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  1. While this series is not my favorite, I will say that it succeeds phenomenally in one area- Color. While there have been series with more minifigures that I appreciated, this one is just full of colorful minifigures that are really eye-catching. Even fairly plain minifigures like the hiker and wildlife photographer are so vibrant that I can't help but want them for my city.
  2. Matoro

    Best Creator "House" Set?

    Though it's on the more expensive side, I'd say go with the family home. It has cars, minifigures, toys, a little bit of furniture, and a really nice light up feature for play. On top of that the build is a really unique modern house with a lot of useful pieces.
  3. Matoro

    Your Favorite Underrated Star Wars Sets

    While I can go both ways on the stylized faces, I will say that the clone wars clones are some of the best minifigs out there. Despite that the clone wars line itself may be a bit underrated, the show has given us some of the most unique and detailed star wars minifigures to date, and I really can't think of a clone trooper design I didn't like. Granted, I diverge. Remaining on topic though, I think I'll add the T-16 Skyhopper (2015) to my list. Though its a lesser known vehicle (and thus a lesser remembered set) the geometry of the design is near-perfect
  4. Matoro

    Your Favorite Underrated Star Wars Sets

    While I think there are definitely times when a good function or look can trump interior space, I agree that many old sets were great for the reason you mentioned. When it comes to large vehicles like the clone turbo tank or capitol ships like star destroyers, a lot of the older versions are really exciting because you can open them up and fit lots of things in them. It makes minifigures a lot more worthwhile an inclusion, and doesn't relegate their role solely to a collectible that makes an otherwise lackluster set worth buying. Modern ships like the Ghost for instance are nice, but would have been vastly improved were costs upped a bit and play features toned down in order to provide some interior. Of course I know Lego has to think about their market- I don't fault them (especially since a lot of times the features they include are in fact great) but I do have a soft spot for a big set with a big interior.
  5. Matoro

    Your Favorite Underrated Star Wars Sets

    Wow, that is an obscure one. I forgot that even existed
  6. Matoro

    Your Favorite Underrated Star Wars Sets

    ^I'll agree with the Republic Frigate. I had the sheer luck of getting a complete one (minus the stickers) this summer for less than half price. Though I think my favorite thing about it is commander wolf- probably one of my favorite minifigures I own!
  7. There are certain Star Wars sets that everyone seems to realize are great. The UCS Slave 1 instantly comes to mind, but there are others. There are plenty of great standout sets that we all love, but are there any sets you love that never seem to get the spotlight? I always wonder what great sets I am missing out on due to obscurity, and I'd love to hear some input from the community. What do you think? any hidden gems? My own input is the original ARC-170 starfighter (7259). It's not a perfect set, and I'm guessing its relative flimsiness is what keeps it out of the spotlight (at least I never seem to hear about it), but this set is one of my favorites. The Technic engineering makes for an awesome build and some of the most entertaining play features of any set I own, and I've always loved the look of it. Any others? What lesser-mentioned sets are worth another look?
  8. The contenders for number 1 are really close, but ultimately i have to go with: PR- The most beautiful inside and out in my opinion. Definitely quality above quantity PS- So close to the top. Probably my favorite based only on the outside. Love the colors and quaint downtown feel. GE- Always reminds me of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, a staple of my holiday season. I love the escalators and classic look GG- I think it might be the alley that wins this one for me. Love that design feature that makes for a really cool structure. A bit lacking upstairs. FB- The brick-built 30'2-40's look that this one has definitely wins the nostalgia factor for me, but the fact that its only real inner detail is on one floor is bit of a con. PC- Though it uses stickers and may have a less than perfect limo, I love the iconic look of this set and the comical posters. CC- While the outside is really nice, and the hotel sign introduced us to the brick-built writing staple in these modulars, the totally empty interior takes alot away. TH- Features like the elevator and openness of the floors are nice, but like many have said, it's just a bit too boxy (and expensive). MS- No surprises here. The concept of an open market is cool, and the top floor porch is kinda nice, but structurally its just pretty bland. I also estimate our new modular to come in somewhere around 3rd place or so for me
  9. Matoro

    City.. Where do I start?

    In conjunction with the previous suggestion, I find that graph paper can be another great drawing tool for layouts, especially when it comes to road plates. I usually make a 32x32 plate 4 squares or 8 squares in area. This always helps me to visualize a layout, and honestly, I find it enjoyable because its like working a puzzle.
  10. Matoro

    City.. Where do I start?

    Not to help you hijack Ben Cs thread but unfortunately, I don't have any photos up yet. I've just finished my big summer projects, so hopefully they will be up soon though! (Granted, I must say that it is not nearly as impressive as most of these cities I see on the forums )
  11. Matoro

    City.. Where do I start?

    One other thing I would suggest is that, from the start, you have a section of houses and a section of industrial buildings. While you probably want to start small, I would say that having at least those two sections would get you off to a good start.
  12. Matoro

    City.. Where do I start?

    I would suggest having a lot of road plates on hand (if you intend to go with road plates and not brick-built road) from the start. I've been working on my city layout for over 9 years now, and if there's one thing I've found it's that a sufficient amount of road plates offers the consistency that separates a great city layout from a table with Lego city models on it. That's just my opinion. Don't overlook details on your streets. While buildings tend to be the main focus, I've found that a lot of times it's the details on my streets ( traffic lights, streetlights, fire hydrants, trees, benches, etc.) that can really make a city look realistic. I'd also suggest some modular sets. They really add that level of detail that can inspire the rest of your city (they're actually what got me into building a city). A drive around town never hurts either! Never know when you'll see something that will just make for the perfect Lego model.
  13. Matoro

    Godwins Hollow - Moving In

    Those MOC's.... make me extremely jealous! Really great looking stuff. Looks like I have some new inspirations for some new city buildings!
  14. Matoro

    MOD: Modular Police Station (60047)

    That glass staircase looks really cool, as does..... well, everything else!
  15. Matoro

    MOC: De Luca Menswear

    wow.... I'm not usually a fan of open back buildings but... I feel like I have to eat my words. That interior is incredible!