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  1. Track Ballast - Ideas needed

    Thanks for the input guys. @Duq I spent quite some time browsing flickr, google and pinterest, but nothing really did it for me... I might be fussy, I don't know.
  2. Hi all I'am building a large diorama with a station and warehouse. I have about 14 ft of track which I would like to give some more depth than just putting it on baseplates. Do you guys/girls have any ideas on how I can achieve this? Thanks Thomas
  3. 2017 Lego Trains

    Like most AFOLs on here, I hope LEGO will release a bunch of trains wih separate locomotives and rolling stock, just as they did in the 80s and 90s and even in the early 00s with the My Own Train range, Santa Fe and BNSF. Unfortunately, we all know this is not going to happen and LEGO will most lickely release the following: - a main cargo train with some sort of crane, depot or other freight oriented building. I'm guessing they will go back to electric, since the last 3 cargo trains were all diesel. This set will most include one or two extra switches to make little shunting area. I hope this train will be a euro type, but not the generic diesel/electric like the 60098. Something along the lines of the RC 7989 would be nice. - a cheaper passenger train consisting of three compartments with a small platform and an oval loop. Once again, I hope it will be of the euro type. - a station - the usual extra track - MAYBE a rail crossing with some sort of MOW vehicle - MAYBE an extra train set which will probably be cargo oriented. On other shunter-like engine would be cool. I don't think any of these train sets will be holding a steam engine as it is just not modern enough. Also, LEGO seems to keep the steam train for their other themes (Lone Ranger, Winter, Toy Story). Furthermore, I have a feeling there won't be any creator train soon as they released a steam, electric and diesel engine and they covered passenger and freight.
  4. Looking to start a Lego train set

    Having a 'loop' of track is fun for a couple of minutes, but I sense that you'd like more realistic trains and therefore I think you should worry about track layout later on. The layout I plan on having is just very large switch yard, with 3 parallel straights and some switches. I'm also wondering if you should spend 100£ plus on an original LEGO set if you plan on using custom sets. You can have a very realistic looking train for not to much money. Just look for some webshops that offer custom sets or even custom instructions. Always make sure that someone isn't trying to sell somebody else's instructions ;).
  5. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    JE set just looks bad, I have a feeling I'm watching a set from 2000...
  6. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks for sharing all the info guys, but I must say, i'm not impressed with the new sets. I hope the JE theme will have some cool features. If only LEGO would use all the neat friends sets and give them a less girly look, that would be awesome.
  7. FIAT 500 F

    This is amazing! Can't imagine LEGO not getting this into official production.
  8. [MOC] German BR E119

    Don't get me wrong, I think this one of the best renditions of german E locs I have seen thus far, loving it for every single brick ;). It just struck me that I could not find a single blue/red 119 in regular service on google.
  9. [MOC] German BR E119

    Only 4 of these locomotives were build AFAIK. I don't know if they ran regular service with this color combo... The 18 series sure did :).
  10. [MOC] German BR E119

    If I may add one thing: I was going trough pictures on google of these trains, and it seems to me that the color sheme you chose was only for the 118 series, and not the 119. To my understanding, the only difference between the two series was the motors used to have a higher top speed on the 119.
  11. [MOC] German BR E119

    This is an amazing looking train, must say that electric locs with large drivers always have that bit extra :). (I might have to make my own version of this based on yours for my own layout)
  12. XIX Century City

    So much to look at, so many details. A fantastic moc!
  13. MOC Octan-motorcycle's shop corner modular

    Nice build! A job well done :).
  14. [MOC] Modular Train Station with Warehouse

    Amazing build, so many nice details. What I like the most is that it is not overly complicated and it has a nice TLG city feel to it. Well done!
  15. Creator Expert 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    The wide tyres give the model a custom appearance... Not bad IMHO...