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Found 11 results

  1. VK-318

    [K - A06] Refurbishment

    Previously: Introducing Viktor Kramer Back in Business An Opportune Moment Special Orders Package Retrieved We Pillage, We Plunder, We Rifle and Loot ... Package Delivered An Unfortunate Oversight Season Unending To Love and Protect To the Pain Electrified Rosenhaus Assimilated Stardate 3816.5.6 Stardate 3816.12.6 Streitkeule Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: Civil Spaceship, Piracy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captain's Log, Stardate 3816.14.8 Approaching Guinevere, picked up an drifting ship by passive infrared scans. In answer to hails, the captain claimed to be awaiting landing clearance. Story not confirmed by port authorities. Ship did not answer further hails, so we moved to board. Some damage was sustained in the course of disabling the target ship's defenses. The #2 port shield generator suffered catastrophic damage, and two hull breaches formed - one in the port shield generator compartment, and one in the engine room. Additional damage was sustained by the starboard radiator plane. Aft hull breach and radiator damage will be repaired by the local company yards, while replacement of the shield generator will be managed at next fleet rendezvous - hull breach in that compartment will be allowed to remain until that time to facilitate generator replacement. Ship was found to contain a cargo of control chips for cybernetic slave collars, along with the associated signal processing hardware and control computers. In accordance with fleet policy, cargo was documented and re-sealed, and the hull was flagged for pick-up by a company shuttle. Crew will be delivered to port authorities for prosecution. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Captain, I have an incoming message." "Who is it?" "Caller identifies as Solomon Greene, sir." "I'll take the call." "Viktor! It's been a long time! How are you doing?" "Good to see you, Solomon. I'm doing well, thank you. To what do I owe the pleasure?" "Heard you signed up with the Kawashita Group?" "I have. I presume you're looking for a berth?" "Right you are. Got room for a former crewmate?" "Get passage to Orinshi and I'll stop by next chance I get. There's some hoops involved, but there should be no trouble. Say, what do you think of the uniform?" "Not bad, not bad! Looks a bit formal for you, though." "Notice anything different?" "No - wait, is that - what happened to your leg? You don't have a peg anymore!" "Bingo!" "Why'd you replace it?" "Two reasons. One, Kawashita paid for it, so that helps. And I'm going to be competing in the Andromeda Olympic Games, so I need a regular leg. It's within 5% capability of my other leg, so it's legal." "What will you be competing in?" "A few things. As far as the uniform goes, it's a dress uniform. Silvia and I are attending a ball celebrating the event. We've got a little work to do there." "Where's Silvia?" "Getting ready. Ah, here she is." "Good to see ya, Silvia!" "Solomon? How've you been?" "Not as well as you, seemingly!" "Well! Thank you, Solomon." "I hear you two have somewhere to be, so I'll be going. Best of luck, see you soon." "See you soon." The holoprojector was put down on the desk, and RT3-KU went about his business again. "Are you ready for this, my love?" The walking stick's tapping echoed on the tiles. "I think so. How do I look?" "Never better. Shall we be on our way?" "Why not?"
  2. Umbra-Manis

    [M - A06] Squished by a Bug

    Tags: Land Vehicle MANTIS A06 Open Log Number Whatever: Captain Pangolinus of The M.A.N.T.I.S. fleet recording. I've been sent down to Guinevere to find the Kawashita listening post that has been spying on fleet operations. There appears to be a red object lying in the sands ahead. The object appears to be alive.... Slowing down to check it out..... #$@^ THESE LAND VEHICLES AND BRAKES! I'M A PILOT FOR A REASON! CRUNCH! AAh.... I suppose i should get this fixed and go back and have a look. It won't slow down still! Got it! Backing up to see what that was. Oh. Guess that Kawashita guy had it coming though. Pangolinus out. End Recording Another weekly build for me. C&C appreciated!
  3. M.A.N.T.I.S Engineering Department Date : 21 Junali 3815 Location : Guinevere - A06 Environment : Arid Desert, Lava Flows Participants : Ninja Nin, SpacerSteve's Intern, Little John Enemy spotted : Commander Turtle, Graham Gidman Log update : I've arrived on Guinevere early this week, but then I heard about the ceasefire rumor from Kawashita. Nevertheless, we M.A.N.T.I.S. are here for the gold, so I should carry out my duty to construct a gold mine, or more appropriate, the M.A.N.T.I.S. Secret Hide-Out. OK, let's begin a guided tour. First of all, a keep out sign, especially for the Octan. A water tower, important in such dry arid desert environment. Let's go inside. A common room for engineers to relax and play cards. SpacerSteve was supposed to be here to guard the gold storage, but he's on Barker's Folly this week, so his intern is sent here instead. Explorer Little John is on the top spot for a better view as usual. Our hide-out is under attack by the Kawashita: Commander Turtle and Graham Gidman are spotted. Little John and the intern will defend the gold at all cost. It is also the time for me to launch M.A.N.T.I.S. Cannon Hovercraft. Complete Setting : The Gold Mine on Guinevere "M.A.N.T.I.S. Secret Hide-Out", a Sci-Fi adaptation from my childhood favourite : 6761 : Bandit's Secret Hide-Out Hope you like it.
  4. Gnewal Gwevus

    [M-A06] Gold Fever

    Private Gnarl Graves had been wandering the desert for hours when he came upon the small crew of Karashita pirates. He saw them a day back near one of M.A.N.T.I.S.'s camps, "parlaying" with the guys in charge. When they left, though, Gnarl saw they had taken a crate with them... a crate filled with M.A.N.T.I.S.'s gold! The first was foolish enough to bring a gun to a sword fight! But the second stood his ground and drew his blade. An epic sword fight ensued. Later: "Huh. I wonder why this crate of MANTIS gold has 'property of Kawashita' written on the back. Must be a typo." I may upload the photos to an actual photo hosting website tomorrow. But I don't have time to do so today. My brother showed me tou can host pictures on FB, and that's worked for me so far, haha.
  5. Kawashita Engineer's Log - AC - A06 Guinevere There's a lot of activity on Guinevere at the moment due to a conflict of interests between Kawashita and MANTIS, but I've managed to settle down to some work in one of the base areas out of the way of most people. I thought it was hot when I was working on Serium, but the heat here on Guinevere is so much worse due to the volcanic activity. I'm just glad we've got this new air conditioning unit installed on one of the upper floors of the base, although it does appear to have a few teething troubles. One of the monitor lamps is amber showing a potential fault, so I'll have to have run some diagnostics and fix the problem before it lights up red to indicate a critical problem. Just hope it's nothing to do with the intake filters. Don't want to have to go out on the gantry to look at them in this heat if I can help it. Not the greatest photography as usual from me. Additional photos below showing the whole scene. Would have taken more story based photos (and hopefully better quality ones), but took them in a bit of a hurry so that I can quickly post this before I go to bed.
  6. Myrddyn

    [M-A06] Tea Party on Guinevere

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: Military, Piracy, Land Vehicle. M.A.N.T.I.S Special Forces log: Myra Dynarski 21 Junali 3815, M.A.N.T.I.S. supply camp on Guinivere. Previous entry I'd been feeling nauseous, so I stopped by one of the supply depots for some meds, only to find a bunch of Octan and Kawashita agents sitting around chatting like they were at a tea party, rather than in the camp of their sworn enemies (or at least business competitors)! I don't think they were even armed - at least they didn't put up a fight. They all escaped in vehicles, and I was unable to keep up. I did manage to steal [Redacted - All M.A.N.T.I.S. operations are 100% legal] liberate their leftover drinks.
  7. Commander Beltar

    [Challenge 1] Life in the Dunes

    Location: A06 I didn't have any time to make brick built animals. So I improvised. Welcome to GalaxyGeoWild Shorts! Even in the dry deserts of Guinevere, life can flourish. Here we can see some of nature’s survivors. The ever elusive Hermit Rats. These rats settle in dens near cool pools of lava which oddly enough, release wonderful chemicals for life. These special egg laying rats are returning from a successful water and hunting run to their den, where their eggs and mates rest while the Alpha leads the pack for hunting. Before the rats enter the den, they check the surrounding area for any predators that could pose a threat if one rat sleeps to close to the entrance. The lava pool near the cave warms the room to a nice temperature for the sleeping rats. If a predator gets too close to them, these rats will curl up into their shell, which is disguised to look like an average rock, though, the Alpha is always flamboyant in what he wears, in order to show his power and leadership. The Alpha is always the one to check inside first to make sure that everyone that stayed behind is still there, or to get any news that he may have missed. Or in case one of their natural predators, the worms of Guinevere. The worms have a constant way of destroying their dens and their eggs. Due to this, the Rats have to settle very close to the surface, occasionally, smaller, younger worms happen to break into the dens, these predators are causing a rapid decline in the Hermit Rat population. Here we can see a prime example of how nature’s toxins can lead to life. When ancient reptilian creatures ruled Guinevere, one had stepped on a thin piece of crust and thus revealed this small area. The toxins where able to lock the foot print in place and allow seeds to grow. In a dead desert, trees like this are very rare, shrubs can be seen every so often. But water. Water is a rare resource here. Water is almost always nearly at boiling point. Many animals have had to find ways to use this, such as canaling it into higher points where the crust is thicker in order too cool it down. These rats are some of the hardest to sign animals on the planet. Due to their size and small numbers because hundreds of them die by falling into lava or because a volcano erupted nearby. Now here are some snaps of the area that this pack of rats live at: (More Pics) This concludes today's 15 minute GalaxyGeoWild Short! ===== Yes. Rats Again. If you want to see what my original challenge build was going to be, look in the spoiler below: Hope you enjoyed this build, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  8. LittleJohn

    [M - A06] Lavafall on Guinevere

    Location: A06-Guinevere Tags: Exploration Job: Explorer My next mission for M.A.N.T.I.S. was to scout out Guinevere. I was told I would love it there, that it would be like a vacation... Suffice it to say, it's not my definition of a good spot to vacation, unless you like boiling lava and rock. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed, besides, the smell of sulfur did nothing to help my feelings of nausea. I grabbed a few samples of rock, (I'm sure the scientists back at HQ would have liked some of the black stuff, but I was going anywhere near that lava) and set off to try and find a part of Guinevere that wasn't 1000 degrees... More pics can be seen here: Link As always, C&C very welcome
  9. Andrew JN

    [M - A06] Cleaning Up

    Location: Planet Guinevere, Sector A06 Tags: A06, MANTIS, Spying Time: --- Log_M_1: After having received coordinates from D.D specifying the multiple locations of Kawashita drones, I followed up on his work of "deactivating" them.... End Log_M_1 BOOYAAH!!!!! "Another down, and a bunch more to go! This is fun!" New_Transmission: "Agent Jagjit, this is Lady K. We are in the process of negotiating with Kawashita regarding Sector A06, don't do anything rash, and hold off on destroying any drones." End_Transmission Oops... New_Transmission: Ace! This is D.D, don't destroy the drones just yet! Apparently, we are negotiating with...." "Yeah, I know, I just got a transmission from Lady K." "Oh... Just wanted to let you know before you destroy any drones.... Let me guess though, you've already destroyed like fifteen.." "I've only destroyed a couple..." "Only a couple huh?" "Well......" "Well, don't destroy any more... Anyways, got to go, D.D out!" End_Transmission Hehe, He always leaves with the "D.D out" thing. I don't have a "thing" like that because I never get to hang up first with these M.A.N.T.I.S. people.... Anyway, I guess I'll just chill till I get new orders, until then, I'll try out this new food stuff from Big Sal... I heard it's a new concoction..... -------------------------------- ---------------------- Yay! First build for M.A.N.T.I.S. from me! This was quite fun to make. As you can see, I incorporated David FNJ's drones, plants, and birds to somewhat tie this build to his.
  10. Location: A06-Guinevere Tags: science Dr.Arvan 'Yrich Arkov personal log: "Four days ago I landed on the planet Guinevere, an adolescent world whose deserts are scarred by newborn volcanoes - wholly different from the ancient serir on Linopeia III. It is a hostile planet for technologically advanced species, as the extreme heat melts metal while the sand consumes it, eating away our precious machinery and, even worse, damaging the delicate electronic synapses of our droids, computers and ships' AIs. But working without robotic assistance is unconceivable; my laboratory is crammed with the remains of the numerous artificial counterparts that couldn't stand Guinevere's environment, and now redesigned to fulfill their task. Domination through adaptation, the major truth of life - both biological and technological. I am waiting for the M.A.N.T.I.S. mining overseers to arrive and witness the testing of the new lava sampler I designed - if it doesn't work, I can still tell them it was my student's fault." Guinevere 1 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Dr.Arvan: “Overseer Krya, Lieutenant Aarne; I welcome you to our research base and experimenting field on Guinevere. I see you have left your weapons outside on board; it is a necessary safety measure with the volcanic particles in the air, as is wearing protection goggles. While the air is breathable for short periods, the heated dust and lapilli can damage permanently the eyes.” Overseer Krya: “No need for such recommendations, Dr.Arkov; we are well aware of the M.A.N.T.I.S. environmental protocol. Shall we commence with the operation? Dr.Arvan: “Of course. As you can see, we’re about to send the M-X18 prototype to obtain a lava sample for mineralogical analysis. I planned to test the X17 too, but my student destroyed it.” Parix: “It wasn’t my fault; if that Positron Core Collapser hadn’t been on... Dr.Arvan: “Shut up! Guinevere 2 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Guinevere 3 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Dr.Arvan: “The Awesomnite alloy plating is withstanding the heat and protecting the AI computational matrix. Success.” Guinevere 4 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Oversser Aarne: “Impressive. Can this modification be implemented on all of our machinery? And more specifically on military machinery? After all, we may have to contend this planet with Kawashita very soon.” Dr.Arvan: “I am a scientist, Overseer. I disdain war as the irrational behaviour it is. But I see your point. Once the basic instruments and droids are provided with this new armour, we’ll be able to upgrade weapons and vehicles in no time.” Overseer Krya: “Excellent. By the way, don’t worry too much about the possibility of war. If a conflict ever breaks out, the scientific contribution you all give will make it a very short one... " extra pics: Guinevere 6 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Guinevere 7 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr guinevere 8 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Guinevere 9 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Guinevere 10 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr
  11. David FNJ

    [M - A06] New Ground

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: A06, MANTIS, Spying - Equipment: Spying Outfit Double D's log 2: After a successful mission on Barnius, I was granted with a Spying Outfit and commissioned to head to the planet Guinevere. I ended up in the middle of nowhere in the blazing heat - but he was already used to that, and the new suit helped keep me cool. Finally, after hours of searching for life on the water-deprived planet, I came across a group of bird-like creatures nibbling on gel-like cactus plants that somehow acted as a source of water and other nutrients for the bird...things. Hey, my major is not in Biology. Unfortunately, some Kawashita drones were observing the birds too...but no matter, my new suit was equipped with one of those W.A.C.H. systems Massi had fumbled with a week earlier. The hack informed me that there were 2,000 drones like the ones here all across the planet. But these were....ehehm..."test" drones. Apparently Kawashita did not expect MANTIS to arrive a week early, so I easily decrypted their communication codes and transmitted some of my own to put them into a state of hibernation (no self-destruct mode unfortunately). Then I downloaded the drones' findings and mappings of the planet ;) ~ DD out AG: New Ground by David FNJ, on Flickr ------------------------------------- The cracked soil and the multi-colored rocks were quite fun to make! I didn't think masonry bricks would work that well with the stratified rocks.