bricklinking Market Street would hate that. Also it means that we have to wait one (or 2 in case they do both) more year for the next modular.
  11. Plenty of Volvo's, Cargo Planes, Crawler Cranes and even Mobile Crane MK2s in Turkey.
  12. ancestral

    How do you display your modular building collection?

    I've given up on IKEA as one of the 190cm shelves just decided to leave the wall and hug the floor. New shelf system, cheaper and much stronger than IKEA.
  13. Maybe share it here, or at least a link/photos/google docs list?
  14. Well, thats how it is with real trucks also. Most of em has covers for steering wheels only.