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  1. The only Technic twin scraper I was able to find was this one: I was able to build it from the video, about 1500 parts, but was never able to get the motors and hidden gearing to work. Tried changing it to pneumatics later with limited success, but certainly performed nicely in the video. Nothing I would like better than to find a good design of one of these monsters.
  2. No problem - expanded the RC trailer with a few adjustments and now it fits nicely.
  3. Really enjoyed building this model - so many clever ideas. Alas, I then built the Mini RC trailer for it without looking at the dimensions - total misfit, my bad. Did you create a trailer for this one by any chance.
  4. Richombx - it is likewise a pity that your manners are also narrow - some of us (and I am 82) do not cope well with cellphones and find programming the PU for MOC's a painful exercise. I have both systems and still find PF more practical on a day to day basis. So - to each his own, and try to show a little respect in future.
  5. Just finished the build - given that it is a C model the range and execution of functions is truly excellent. Decided to add the turntable - is the restricted rotation arc characteristic of the type of truck? Very impressed with your work Dyen - have done 3 of your designs to date - well done each time. A very well presented .pdf as well by Forlock.
  6. I am halfway through building your SV and waiting for more parts to arrive - is it worth pausing at this stage and making your new model?
  7. 42098 is also worth a look - lots of parts and a string of alternative builds on Rebrickable or 42108 if into cranes etc.
  8. Having built 42096 with various mods, looked at the incorrect proportions, tore it down and built JamesJT/Geyserbricks MOC-35921. Very satisfying build and a great result.
  9. @fosamax - of the 3 cranes of this type I have built I would rate M_Longer's alternate from 42043 the best, followed by Dyen's with 42108 a poor last (even with M_longer's improvements).
  10. Having built both I found Dyen's one a more interesting build, and the grandchildren were most impressed by it as well. Only purchased the car transporter set so I could build the garbage truck. Well done Dyen.
  11. Thanks @Agrof - the suspension patch is brilliant and the end to an enjoyable build now all the parts have finally arrived. Have also completed the Hot Roadster which was a big nit with the grandchildren!!
  12. 8043 came with V1 receivers - I converted mine to the Ultimate version which also used V1's.
  13. Nice one @Agrof - look forward to building it once our Covid-18 lockdown ends an d I can Bricklink a few extra parts/ Very good PDF too for my ageing eyes!
  14. Using the Rebrickable compare utility there are 520 additional parts (114 types) most of which are reasonably common.
  15. Thanks for the link - have received your excellent pdf and am waiting for my Bricklink orders to arrive so I can commence building.