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  1. dhc6twinotter

    [MOC] Motor grader CAT 120M2

    This is an excellent MOC! Road graders are not easy. I've been building one off and on for nearly five years. Great work here, and I like the smaller scale too!
  2. dhc6twinotter

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    This looks fantastic! I like a great airplane MOC! It's going to look great in DBG too. How's the CG going to be? It looks like all the motors and BB are mounted in the rear, and I'd be concerned with the plane being tail heavy. Looks like a great build!
  3. dhc6twinotter

    [MOC] Rubbish Terrain Crane

    This is a beautiful crane! Superbly built, with some great features. Those stabilizers are great, and I love that you've also added a fake engine to the superstructure too! Just out of curiosity, what does the mLA connected to the PF switch do, and what is the m motor in the superstructure for? @suffocation Sorry to hear how hard your region has been hit by COVID. I drove around northern Italy last June, and it's a beautiful area with lovely people.
  4. dhc6twinotter

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I just received the summer catalogue. The Sian is on the front cover, as well as the first two pages of the catalogue. The following four pages are all Technic, although no new sets. This is the first time, in a long time, that I recall ever seeing a Technic set on the front page of a catalogue. The Technic sets always seemed to be buried towards the back of the catalogue. It's nice to see Technic on the cover and first six pages of the catalogue.
  5. dhc6twinotter

    small linear actuator for raisable axle

    I'm not entirely sure I understand what the suspension has to do with the LAs. The forces being exerted on the LA is the same, regardless of whether or not shocks are used (well unless you drop something, in which case shocks might help). My original plans with the plane design was to include a couple of stiff shocks on the main wheels. These shocks would have replaced the grey 7L beams in the landing gear mechanism seen in the video. The rest of the mechanism would have stayed the same, and the weight of the plane would have still been on the plane's frame, rather than the LA. I abandoned the shocks because I quickly realized the plane was too heavy for only two shocks, and I didn't have time to work out a different solution. Sorry, I didn't see any comment about you wanting to have various positions. I assumed it was just an up or down scenario. Do you have to use an LA? Why not just use a rack and worm gear? Then you don't have to worry about internal clutches. Lego set 8297 Off Roader has motorized adjustable height suspension. It might be worth a look for some inspiration.
  6. dhc6twinotter

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Hey Mark, I think what Steph77 is referring to is the fact that the V22 not only has collective and cyclic, but it also tilts the rotor hubs as well. From what I can tell, that is how yaw in vertical flight mode is achieved. What I haven't figured out is if that is mechanically configured to do so, or if the tilt is just a result of the blades on one side of the head producing more lift than the blades on the other side. From the little bit I've read, this is achieved mechanically. I don't know how that can be achieved with LEGO, but it's a fun thought experiment. I spent a good bit of time at work today sketching and thinking about how that might be achieved with LEGO. I didn't get anywhere. I agree though, I think push rods may be a good solution for bringing controls through the tilt mechanism. It sounds like a fun project, and I might have to tinker with the LEGO a bit to see if I can somehow come up with a solution. It's quite fascinating.
  7. dhc6twinotter

    small linear actuator for raisable axle

    I agree with this, and that would be my suggestions as well. Try getting rid of the grey half-bushings in the photo above, and move the LA back (towards the gear) at least 1 stud. 1.5-2 studs may even be better. When the suspension is loaded, it will force the already retracted LA to want to retract more, which of course it can't do. I agree with this as well, and that's a good design. I did something similar on my Piper Super Cub and the retractable landing gear in the floats. See video below starting at about 4:02. The mini LAs retract the landing gear, but the over center pivot (red 3x3 arch pieces) transfers the weight of the model from the LAs to the frame. The landing gear was strong enough to support the weight of the plane despite only using two mini LAs for all four wheels.
  8. dhc6twinotter


    Great to see you around again Eric! You've provided so much great info to the Technic community, and it's great to have you back again.
  9. dhc6twinotter

    Help with Lamborghini Aventador 1:10 MOC [WIP]

    It sounds like you have a fun project on your hands. What was it you needed help with?
  10. dhc6twinotter

    Steering with L linear actuators

    Years ago, I build a Case Steiger using LAs for the steering. This was before the mini-LAs came out. This was the first MOC I built after coming back from my dark ages around 2010.
  11. dhc6twinotter

    Control+ General Discussion

    Yes, you're right. I wasn't clear in what I was saying. Sorry. What I should've said is that the interface is poorly implemented. I will admit though, I haven't used it, and my opinion is just based on what I've read elsewhere. I've built MOCs with 9 motors, but I only controlled 3-4 motors at a time. I'm currently building a MOC with 11 PF motors (including seven servos), four IR receivers, three sets of PF lights and Two PF switches; all connected to two PF AA battery boxes. I'd only have, at the most, five motors running at once, and that would be very briefly. Building that would require four PU hubs, which would be impossible due to space. To me, the biggest limiting factor of PU is only having 4 ports on the hub. I love that PU can connect four hubs together, but I have never built a MOC that would have the room for four hubs. For me to fully embrace PU, I would have to see the following: -A way to have at least eight ports per battery box by either (1) A new hub with eight ports (even if it only allowed max of four ports powered at once), (2) separate bluetooth receivers with four ports each that can plug into a hub, or (3) an adapter that would allow port stacking on the current hubs (even if it meant the motors become dumb motors) -Much lower price for motors, or the introduction of cheaper dumb L and XL motors -Extension Cables (which I'm sure are coming) -Improved PU app interface (which I'm sure is also coming) The first two points are the most important to me. I don't see myself investing in PU unless those happen. I would love to have 16 ports with only two hubs. That would be sweet. And cheaper motors. Just my $.02.
  12. dhc6twinotter

    Control+ General Discussion

    Holy smokes, those are some steep prices! The more I hear about PU, the less I'm inclined to convert over from PF. The lack of port stacking, lack of extension cables, lack of programable interface, and larger battery boxes makes it all seem pointless to "upgrade". I've been a Lego purist, but seeing the poor implementation of PU makes me want to have a closer look at the third party options.
  13. dhc6twinotter

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Pretty neat set, and I'm actually surprised to see Lego offer a V-22. I'm not totally sold on the color scheme, but I do think mixing LBG and DBG on the body is interesting. As far as functions go, I'd be fairly certain of the following: -Retractable landing gear -Opening rear hatch -Tilting rotors (possibly in conjunction with moving flaps) -Powered rotors -Center mounted hoist in the floor (it's a rescue aircraft after all) I don't see any other functions. Some sort of collective control would be awesome, but I don't see that. I also don't think the wing folds (swivels). The wing looks to have some dihedral (cool!), and there also appears to be some diagonal bracing between the fuselage and wing. Both would make a swiveling mechanism very difficult. I'm happy to be wrong though.
  14. Very, very cool! Differentials are my favorite Lego part, and I love seeing the different applications they are used in. Super cool.
  15. dhc6twinotter

    REVIEW | Creator Expert 10273 Haunted House

    My assumption is that the clutch gear and catch are there so that when the PU motor is connected, you can keep the motor running all the time and use the lever to disengage/engage the ride. A nice feature. Perhaps I missed it, but how do the front doors open? Is there a knob on the side of the building?