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  1. Bumping this old thread. I just built @jb70's RC mod of this, using Buwizz. Works remarkable well, considering the power goes through the fake engine. Achieves decent speed, a bit more with Landrover wheels and tyres at the rear. These just fit with minor modification, and looking at some real LMP car photos, may be legit. This seems to have about the best turning circle of any of my official sets, making it very playable. I also recoloured to orange / black, added 2x front lights and rear. A few other minor cosmetic mods, some part availability limitations kicked in. I paid above full retail price for this when i found it in a small toy shop after it had gone off the market. Despite that, with all the great B, C, D models and mods, and great playability, this is one of the best value sets I have. Lots of room with the Buwizz, I pushed the 2x4 L beam forward to act as a catch on the front. not the neatest but all good when closed. Short of 3x11 and 3x7 curved tapered panels, but able to improvise with the smaller ones 5x7 panels not really working here Routing wiring a bit of a pain, I may need to get some of those new clip parts. The >1 unit height of that block in the PF lights is a rare piece of poor design from Bilund.
  2. So, I enjoyed building this, my first technic motorbike. Great tinkering value in this set. I think I am done now! Made some similar mods to many above: Front mudguard, still has reasonable suspension travel. Attached to frame, but forks turn it somewhat with the wheel. Also more aggressive lights and added brake levers. Tried to cover the hole around the fuel tank and ended with this - I think it bulked up nicely. Also eliminated one elastic band. Rear mudguard beefed up, added lights and number plate. Also red shock, tightened chain.
  3. SO, I got round to rebuilding this, using @jb70 's smooth version. I never found this build tedious, and the kids (big and small) love playing with it. As I had used much of this set building 42042, BWE now gets a (not-super consistent) re-colour. I like the black & orange combo. I also added in Buwizz power, and ludicrous mode speeds up the slewing and digging. Movement still seems slow. I kept the PF battery box as a counterweight. Also added some powerfunctions lights. Buwizz easy to integrate. In this setup, the lights are powered from the lego battery box, but these can go Buwizz too. Doing what it does best. These pasta shapes rarely clog on the belt. The bucket wheel does sometimes get stuck, mostly just needs a slight nudge. So satisfying to play with (that's what the kids say!).
  4. Thanks, this is a nice improvement.
  5. Glad you liked it! I am ridiculously pleased with how this ~10 part construction worked out.
  6. So, I never had the set of 42042, but was able to make it more or less from my parts. A nice set, cranes have great play value for kids large and small. I think it looks good in 42055 livery... At the back, added some decoration, and limits on the battery box and switch so that polarity is always in the 'correct' direction. Made some claws with small DBG panels Didn't have enough of the really small wheels. Had to drop the cog wheels down 1 unit to prevent tipping over. A bit crude, but it works. Cabin does not tilt!
  7. DrJimbo

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Speed champions for grown-ups!
  8. DrJimbo

    [Buying Help] 42055 or 42082?

    42055 is like nothing else in official Lego sets, unusual functions and build experience. I’m rebuilding mine now. 42082 has a lot of great looking C models out there (I’m looking forward to those, have not made yet). Both have good built experiences, mechanisms and playability. Price wise, 42082 is probably pretty good right now, may go up, 42055 already got that retired set premium.
  9. Mine arrived yesterday. Surprisingly small. Put together the ugliest and most poorly engineered and designed car to test out. Seems great! Lots of fun potential. Looking forward to making something better.
  10. Ok, and now the bit I'm most pleased with: the half unit offset for the doors allowed this simple locking mechanism: Locked door Unlocked door: Locking mechanism: There is a perfectly positioned gap to receive the 5L beam:
  11. Thanks. Here is the landrover in all it's glory
  12. Recently finished this, it was a nice build. I went with the Pimp up my... version from the get go (thanks @jb70 and all involved). A few simple, mostly cosmetic mods: went for the V6 engine using traditional blocks involved a slight change to the steering linkage and I think a slightly higher engine speed stiffer suspension bullbars & lights at front extended roofrack and lights added the full set of jerry cans from 42069 snorkel lockable doors
  13. At the stage where even I can see I don’t need any more bricks (objectively, there are always those really desirable sets) but this will hopefully add another dimension to the hobby.
  14. Just ordered 2 - I was waiting for a sale also. Hopefully it comes in discreet packaging - her indoors already thinks I spend too much on Lego!