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    [BH - Gungan] The Cure

    As we returned from the snowy Hoth a new mission was already waiting for me. A Gungan living on Coruscant has some serious gambling problems. His debts came too far and now it's my turn to end this story. I knew where I could find him as soon as I arrived on the planet. Where else would he go other than to the Casino Alley? I almost felt sorry for the poor fellow but it's probably the best for him. A quick death that will end his problems and bring satisfaction to my employers. After all, this is what we bounty hunters do. "I'll pay, I'll pay! I'll give him back his money! I can't help myself, it's a disease!" "I have a cure for your disease pal." ----- I've never made a build situated on Coruscant before but I thought that adding lots of different odd colours could make it look right. As for the vehicle I went for something a bit more robust this time as I can imagine that a bounty hunter wants to be as deadly as possible on the ground and in the air.
  2. MontyPython

    [BH - Rodian] Kind Regards

    There're are many spaceports around the galaxy and few are as notorious as those on Tatooine. Each day is full of danger and tension and any wrong move can be punished if you're not cautious. That happened to a Rodian called Maktus. He always wanted to work for the local gangster Hubra the Hutt. As one job went bad he was given another chance but as he made a mistake the second time that wasn't excusable anymore ... I hate Tatooine. It's hot, dirty and full of mischief. That should be suitable workplace for a bounty hunter but not for me. And now I've been sitting and waiting behind those boxes for more than two hours. There's a lunchbreak and everyone's in cantina. Including my target. I could attack him inside but that could bring me a lot of trouble, there's a lot of tension in the air since the recent salary reductions. So I have to wait for him to finally come out and I'l be able to deal with him. Spaceports are alway full of numerous different beings, from amphibian vurks and belugans to humans. And you'll always find a givin or two having a conversation about primitive life forms they're surrounded with. But finally, there comes my target, that little scoundrel ... Nobody seems to be behind him and the givins are too deep in mathematical equations to see me. I'll use this moment to get this job done ... "Hubra sends his regards!" Huh, how original ...
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    [BH - Talz] Summertime

    Early morning in Ken Roman's base ... "I've got great news for you two! There's summer on Hoth!" "Yeah? And what should this fact mean to us?" "You are going there today. I found a really nice job. A Pantoran called me and offered quite a lot for a Talz. And he needs the body as I was told. He seems to, uhm, collect them. A strange fellow, I must admit, he fought in the Clone wars and it seems that left a mark on him. But nevermind, here are the coordinates. He won't be expecting you so take it easy" Ashton and Sid, the Bass brothers, were born on the Mandalore, a planet infected by milleniums of war. Their father, a pacifist through and through, desired a better future for his two children so he sent them away to live with his friend on Coruscant. He raised the boys to live a nice and calm life. But they genes soon came out. They pursued a career of bounty hunters. Unaware of their heritage they became a deadly duo, known and feared through whole galaxy. Now, for the first time, they are headed to the unpleasant Hoth. Somewhere on the icy planet Hoth ... "Are you sure this is it?" "How many bases do you think there are around here?" "Alright, alright. Let's do it. Give me the wrench and I'll open the door. Then shoot the target and let's get out of here. I'm tired of this cold!" "Wait, he said the client needs the body. How will we carry him to the ship?" "We'll find something, we always do." "He'll probably hear this. So hurry up and shoot him before he escapes" "Suprise!" "Huh, that was easy." "We were lucky too. He has lots of radars I see. He was probably sleeping when we came here" "Looks like we haven't ran out of luck yet. Here's our transport!" "Hurry up, it's even colder here than outside" "Well if you'd helped me it would be a lot easier. Now let's go, I have enough of this planet for quite a while. I'll tell Ken to send me to a warmer destination next time. And perhaps the one where targets aren't so heavy!" To be continued ... ---- The photo of the whole build: EDIT: added some objects and a table and fridge so that our target can drink a sip of water before meeting the bounty hunters.
  4. Somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories ... Ken Roman, heir to a vast fortune of mining industry and an occasional bounty hunter summons his colleagues to discuss on an, as he calls it, important matter ... "Hello lads. It's nice to see that all of you managed to get here despite of your, I imagine, busy schedules. I'll be short. As you know I disbanded our little organization because I tried to start again and live with my new family and do nothing. Well it was a failure and now I'm divorcing my third wife, Penny. Uh, I'm going to tell it as it is: she's going to rip me off heavily. She'll be able to buy whole Ryloth with that money! So since I'm almost broke I was thinking that we could start operating again? I found a lot of nice little jobs - lots of credits, lots of action and lots of fun. Like in the old days!" The squad ofcourse agreed. What else will they do in this chaotic time when empires are falling apart and the whole space just waits for something new and strange to happen? --- I'm planning to make a BH MOC or two before SoNE 2.0 starts so I made this simple freebuild for the start. I'll try to write some backstory for these guys too in the future. Thanks for watching and judge this please, if possible.
  5. MontyPython

    Raffle: Making a Monster!

    Nobody knows his true identity, but everyone knows that there are few things that are as scary as his eyes ... and you know it's too late for you when you hear the Lumbermaniac's saw ... Nothing special about this guy, but I finally got a chance to use Zolm's head and I think it works quite good with this helmet.
  6. MontyPython

    [BH - Rodian] Kind Regards

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. And I'm looking forward to see your MOC, Josh.
  7. MontyPython

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    What a stunning build! I simply cannot stop looking at all those details - the roof in repair is one of my favourites too. Great!
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    Hi guys

  9. MontyPython

    [MOC] Hypno Cruiser

    One of my favourite themes. Great build, the style is instantly recognizable!
  10. MontyPython

    Review: 75230 Porg

    A great review of a set that seems to look better every time I see it
  11. MontyPython

    [MOC] Space Fish

    Wow, what a stunning build!
  12. Very nice! I like the industrial feeling of the build, I think I'll have to get some pipes like those.
  13. MontyPython

    [MOC] Respectable Dragon

    Amazing details, well done!
  14. MontyPython

    [BH - Talz] Summertime

    Thank you both for kind words. It seems I miscalculated it a bit. I've made some minor modifications on the interior. I hope it meets the requirements now
  15. MontyPython

    [MOC] The Hungarian Parliament in 1:650 Scale

    Congrats! I've been in Budapest recently and I must admit this is an magnificent building. And your MOC more than captures it!
  16. I can sense the hype yes Alright I'll post the transitional build I made and perhaps try with another BH mission and then wait for the new saga to begin.
  17. A great build! I like those speeders really much and the scenery is also nicely done but what really caught my eye are those drops of green blood, a fantastic little detail!
  18. Is it still open for a freebuild or two or should I wait for the start of the 2nd edition? I haven't been here for quite some time so I'm a bit lost
  19. MontyPython

    Episode XIV: Before the Storm

    Started with 17 points, finished with 3. I better end my SoNE career. See ya!
  20. MontyPython

    [MOC] Jurassic Brick

    They're just brilliant!
  21. All those colors on the first picture! . Another great effort!
  22. It's another calm morning in Brewig, small outpost on Talus. Brewig was founded around 200 years ago by Pliny Python, who was searching for a suitable location for his brewery. It turned out to be a good place but local population weren't very fond of the drink. So he turned it in to a workshop. Landing pad is still the same as 200 years ago and is operated by Pliny's descendant, Woodrow. Woodrow is very proud of the short grass, as he cuts it twice a day. Today he's expecting a visit from his nephew, Monty. They need some strange old pieces for unknown reasons and they're very hard to find. But he seems to be late ... "Where is that scoundrel? I don't have all day to stand here ..." "Finally!" "Hello Monty, nice to see you here!" "Hello uncle, how is it, then?" "Ah, nothing good I fear. Selonians and Dralls are having another war and Zabraks are stealing our business as usual. Bloody immigrants!" "Where is father? I thought he'll be here?" "No, he's on Corellia, trying to find a place for a new workshop. He'll close the old one, you see." "Alright then, we'll take those parts and leave, we need to be on Hoth as soon as possible ... A new mission calls us ..." More photos in the spoiler. Thanks for watching!
  23. After a quite cruel assassination on Ord MantellI I decided to do something that doesn't involve any violence, so I joined a small group of rebel soldiers on a mission on one of the neutral locations. Please, score this freebuild.