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  1. 694965485

    Fraud MOC sellers.

    Your comments on Jack ma are too incisive.It's futile to appeal to Jack ma's company for any Lego copyright issues.There are still countless sellers selling lepin on various e-commerce platforms in China.The war between Lego players and Lepin players on Baidu Tieba, China's largest social media, has never stopped, ranging from the most vicious verbal attacks to the controversy over the use of toxic waste medical plastics for Lego fakemanufacturing.
  2. You need to force the plates that act as walls on both sides into the joint There is some resistance, which is normal
  3. 694965485

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Raskolnikov thank you for the last photo of the key structure of the tail which was very useful to me thank you After finishing the tail section, I began to think about how to construct the central corridor section The difficulty in this part is the wall between the central corridor and the hangar. I have tried many times to connect the two sides with 54384/54383 wedge-plate and 73983, but I could not finish it. So I would like to ask for your advice In addition, could you tell me how to build the joint between the front of the keel and the front bracket to make the whole more stable? Thanks again
  4. 694965485

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Thank you very much. This photo provides a lot of key information I need.
  5. 694965485

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Raskolnikov thanks you for the photos you provided before for my reference Recently I have been mulling over whether to modify the keel tail structure (the red-circled part) for better placement of the rear bracket I simulated the general placement of the rear stent on LDD It's just a temporary solution and maybe I need to reposition all the technical structures behind the keel I would like to ask if there is any better suggestion for this