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  1. Alpinemaps

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    *ahem* *He* would like to have a word with you
  2. Alpinemaps

    DC Collectable Minifigure Dream Series 2 (voting now open)

    Can I just get a regular Guy Gardner minifig before we got to the Red Lantern version? Please? :)
  3. Alpinemaps

    Lego Night mode

    That's definitely an interesting read. I'm a bit disappointed that LEGO would obtain this in such a way.
  4. 100% this. Really have no interested in TLJ or TROS sets. But Mandalorian sets - I didn't care about the AT-ST set before the show came out, but now I really want that set. And the additional battle pack they're putting out. I'm hoping for a couple more sets, as I'd love to see the Razor Crest, along with a couple of other "things/people" that have shown up in the series. I have spoken.
  5. Alpinemaps

    (MOD) Pirate Coaster working lifthill

    Looks great! I'm also trying to build a Pirate Pier coaster. I was trying to work out the lift hill mechanics, when a cat tree fell down, and busted the entire set. Oops. Guess I need to control the cats a little better around this place. So, it's put aside for now, but I like the ideas you have.
  6. Alpinemaps

    BrickHeadz 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Honestly, give me Brickheadz all day long. I avoided PPG and AT - not interested in those properties. But I'll take them in BHz form any day!
  7. I get that. But not everyone CMF will appeal to everyone. The same feeling you have about the DC set, I had for both Simpsons and Harry Potter sets. Not my cup of tea, but oh well. Just saves me some money until the next set appears. If you think about it tho, there's been two other DC series, with The LEGO Batman CMF Series 1 and Series 2, so it's not like this is a first. Just not tied to a LEGO movie property this time.
  8. Don't forget, they also appeared in the Ewok movies. ;)
  9. Alpinemaps

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    When I think nemesis, I don't necessarily think enemy, but annoyance. I'm probably off, or aren't reading the clues right, but my mind wanders to Bat-Mite. Unfortunately, BM is solidly in the Silver Age (1959). But man, I'd love to have a Bat-Mite minifig.
  10. Alpinemaps

    DC Collectable Minifigure Dream Series 2 (voting now open)

    Shut up and take my money. Yes to all of those.
  11. Alpinemaps

    LEGO Ideas - 123 Sesame Street

    WtP and 7D are for the next review, so luckily, those haven't been pushed aside (yet). When I was showing my wife the design this morning, I described it the same way - GBHQ. Congrats to the creator. It's not in my wheelhouse for LEGO purchases, but it's a great achievement nonetheless.
  12. I'm a dirty reseller, and I *hate* having to deal with perfect boxes. I find it's easier to resell with no box. Things ship cheaper, and I know the person getting it won't complain about the slightest ding on the box. I don't mind losing a few dollars for not having a box (or a perfect box), because it's just easier. I'd rather sell to someone like @LucyCol because I know they will appreciate the "deal" I offer for cheaper shipping and a cheaper overall price.
  13. Alpinemaps

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I'l admin I've never heard the term "clamping" and had to look that up. And then I discovered that exactly how my wife likes to camp!
  14. Alpinemaps

    DC Collectable Minifigure Dream Series 2 (voting now open)

    I'm glad we're getting Simon Baz, that's fine. But I still want a Guy Gardner mini.