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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I've noticed whilst testing 'Electric Technic Motor 9V Geared 480rpm' (47154), it was making a strange buzzing noise whilst going both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Could this mean one or more of the internal gears are failing? Thankfully, there are four thin screws on the bottom which allow the motor to be taken apart. Are replacement gears obtainable? If not, then I have to have them either 3D Printed or cast in a silicone mold. Thanks.
  2. Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. I bought it after I watched the movie. Still I don't get to know who was supposed to be the tentacles. Dormamu maybe? Its a portal beast according to LEGO. (How many universe are there in this multiverse?) Overview Name: 76060 - Doctor Strange's Sanctum SanctorumTheme: LEGO Marvel Super HeroesYear: 2016 Pieces: 358 piecesMinifigures: 3Price: USD 29.99 / MYR 129.90 Introduction After watching the movie, I feel like getting Benedict Cumberbatch into my LEGO room. Hence this set. The only set that features the great new Sorcerer Supreme(Top Bargainer.) to protect the Earth. 3 main characters are here, all in a medium sized set. I would want Kaecillius and maybe Wong or Christine dressed as an ER surgeon to spice up the set. As you can see in the front box art, its kind of combining most of the scene in the movie into this set. For instance the library with books, the table that Wong listened to Beyonce, the Sanctum, the portal, and the levitation Cloak hanger might indicate that this is the London Sanctum which Dr Strange got his relic. Lets get started. The front box art. Pretty straight forward display set. The back. Showing the play features. The usual 1:1 box art featuring Dr Strange. The Instruction Booklets. There are 2 booklets which you can see in most of the sets, and there is a Benedict Cumberbatch photo at the top right corner of both books. This is the first page of book 1, showing what bag 1 gives you after building. I actually prefer this kind of booklet as you can turn the previous pages to the back without hurting the binding part of the book. At the end you can see the play features of the set and the parts list. The Minifigures. For these I like the printed inscription(Sanskrit maybe?) on Dr. Strange and The ancient one's accessories. Plus they are trans pieces! The back printings and the alternate faces except for her. The printings are so detailed. I can see the Eye of Agamotto. As you can see the piece that Dr Strange holding was quite new trans pieces and you got 3 of them in the set. Spiderman uses this too but those were white. The Build The build consist of three parts, the furnitures, the wall, and the portal beast rotating mechanism. Lets have a look. There are 2 cupboards and a table for the furnitures of the room. Table was simple, but the cupboards books are built by stacking colourful tiles and plates vertically which looks like they are standing in the rack. (The skull was replaced by Sauron's eye by me.) Part 2 of the build was the sanctum windows with the wall, and the maps plus books scattered on the floor. The levitating stick was held by a clip attached to the wall. However you need to have something or 'someone' equal weight at the other side of the wall to balance the levitator. The window was a perfect circle formed by arch and inverted arches which was very nice. The ninjago blades was so accurately placed behind the window to look the same with the one in the movie. This part is where the box placed. I've moved it one stud in front to allow the lid to be opened showing 2 gold keys and a red diamond. The handle above was meant for the levitation robe to be hung on. Otherwise was basic bricks for tan colored wall. Then the portal beast build. The tentacles was built using the tails of the old castle dragons. The beast rushed through the perfect circle with 4 printed eyes and some white horns/teeth. The wall consist of technic bricks and dark red bricks. Open the tentacles will reveal the platform with the sanskrit sticker representing its 'aura'. A clearer view to the eyes and teeth. The back of the beast was the mechanism. It consist of 4 small wheels and a larger centre gear to rotate the tentacles attached to the technic wall bricks. They were quite simple to build with the instructions given. The front view. I replaced the skull to the eye of Sauron, kinda match.. This is when the portal beast's tentacles are closed, you will see how it looks like when it is holding a minifigures as you continue reading. The messy rear view. The mechanism are turned by the connecting gears, creating very smooth open and close gesture of the tentacles which I find very impressive. The use of the blade to create the look of the Sanctum's logo was fantastic. They looked like they are 'flying' or levitating. Now the portal beast looks hungry. And the robe wiggling. The stickers are at the left side, right sides are printed pieces including the eye. The bottom piece are for Dr. Strange to hold the discs. Batman: A little help pls. A MOC of the room when he got his 'mantra'. Summary review Playability: 8/10 (This is kind of a display set.) Design: 9/10 (The design of the Sanctum's logo and the portal beast was very impressive.) Price: 8/10 (Quite worthy set as you own it, you complete the series as this is the ONLY Strange set.) Overall: 8/10 (Can't stress enough that we want more minifigures!)
  3. Hi guys I was experimenting with my RC motors (I don't have power functions yet) and well, the motors are going crazy. I saw a topic mentioning putting 2 motors under one baseplate that whould be impossible as the motors would work against each other. But if im putting 2 wires on the battery box the motor that is connected to the top wire is driving backwards! Does someone know what is happening?
  4. Hugo Strange: Wake up Mr. Wayne, we have much to discuss. Bruce Wayne. Strange! You won't get away with this! Hugo Strange: I already have. Bruce Wayne: Shut Arkham City down, its out of control. Hugo Strange: Shut it down? By the end of tonight i will be a hero, just like you BATMAN! I feel i should thank you, capturing Bruce Wayne is so much easier then Batman. And now that we have you Protocol Ten is ready to begin. It will be my legacy, a monument to your failure and if you try and stop me, i guarantee everyone will know you secret. TYGER Guard: Welcome to Arkham City, Wayne! Inmate: What are you going here, Wayne? Inmate: Did you kill your butler? Inmate: Your going to die in here, rich boy! Inmate: Your going to be my bitch Wayne! Inmate: Your mine! TYGER Guard: Back on the ground! What are you waiting for, Wayne? Line A, Move! Black Mask: No one arrests Black Mask. No one! TYGER Guard: Line A, prisoner! TYGER Guard: Wayne! You're in line A! Move it, rich boy! TYGER Guard: You two get out of the way! Wayne! Get your megablocks up here! Floyd Lawton: Bruce Wayne? you're on my list. Bang. Hahaha TYGER Guard: Move up, prisoner! Hugo Strange: Lower your weapons. Mr. Wayne will not be any trouble. Will you, Mr. Wayne? The cuffs can stay on. We don't need to make things too easy, do we? TYGER Guard: Close the doors. Prepare for insertion! Based off the opening from the video game "Batman: Arkham City" I really enjoyed this build but it was a pain to photograph. I also added some more Arkham City items in the Moc too, try and guess what they are. I would of liked to add a lot of prisoners but i only had one orange torso and the inmate one from the Arkham Asylum set, so that sorta takes away from it.