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    First off Hello and the most sincere wishes of a great 2016 to all of you. So basic stuff, my name is Henri, I live in Portugal, I'm about to turn 20 I've just gotten back into lego and I can't access my old eurobricks account x) I actually tried to but I ended up deciding it'd be best to start fresh. So my life with Lego: I was a kid and got a very big bucket, my parents bought me and my brother a ton of stuff, namely star wars sets, I also vastly enjoyed the first runs of the batman theme. I stumbled upon Eurobricks and eventually migrated most of my posting to another(unfortunately now defunct) forum, I met alot of people, enjoyed working on my building and currently can't let go of LDD ^^ My main interests lego-wise are Superhero and Star Wars stuff, outside of lego I enjoy videogames, comics, table-top roleplays, cosplay and, my one true love, cinema. I have a professional course in Video Production and am currently working for a blog as a Cinema Critic(seeing movies early is it's own reward) and general arts/geek topic columnist. Boring stuff is out of the way, thank you for reading ^^