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  1. meliander

    Minions 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I like the sets and how the minions look, but the Gru without a nose doesn't seem like Gru to me.
  2. meliander

    LEGO Creator 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Have been monitoring Assembly Square 10255 for a while on and since the holiday season it is frequently on the "back order" status. Do you guys think it is a sign that it's going to be retired soon?
  3. Just building from instructions already got you some basic skills.
  4. meliander

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I apologize if I tried to sound overly objective. The reason I thought they were half baked is mostly due to the way they were supported and developed. A couple of waves tops, if I remember correctly. And then draught for several years. Which is different from what Space meant for the company all the way from its introduction until the end of the 90s. When there were new sets every year, new (and different) factions, which all interacted with each other in one way or another. I'm not trying to attack the designers, I actually adore them. Yes, I didn't like the cartoonish villains in SP3 and the tone of the galaxy squad, but that's just my taste. The decision to switch one of their main tentpoles from in-house to SW I believe has nothing to do with the designers themselves, it's a corporate decision, which I believe was lead by the fact that since SW introduction they have been selling well, which by the way also coincided with a dark period for TLG overall in the early 2000s. Regarding those themes in general, I still did buy many of those sets from in-house themes, because I love space, Mars Mission being my favorite among them (I almost got the complete theme). But then when I thought that space is coming back again with the 2nd wave of Mars Mission sets, which I thought were really good, it just ended. Again, I apologize if I offended someone's favorite sets or themes - we all like different things and I like that Lego is trying to diversify its catalog to appeal to a broader audience. However, I still think that they sometimes should believe more in their own strengths and define their catalog according to their creative judgment and develop new franchises instead of relying on existing ones. @Toastie thanks for the positive and fun summary :)
  5. meliander

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I would have to agree with both people on both sides of the barricades. First of all Mars Mission, Alien Conquest, Galaxy Squad were all half baked themes. Yes, they were on the shelves together with Star Wars, but the Space theme as a general never got that love and treatment as it had in the 90s. It never had received the priority and the development time a proper major theme gets. So getting those themes (even though the designs of some of the sets were not bad at all) alongside SW is not "we are getting Space, too" - we are not. We are getting Star Wars because the power of this franchise is helping TLG succeed as a company. I don't necessarily want SW theme to discontinue - if people throw money at it to keep TLG happy and prosperous - fine with me. The only thing I want is that TLG would have believed that they can do great on their own, too. I want them to try to risk it and invest heavily into making new unique sci-fi worlds (not comical and colorful Galaxy Squad or Space Police 3 with cartoonish aliens, but true serious (like Star Wars) worlds) and try to sell them for a couple of years, developing and supporting them. And see if the power of their designers can make the sales better (or at least comparable - minus the licensee fees they are paying Disney). They CAN (as in being able) do that - because they already do that with other themes i.e. Ninjago. Here is an example from the videogame world and a little company called Bioware. They "had been" (lol) amazing RPG makers. At some point in the early 2000s when they have already made a hit named Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, they were starting working on a new game. They could have easily continued to stick to SW licenses only and safely produce successful products, but instead, they went for their new and own franchise - Mass Effect. They have already been great and now they got complete freedom. No "assisted" creative vision, no approvals, no George Lucas. And it turned out to be one of the best franchises (and sci-fi worlds) ever created in the entertainment industry including cinema. And for a long time, no Star Wars game could come even close - even though having "Star Wars" in the title. TLG does have one of the most talented designers in the world. Maybe not storytellers - but it's easily fixable. Sadly, a lot of corporate bosses like it the easy way.
  6. I'm also looking forward to a new fire station, as I haven't yet found the one over the years that appeals to my taste. They are either too small or too empty. I just hope that the next one they release doesn't follow the new juniorization they did to the police. The ideal one would be something close the 2018 Hospital (60204) in terms of size, interior details, number of minifigs and overall aesthetic (not junior). That being said, the MOC above is absolutely fantastic and something I believe will not ever be possible to get as a Lego set.
  7. meliander

    Monkey Kid (“Leaf”) Theme Discussion

    I was so excited about the Leaf theme and all the rumors, but every bit of news about it since the logo leaked is draining my excitement meter faster and faster.
  8. meliander

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Great news! When I'm looking at all the other ideas in this group, even though they are all cool builds, Blacksmith for me stands out as being particularly "set ready" - it's not overly huge nor too small. I'm glad it didn't have that much of the competition. It's not niche, and it's Castle OMG. I'm so happy! I'm actually happy with their second choice, too - will make a perfect gift for my daughter. Now give us Zelda this summer :)
  9. meliander

    LEGO Masters US Show

    Just watched it yesterday on Hulu. I really liked the show, the presentation is just amazing. Will Arnett was great, too, as well as Jamie and Amy. I really liked how some of the builds were animated via stop motion - it was such a wonderful idea to do that. There were a couple of emotional moments, too, which I liked. Overall really liked the 1st episode and looking forward to the next one. @KotZ How often and how long do the builders take breaks during the competiotion. 15 hours is such a long period of time - I'm just wondering how they managed that time (since it was not covered during the show), especially for those folks who were falling behind on their builds. My personal opinion is that the team with Boon should have won - they had such an extraordinary concept of the roller coaster - if there is any information on why the mechanism failed at the end - I would be glad to know.
  10. meliander

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    I hoped to see a Porsche, but this one is nice, too! Great color choice as well.
  11. meliander

    Future Pirates Speculation

    There are two ways of looking at it. They probably won't buy another pirate ship. But they can buy any other of the sets if you really like the theme. Like a Fort, or pirate hideout or an imperial ship.
  12. meliander

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Love how the pirates are returning lol. Just squeezing themselves through other themes. Ideas, Creator, Hidden Side now. I hope TLG will give up next year and just make the dedicated classic pirate line already!
  13. @ks6349 do you use camelcamelcamel? If not, you should try it. It's not lightning-fast, but you will be able to catch some deals with it. Just make sure you are setting the discount thresholds realistically.
  14. They do re-release some sets but that's a rare exception. Like Taj Mahal, UCS Start War sets, etc. And the reason they do that (I think) is because they see a big potential in a certain set i.e. a Death Star - both for folks who missed it and the new audience. The fact that the sets are retired and gain value is part of their brand now. It's part of what Lego is and they know that very well. It's something that actually make people pull the trigger and buy that $300 set NOW and not later, because it might get discontinued. Re-releasing old sets on the scale that would satisfy AFOLs will bring that value down. Don't get me wrong - I'm in the same boat as you - missed a lot of Modular Buildings, Winter Village, other cool expert stuff. And I would LOVE to have everything that I missed available for purchase at MSRP today. My advice and that's the road that I chose for myself - is first - focus on the stuff that's going to be retired this year. We can already enjoy the fact that Expert sets generally stay a bit longer so that gives us a better chance to buy what we want and not empty out wallets too quickly. Heck, I just built the Parisian Restaraunt which was supposed to be retired long time ago and I bought it just a few months ago - weeks before it was retired. And I'm so glad that I did that because that's the best Lego set I have ever had. And I also have the first modular - Cafe Corner. And I must say - it's not half as good as PR. So I'm thinking maybe because Lego produces so much cool stuff each year and every year - maybe there is no point in actually chasing down all of these old sets, but only focus on those that are really good and that you can purchase for decent price. So ask yourself a question - did you get all you wanted from the stuff that's available right now? Now, I really do want to have Brick Bank and Detective's Office - sets that I missed. I was contemplating on buying them used, or even paying the 1.5-2x price for the sealed ones on Bricklink. And I haven't really decided on what to do yet, but I'm seriously looking into parting them out and just buying parts for them. I don't care if I don't get 100% of the parts (maybe something is out of production), or I may have two substitute some of them with different color or shape - as long as I can get them for a decent price - I will go for it. I just didn't have the time to do that yet, so I can't really comment on how it turns out to be, but that's what I'm considering right now. P.S. Winter Village varies in quality and cohesiveness. Like the Santa's workshop, Gingerbread house - even though good sets - do not really belong to WV from my point of view. So I'm planning on getting only those that I like. I have the Toy Shop, the train (but not the station) and I'm planning on purchasing the Fire station and anything they come up in the future that I would like.
  15. dedicated product lines That's what excites me the most. I hope they mean new themes that contain experts builds throughout all of the sets. That would be amazing!