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  1. meliander

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I hope that's the case. Really looking forward to that subtheme.
  2. meliander

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Does anyone know what happened with 60229 space set (Rocket Transport)? I think it was on Brickset before the images were released and now it is gone...
  3. meliander

    MOC: Lab Command Center

    I like how this building looks and the interior, too. The only thing that seems slightly weird to me is the two types of parapet you used on the roof. Is that because of the lack of these parts or this is by design? Anyway it works as a great secret agents base, good work! Yes, please! :) I'd look at them with pleasure. Even maybe you can shoot a short video..?
  4. meliander

    Greetings from Moscow

    Thanks very much for the warm welcome!
  5. meliander

    Greetings from Moscow

    Hi all! My name is Anton and I'm glad to enter this community and to expand the circle of communication taking it to the new international level Well, please excuse my weird English as I'm still working on improving this and maybe sometimes it will be complicated to understand what i'm talking about.. I'm kind of an AFOL (26 y.o.) with the exception of the fact that I'm not that great MOC builder, I'm just an adult fan, who had returned to Lego in 2007. I'm constantly trying to free some time for improving my building experience, but this is becoming more and more difficult with years. My favorite Lego themes are City, Castle and Space (both classic and the new sets), actually I like almost every theme except maybe I don't understand bionicles... Lego is not the only hobby I have, but it surely stands in the first line. That's all for now I think...