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  1. I may be wrong, but It looks like it’s being used for return-to-center steering. Some people did that before the servo motors were introduced.
  2. This is a really fantastic model! I love how you think outside the box with your builds, and this is no exception. You’ve managed to pack a lot of functions into a really tight spot. I built a 3CX years ago, although I didn’t have the side-shift arm, thumb, or 4-speed gearbox. I’m currently working on a smaller scale PU version now. I think backhoes and road graders are probably some of the most challenging machines to build out of Technic. There’s just no room for anything. You’ve pulled it off nicely.
  3. I wonder if the truck has a low loader trailer, or if the truck itself is a low loader? A tipper with a trailer would be neat, but that also means less parts usage for the truck and excavator. A hub with USB-C sounds very intriguing. Hopefully it will have more than 4 ports.
  4. The truck and excavator is the only set that interests me. Cars are good for body panels, so it’ll be interesting to see what new panels or panels in new colors appear. I was kinda hoping we would see an Aston Martin Valkyre, which I find far more interesting than a McLaren. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see what new parts appear.
  5. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over 10 years since the 42009 mobile crane was released. It might be time for another mobile crane. I’m still waiting on a proper flagship tow truck and backhoe, but I wouldn’t mind another mobile crane as well. I also think an PU John Deere forwarder would be a very nice and very playable set.
  6. I’m totally guessing here, but I think the excavator will be pneumatic, and the truck might use a single large LA.
  7. That would be amazing. I’d love to see the truck at the same scale as the Mack Anthem too, but not sure that’s possible with 1100 pieces. I think so, especially with it just being a cab-over truck with no sleeper.
  8. The Volvo FMX and electric excavator are really the only ones that sound interesting to me. I don’t care that much for cars, except for the parts they may have.
  9. I’ve briefly tried a few configurations, and it is very tight with the 107 tires, especially with AWD, pendular front axle, and fake engine. I think the best spot for the battery boxes would be down low, between the axles. This gets weight towards the front, and makes battery access easier. The downside is the wheelbase is maybe 1 or 2 studs too long (compare to a 3CX anyway), but maybe that is acceptable. Motor placement would be a bigger challenge. If a fake engine isn’t needed, then at least two motors could be placed under the hood. Otherwise, it would be difficult, especially with any sort of structural rigidity. The new, larger frames may help here though. If TLG were to do it, I think it would be better to either make a larger PU hub with eight outputs, or offer a larger version of the Claas tires (like the 120 mentioned). This thread makes me want to have another crack at a PU JCB backhoe…
  10. I’d love to see a proper flagship RC backhoe. It could be done with 6 or 7 motors and a gearbox. Playability would be fine if the gearbox were designed properly. For example: If 7 motors are used: Gearbox position 1: boom rotate, boom up/down, stick up/down, bucket curl Gearbox position 2: loader bucket up/down, loader bucket curl, left stabilizer, right stabilizer. 4 motors for gearbox, plus a drive motor, steering motor, and gearbox selector motor. 7 motors total. It could also be done with 6 motors and a 3 position gearbox, if the wheels were driven through the gearbox (which I’m not a fan of). If TLG built such a flagship set, it’s probably one of the few sets I’d be willing to pay $500+ for. That or a proper RC tow truck.
  11. I’d like to see a front engine car for a change. Maybe a Ferrari 812 GTS or something. Or TLG could do an old classic. An old Mercedes gullwing with silver metallic panels would be quite stellar.
  12. This sounds like a great contest! Once again, I’m in the middle of another move, so not sure I’ll have time to participate. Sounds great though! Thanks Jim and Milan for hosting another contest!
  13. I really like building things in modules, and modular builds make it easier to do exploded views. I did this on my Case Steiger that I built years ago. That was my first MOC since my dark ages, and the modular aspect of it make it still one of my favorites.
  14. I’ve built pressure sensors using the PF switches, but I haven’t tried it with PU. I think the PU forces sensor connected to a pneumatic cylinder would work well for this.
  15. I disagree with this. This is a Technic. Technic is supposed to be about the technical functions of a build. An entry that has complicated functions and is well constructed is more awesome to me than something that is poorly built but looks good. When I vote, I vote based on technical complexity and how well something is constructed. There is a certain amount of skill that is required to make an entry look good with Technic, and I do account for that when I vote, but technical complexity is far more important to me. If future entries were voted on by only people who mostly frequent the Technic forum rather than Eurobricks wide voting, I think our results would be very different.