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  1. I had a choice of either getting this or the new UCS Millennium Falcon. Glad I made the right choice lol. I think I paid around $1600-$1700 with the shipping.
  2. Sweet! Can't wait for that interdictor. Hopefully it won't be too expensive.
  3. Update! I have completed the model!!! Took me about 50+ hours to complete in total, which is way longer than I had expected. Guess the build was much more compact than expected. It was one long build, but enjoyable build. I'll share pictures if you guys would like me to post some. Definitely now a favourite of my LEGO Star Wars collection. I also have the plus size AT-AT, just compared it to the Star Destroyer and it's tiny in comparison! Thanks @Raskolnikov for the experience I might buy the parts to build a second in the future because the details are so beautiful. If you decide to make instructions for that interdictor one day I would like to built it!!
  4. @Raskolnikov So I finally had time yesterday to try out what you had suggested, I straightened out the panels and re-watched the video. When I tried to put on the panels at first it didn't work until I noticed I had a piece on the panel in the wrong position. Turns out that piece was blocking the panel from fitting in. I've fixed it now and it fits so much easier. Thanks! I'm almost finished with the build just got the top panel and the superstructure left. Can't wait to finish! I'll post pics when i'm done.
  5. Definitely right about the model being far more impressive in real life than in pictures. The details from what I have built are so incredible. This and the plus size AT-AT are easily two of my favourite LEGO builds. Easily one of the more challenging builds that I have done.
  6. Okay thanks! I'll double check again and try it again when I have time. So far 20+ hours into the build and i've only completed Book 1, Book 3, Book7, and Book 8. Book 1 was a pain to build with all those technic parts. Should be able to finish the ship within 20 hours. I'll get some pictures posted once i'm done! Yep! I just received all the pieces two days ago!! I didn't buy the stickers because they were expensive (especially the one from the death star) and just an extra cost since i'm on a budget. You can just order them from bricklink or ebay I believe. I'll be getting the stickers sometime in the future when my wallet recovers lol. Interior is one of the best parts about this model!! Also the ship is way way larger than it seems in the pictures. Definitely surprised me!
  7. Rasko!! You were right, attaching in the bottom panels is far more complicated than taking them off. I've been trying to put on these panels for an hour now and it doesn't seem to work because the pins slightly don't line up with the connection holes on the panel. It's also fairly difficult to see the connection hole so its difficult to push the pins in. Any tips for attaching the bottom panel? (I've already checked out the video, but it doesn't seem to help. Thanks in advance!
  8. Alright i'll see how it goes and i'll ask you again if I need help with pulling them off.
  9. Hey Rasko just wondering, but if I wanted to remove the bottom panels how would I go about doing so because it seems rather challenging to take out those pins once you've pushed them into place. Any tips? Thanks in advance!!
  10. Sky8880

    [MOC] All Terrain Recon Transport

    We'll see. If I have time i'll make a lxf file, but for now no current plans on doing so.
  11. Haha they are both great in different ways! Thanks again appreciate it!
  12. Thanks! The model by mortesv looks great wow! Well I did some measurements and according to the canon ISD is supposed to be 1600m and the Nebulon-B is supposed to be around 300m. Since the ISD Aggressor is approximately 94cm, scale should be about 1cm = 17m (according to the ISD model). This means that the Nebulon-B LEGO model to scale with the ISD Aggressor would have to be about 18cm in length. Mine is about 21cm so not completely accurate, but its close enough. I did look at scale comparison of the two ships as well while I was building the model. Here's one of the photos I used.
  13. Sky8880

    [MOC] EF76 Nebulon-B Frigate (Midi-Scale)

    Yours is looking great as well!!
  14. What a work of art!! I ordered the parts for your star destroyer and while waiting for them to arrive I ended up making a midi scale Nebulon-B Frigate that is to scale with your ISD Aggressor cause why not right? Check out the pics on my flickr. What do you think Rasko? I'll share some pics with the ISD Aggressor when I build it. Looking forward!!