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  1. Model Expo Italy 2018 by max bianca, su Flickr
  2. I’ll buy many of this set and I’ll give it to my friends, not accustomed to the magnificent LEGO world, I think it's a great little work of Art, and those who criticize it, I’m sure they are not able to create wonderful MOCs.... otherwise, let me see!!!!!
  3. Hi, Lego Train Comunity, here some pictures and some (bad quality) video of my last Monorail MOCs running at Bricking Bavaria in Munich last November. The newest one i'll present at the next Model Expo Italy in Verona, on March 2018. Hope to see you there... WhatsApp Image 2018-01-05 at 19.15.05 by max bianca, su Flickr WhatsApp Image 2018-01-05 at 19.18.56 by max bianca, su Flickr WhatsApp Image 2018-01-05 at 19.18.56 (1) by max bianca, su Flickr WhatsApp Image 2018-01-05 at 19.18.57 by max bianca, su Flickr And now, click on the picture to see the video... WhatsApp Video 2018-01-05 at 19.59.09 by max bianca, su Flickr WhatsApp Video 2018-01-05 at 20.14.36 by max bianca, su Flickr Trains by Helos and me.
  4. In the meantime, sqm and over 220 exhibitors!!!!! Let's have a great event....... See you in Verona!!! Model Expo Italy 2018 by max bianca, su Flickr 22829704_1921945044712511_5131231834759641907_o by max bianca, su Flickr Dear fellow AFOLs, I’m here to announce that on March 17th-18th, 2018 my RLUG will organize its main event in Verona, Italy, and we would be pleased of bringing together exhibitors from all over Europe! :) The event will take place during the model-making fair Model Expo Italy (, held every year in the spaces of the Fair of Verona. In 2018 the area dedicated to LEGO bricks will be over 4.500 sqm. large, and we esteem to gather at least 200 AFOLs! Our main goal is to create an atmosphere of joy and relax in which AFOLs can feel like they’re at home; in this we’re inspired by the famous LEGO Fan Weekends. Concerning the displayed material, and thanks to all the exhibitors, we will cover almost all the LEGO themes and interests: static and dynamic Technic models, a large City and Trains diorama, Castle scenes, Classic Space, and so on: imagination is the only limit ;) We will set up also a relax area for exhibitors, far from the eyes of the public, in which we will offer coffee, water and sandwiches. Besides that, we are organizing a small welcome gift for all the exhibitors, and we are working on the traditional AFOL dinner on Saturday evening, with all its surprises. We are also teaming up with Italian RLFM, which will organize an online AFOL contest whose winners will be announced during our event. Other technical details include a discounted price for hotel rooms, parking permits in the event area, and so on; also various LEGO sellers will be present at the event. In 2017 we gathered in 3.500 sqm. 150 exhibitors, of which 100 signed up in only 4 days! The public reached 70.000 units on the two days of exhibition, and our area was the most appreciated. We hosted exhibitors from the various Italian RLUGs, and also from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Photos of the previous editions of the event can be found on our Facebook page: If you are interested, you can register here: ;) or contact us! We can't wait to host you here !
  5. Hi, LEGO Moc Train Comunity, Here the amazing TOP MOC trains published on the new number 28 of HispaBrickMagazine:
  6. bmacro

    Tramway line - RCX Automation

    Amazing!! Really good job... Compliments!
  7. bmacro

    [MOC] Citroen DS

    Thanks to all!! Thanks to Milan and Alacondemine (I had not yet seen yuor video...lovely).
  8. bmacro

    [MOC] Peterbilt 379 & Polar Tanker (1:13)

    Yeah!!! What can I say... nothing else than.... perfect!!!! Astonishing realisation. Compliments ...
  9. bmacro

    MOCs to Move

    I'd like to move this topic, it had also the honor of Frontpage.. Thanks a lot.
  10. bmacro

    [MOC] Moto Guzzi Airone Sport 1954

    Thanks to all!!!! I thougt the Moto Guzzi in scale (1:6) was already fall into oblivion..., admired at our Italian events (but in November it comes also to Munich!!!), but lost in the wide wide web....! And suddenly ... WOWW!!!! Thanks a lot, Bricksonwheels, what honor!!! In truth, i haven't done anything but be inspired by your beautiful MOCs!!! Again, Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi, LEGO Moc Comunity, I'm not sure this is the right forum, anyway, I'd like to show you my last Moc, a wonderful Italian motorbike of the 50s, the MOTO GUZZI AIRONE SPORT 250. At the moment, I'm restoring my real one, but it's a hard job and it takes a lot of time (...and money!), so I decided to try to build it with bricks...(less time and less money...). It's a 1:6 scale model, and I'll present it at the MODEL EXPO ITALY next 11/12 February in Verona (Italy), during the largest LEGO exhibition ever organized in Italy. Here some pictures (compared to the original version). Hope you enjoyed the bike... (in truth, I'm a Moc Train builder - you can see my trains in the train forum - but sometimes I like to build something else...). And here some pictures with a "friend", another Italian icon, the Piaggio Vespa PX 125 (this is a Mod of the Arvo Brothers project, I bought their plan, but there were some elements to modify in my opinion).
  12. It's fake! nowinaminute, this is a LEGO forum....
  13. The long external track has 4 electrical parts (straight, curve, straight, curve), You can regulate each part depending on the weight of single train, from 0 to 25 volts!!! As you can see at the end (the end,THE END!!!) of the video, a single lok (with two 9v motors) reaches on the long straight and by 25 volts an incredible speed, but it has to last only a few seconds to avoid damages to motors!!! Holger, if you need any more information, please, PM und bitte auf Deutsch, Englisch ist fuer mich sehr schwierig...! Max, all O.K., I have to buy a better camera, I know, but it's not my priority.....
  14. You are in right, Max my friend, I'm not a good video maker or a video editor, I only build, I think, good and efficient Moc trains. But using the term "shame" I think it's a little bit conceited... However, if you want to see my Moc trains in a better way, here the links: - - - - - PS: I don't remember any Moc train posted by you on this forum, am I wrong???
  15. Hi, Lego Train Comunity, here a video of some of our newest trains (by me and Helos) running at a local event in Italy. Watch it till the end, there are "25 Volts" of reasons.... Enjoy it!