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  1. Decat

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    None of the sets were retailer exclusives here in Australia, although the Hogwarts Express was released several months later than the other sets for some reason. Also, I have no doubt Lego would have sold even more HP sets if they'd had more stock, they were constantly sold out for months here.
  2. Decat

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I didn't have a problem with any CMF figures, I got the whole set plus a number of doubles (which I've since sold), though I did have a Slytherin player from the Quidditch set get his head stuck on so tight I can't get it off, which is annoying because I forgot to put his cape on first. But most complaints I've read have been with the CMF, which were previously made in a diffrent factory to other Lego, but I believe starting with the Lego Movie 2 CMF, they are being made in the main Lego factory, so hopefully the quality improves.
  3. Decat

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    People keep sharing the pictures, so they turn up without needing an account anyway, just search Legoleaks- That's what I do :)
  4. Decat

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I can view things on instagram without an account....? Also, thinking about some characters we still need: - Fred and George, Ginny, Percy, Bill, Charlie, Molly and Arthur Weasley - Crabbe and Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, Patil Twins, Lavender Brown, more Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs - Prof Sprout, Lockhart, Madam Pomfrey - James and Lily Potter, Tonks, Kingsley, Mundungus Fletcher - Igor Karkaroff, Peter Pettigrew, Belatrix Lestrange, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Greyback, Scabior, The Carrows, Other Death Eaters - Scrimgeour, Thicknesse, Xeno Lovegood - Young Dumbledore Some of these will likely be in future waves, others maybe not, but considering we're getting Fudge, Macnair and Madam Maxime this year, who knows? The Weasleys, Goyle, Prof Sprout, Belatrix, Lucius, Narcissa and Greyback were done 2010-2011, but thats a while ago now, and Lockhart hasn't been done sine 2002!
  5. Decat

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Padfoot was also included in the original knight bus set. I think for Hagrid's Hut, Fang would make more sense in Hagrid's Hut, wereas Padfoot could be in a number of sets. Cedric uses normal legs because he's the same age as the other champions- 17/18- while Harry is younger.
  6. Decat


    I got 7- though I posted in the wishlist thread, not this one.
  7. Decat

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I don't think middle one is from HP at all, I'd say it's from another theme. It looks like a kitsune, a japanese fox creature with multiple tails. Buckbeak looks awesome though! I can't wait!
  8. Decat

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Since the sets are based mainly on the films, I think yule ball Dumbledore's robes would likley be silver, as I believe that's what they are in the film. But I'd like to know why we haven't got Fred, George and Ginny yet?
  9. Decat

    Lego Luna Lovegood discolouration

    I keep all my minifigs in a container together and I don't think any of them have had printing rubbed off- and none of them seem discolured either- maybe I'm just lucky? My Knight Bus wasn't so lucky though, I think it's previous owner must of had it displayed in the sun, because the bricks are all slightly different shades of purple- I still like it though!
  10. Decat

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    My wish list... 1.Sorcerer Mickey- With broom and bucket 2. Goofy 3. Anna- with Olaf 4. Elsa 5. Jasmine- with Rajah 6. Jafar- with staff and Iago 7.Moana- with Pua or Hei Hei 8.Merida- With a bow 9.Rapunzel- With extra-long hair and Pascal 10. Hades 11. Hercules 12. Belle 13. Beast 14. Woody 15. Jessie 16. Cruella de Vil 17. Mulan- With Mushu 18. Minnie Mouse- B&W Version (To complement Steamboat Willie Mickey)
  11. Decat

    The Wizard of Oz Rumors and Discussion

    Love the CMF figures, will def be getting them, but we need Glinda!
  12. Decat

    [MOC] Pop-Up Wardrobe

    The view looking through the wardrobe to the lampost and trees is brilliant!
  13. Decat

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4702 Remake

    Nice! I put the stone behind the mirror in my Great Hall tower, a better fit than fawkes for sure!
  14. Decat

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4701 Remake

    Really well done! I like all the details, it really looks like a little corner of Hogwarts!
  15. Decat

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    It looks great, I love you've set the statue back into the wall, and the extra height as well. Great job!