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  1. Most of you probably remember when Lego did alternate builds on the back of boxes in a lot of themes between the 90s and mid 2000s. A lot of these were very bizarre, but which stick out to you as exceptionally weird? All themes welcome
  2. TheAbsoluteSt8

    "Golden Age of Lego"

    Hi all, Recently in a Facebook group I'm in I saw a discussion about a 'golden age of Lego' - I.e. A year or period when Lego almost always didn't disappoint with releases, or when a lot of innovations (I.e. Most useful new parts or Minifigure design techniques such as the double-sided head) were created. Most of us will probably answer this with rose-tinted glasses on, but what do you think was the golden age of Lego? Do you think we're in a golden age of Lego right now? Or has there ever actually been one? Discuss
  3. TheAbsoluteSt8

    Boba's Heavy B-Wing

    Love it!
  4. TheAbsoluteSt8

    MOC: The Great Sphinx

    Lovely MOC; I love the detail and incorporation of Pharaoh's quest/adventurers parts. 2 tips I'd suggest to improve: 1. Make the turntable the 4x4 pillar is positioned on 2 plates deep in the sand so that the turntable isn't visible and 2. Maybe add some texture (I.e. Smaller tan plates) to the top