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  1. I like option A. I'd love to see some Technic remakes of some of the old space sets. Lots of neat space buggies or spaceships to rebuild. Or Star Wars. I think option A would work, but being that this is a Technic contest, the focus should be on functions. A massive Black Seas Barracuda ship built with Technic but with no functions wouldn't fit the spirit of the contest, IMHO. If it's too broad of a topic, we could narrow it down to a theme. Rebuild any Star Wars set into Technic. Or classic Space, MTRON, BlackTron, Space Police, Ice Planet, etc. Or, narrow it down to classic Town vehicles (including airplanes, helicopters, or boats). That could be a lot of fun, I think. That's just me though, and knowing me, I'll probably build too slow to have anything built in time to enter.
  2. Very nice build! I like the rear wheel steering!
  3. 8:10 5:6 6:4 9:3 27:2 2:1 There are some amazing builds here!
  4. 1. JCB, John Deere, Kenworth 2. Construction equipment (ex: backhoe, road grader, tow truck, forwarder, fork lift) 3. JCB backhoe with full RC control. All functions can be done with 6 motors and a three position gearbox. $350-$400 USD price point. Or, a manual JCB backhoe with full pneumatics, similar to 8455 set, but with a motorized compressor. $250 USD price point. 4. More helicopters but with realistic cyclic and collective on the main rotor hub and pitch control on rear rotor. Space shuttle. More airplanes with realistic flight controls (ailerons, rudder, elevator, flaps). A biplane with a radial engine would be neat. 5. New Elements, Building Experience, Using LEGO Technic System for MOCs 6. Blank 7. No 8. The mechanical side of LEGO Technic is what has always made me like the Technic line. Gears, levers, pneumatics, and other motions should be what Technic is about. Motors are fun too, but programing and using smart devices to work my models isn't what Technic should be about. 9. -Ability to have multiple motors/lights run off one port (i.e. Port stacking) -Ability to run more than 4 motors off of one hub. A hub with 8 ports would be more ideal, or better yet, built a bluetooth receiver with 4 ports that is separate from the batter box (like sbrick) -PU extension wires. -A micro motor -Flashing lights -Much lower price points 10. Motorized pneumatic valves. The valves could even just be a new style valve that more easily integrates with the existing motors. 11. Don't know.
  5. dhc6twinotter

    Getting started question

    Welcome to the forum! I think most people on the forum buy sets and use the parts from those sets to build their own MOCs. Some use digital design tools, but personally, I prefer to just build and use trial and error with physical parts. I have the majority of parts I need for a MOC on hand, and for the few I don't, I use Bricklink and/or LEGO Bricks and Pieces to order the parts I need. This would be the best forum for building things similar to what's in the video you posted. If you end up going the Mindstorms route, there is a forum for that.
  6. My larger builds generally follow this process: 1) I get an idea of what I'd like to build and research all the functions. 2) I write down all the functions, and if the number of functions exceed what can be done with PF (or now PU), I decide if I need to add a gearbox for additional functions. 3) If a gearbox is needed, I do a rough sketch of the gearbox design and try to group gearbox outputs/functions in the most logical/playable way possible (for example, my backhoe had all excavator arm functions running off the same side of gearbox). 4) I decide on the scale to use. This is usually based off of the number of functions, space needed, and tire size. 5) I might do a rough sketch of motor placement and how I want to run the functions with least amount of gears and friction. 6) The build process usually starts with the axles or gearbox. 7) I typically have multiple parts of a MOC being built at once, and I jump back and forth. I find that if I get stuck on how to solve an issue, I can go to another part of a build, and then come back to my issue I'm stuck with and have a fresh, new approach. 8) Once I have all the mechanical bits completed, I focus on the aesthetics and building the body and interior. That's pretty much my process. I usually have bits and pieces of several MOCs in progress laying around. Right now my main focus is on my PF/pneumatic CAT Road Grader, but I have probably at least another six projects laying around in early stages of design.
  7. TechnicBricks is also saying there will be a 4x4 Mercedes Zetros of some sort. "Today another set from the LEGO Technic 2H2021 wave - 42129 "4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Tri..". This one will arrive in August, with a price tag should be in the range of 289,99€ - 299,99€." https://www.facebook.com/TechnicBRICKs/posts/3598979400180252
  8. I agree. The price seems high for something that doesn't really have that many functions. The Facebook post did mention Pneumatics, but that sounded more like wishful thinking rather than fact. Personally, I don't see pneumatics and control+ ever being offered in the same set, but I'd be very happy to be proven wrong.
  9. TechnicBricks Facebook page is saying the 2H flagship will be a CAT D11T bulldozer. Price about 439.99 euro.
  10. dhc6twinotter

    [MOC] CPT Truck

    This is great! It's always nice to see a MOC from you. I didn't know such a machine existed. I love the complexity of everything, and I'm impressed by the fact that the LAs could lift the whole truck up. What does the PF switch do? Great renders too! I wish I had those skills.
  11. dhc6twinotter

    Show us your Working Place/LEGO room

    This is my current storage setup: I used to have a dedicated LEGO room, but I've since moved and lost my LEGO room. The above is the solution I have for now, which works quite well. I've been in the process of re-organizing, so I've got a bit more work to do. I pull out a folding table whenever I want to build something. I also have a closet that has 15 or so NISB sets (mostly modular buildings) and a large bin full of my childhood LEGO. The two drawers just have some other non-LEGO stuff. Drawer on the left has camera gear, and drawer on the right has general office supplies.
  12. Very nice! I like that you have the 1:2 reduction between the crank and cams, just like a real four-stroke engine. That is something that is often missed on engine mocs with working valves. Well done.
  13. dhc6twinotter

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    That pneumatic hose connector is an odd piece to have in the set. My guess is it's used under the seat and prevents the back of the seat from moving back and hitting the 12t gear. As for the color schemes, I like the black and yellow one. The orange and white scheme is also nice, but I think I'd prefer that with black rims.
  14. dhc6twinotter

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    I'm pretty sure it's something like this: I don't know how the red 6L axle is connected to the bottom white beam, so I left that out. The above I'm fairly certain of though. My guess is the red 6L axle uses a lever that either rests on the bottom of the white beam, or has a small (3L) vertical beam the runs from the lever to the white beam.
  15. dhc6twinotter

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    That was my initial reaction as well, but upon a closer look, I don't think this has steering. I think the knob on the roof raises the main boom via a worm gear, and the knob on the side tips the bucket.