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  1. the truck itself looks fine and the boom is actually really impressive
  2. Is there any review apart from Sariel's (by the way, why is the link not working, looks like some poor form of censorship) that shows why the white clutch "clicks" so much? Is this some weird attempt to simulate the sound of the engine?
  3. x3 - colors used by Blakbird made this look great!
  4. dropship

    [TC5] Foxy

    I really like how you used the pullback motor to make it walk - this is a very, very interesting concept
  5. I am not a big fan of motorbikes, but this one looks really good,, IMHO the best entry so far. I wonder what constructions will be shown by others :-)
  6. I think I had a very similar problem - the gears would slip out if I tried to turn the model (1 track going forward, while other backward). To be honest I never found a solution for that, after 3rd reassembly where I improved the model according to a description here somewhere (for the gearbox mechanism a grey pin can be used instead of a blue one) it sort of improved, but those black gears still slip off from time to time :/
  7. 42035 Mining truck looks lovely!
  8. Did you cut the differential?
  9. The fact that lego did not correct the box is quite sad, because the error was pointed out at least few times by the community. I wonder if they did even read the reviews, since all pointed out this error. Anyway, it's a nice set, but not an incredible set I would say. Although I think it will be hard to beat 8043 excavator, which is basically 1 big gearbox on threads :-) What I really dislike about the set is that the battery pack cannot be easily removed; you take it out with whole bumper. If you have few sets, but just 6 batteries, it is hard to move them - usually I would just exchange the battery box, but with 42030 it is not convenient. Anyway, here are few pictures where you can compare it to other sets. It is visibly bigger than 8043 or 42006; in fact 8043 looks like a compact excavator near it.
  10. Hope I can also vote. 3 : 5 12 : 1 16 : 10 32 : 1 33 : 1 54 : 2
  11. Did this for like 30th time. Tried to move forward - this time the other black cog fell out.. (the one for the right track, nearly directly under the center of the excavator when you look from below). How can I check this?
  12. Thank you for the reply - where exactly? The tracks look fine; and inside the transmission the tan bevel gears cannot be misplaced. The only thing I didnt try yet is changing step 36: putting a 6L axle instead of 4L with stop, but Im not sure how this could help (someone recommended it on some other board that I found via google).
  13. I have a problem with the tracks of the 8043 excavator. Basically the left track (the one pushed by the long black axle) constantly stresses the motor and the safety clutch keeps going on and on. When the safety clutch does not engage, the left track is noticeably slower than the right track - when I go forward, after around 1 meter the excavator is visibly turning to the left (I assume that "forward" part of the excavator is the one with the tan bevels). When I try to move one track to one direction and other truck in the opposite direction (to spin the excavator in one place), the safety clutch of the engine responsible for left track likes to engage like crazy and often the black bevel gear in the central part of the rack will simply fall off!?I At first I thought it was a problem with my build: but I already rebuild it 3 times since first I had some problems with the switching mechanism (now the switching mechanism uses the mods recommended on this forum - the tan pin instead of the blue one and one grey pin is removed - and works fine), but I still have the problem with left track. My second idea that it is a problem with the motors or batteries - since I bought the model used, Im not sure if the previous owner did not kill those motors somehow (the one currently operating the switching mechanism seems to be a bit weaker than the others). I tried switching the motors around and it seems that all of them have problems with this track. Why would the black bevel (connected to the long black axle) fall off from time to time? I went through the instructions like 5 times and my build seems to be fine. I even tried switching the way that the tan bevels.. no effect. Everything works fine when the tracks do not touch the floor. Please note: Im not interested in the jerkiness of the right track (like most people on the web), there will be always some delay in its work due to its design (driven by the red driving ring). Did anyone else have such problem or has any ideas where to look - maybe I botched the build somehow... but I dont know where to look. And yes, I am aware of the "ultimate" mod.
  14. I registered just to write that this looks awesome!