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  1. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Just coming back to this and thinking that's a LOT of 1x1 plates! The facade of the real Casa Batllo is insanely organic - I can't think of a better way to represent that at a modular scale other than through prints, which you've got a handle on. I noticed he used some of those Elves fences (19121) in sand green on the second level, but really obscured. For Structural Expressionism (I've not heard of that until now, but I'm not well-versed in architecture), I imagine you're able to make some unique applications with Technic parts? Hit me up if you have an instagram - would like to see how 8 Chifley, and of course, Casa "Brickllo" work out. I'm not MOC-ing at the level you are, just getting started and struggling with the road network, available space AND keeping all areas accessible to my 4y/o :) I'll check out the book for sure, looks like it covers some pretty advanced methods.
  2. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Yeah - I was ticked-off too. PR was my first modular last year and I nabbed DO just in time (built it last weekend). I just found BB on Amazon for *close* to retail and had to grab it - this should tide me over on large/expensive sets for the year. Happy to find someone who knows the difference between Art Deco and Nouveau, and I admire your pursuit of an Art Nouveau build - that is going to be a challenge. The new Fantastic Beasts movie set in 1920's Paris. Not going to recreate a Metro entrance anytime soon, but hopefully they'll release some unique designs. These are items I own or have on my list, nothing is really outright art nouveau, but some of it is passable. You've likely seen most or all of these parts, but just in case... This plant element is now in black and has that 'whiplash' style This 1 x 4 x 5 window is vaguely period appropriate at least for filler (NOTE that's 5 tall, not 6) The old Fabuland Lamp Post looks kinda' absinthe influenced Older 2x6x5 Ornamented Arch Newer 3x6x5 Ornamented Arch with better color choices The Elves line had some parts that would fit well, like the fence and curved fence And shall I assume you saw the Brick Orphanage Art Nouveau Leaves glass? Let me know if you plan to showcase your effort - I am intrigued. Meanwhile, I'll be working on my majestic 8-stud wide comic book store, lol!
  3. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Ah - thanks for the Brink Bank mention. I had those windows on my wanted list, but removed them because I planned on getting the full set (which was just retired ><). As for good, smaller LEGO printed 1x2x2 windows, I think these look pretty nice... Glass for Window 1 x 2 x 2 with Arched Gold Window Pattern (60601pb017) Glass for Window 1 x 2 x 2 with Ornamented Window Arch Pattern (60601pb013) That stained glass looks amazing! And wow, right out to the edges. Considering this is the most color/pattern intense of the offerings I've seen, I suppose their simpler patterns will be just as good. Is it fair to say you're pretty happy with it? Again, I really appreciate you sharing this and the link.
  4. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    alvinofdiaspar - this is fantastic! Pricy, but certainly covers the most obscure items. Especially the seafood/sushi selections and pizza in multiple stages of preparation. The printed glass is amazing too. Yes, please let me know about the quality of their parts when you get them (or if you already have). Really appreciate this suggestion - thank you!
  5. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Reaper - thanks for the link, already found a couple items I've not seen before - will weigh the cost/benefits. It's good to know that someone actually prints parts that were intended by LEGO to be stickers. MAB - We'll see. They offer custom printing so I've submitted a request counter to some of their pre-made selections. If they accept and print that, I'll happily buy other items from them.
  6. TurboBrick

    Favourite Minifigure

    Johnny Thunder is on my wanted list, especially cool with the back logo... My favorite is another fig from the "Studio" line (roughly the same era as JT): LEGO Female with Crop Top and Navel Pattern LEGO Female with Crop Top and Navel Pattern
  7. Hi folks - I'm looking for a reputable U.S. based retailer of custom printed tiles/parts -- particularly food, book/ephemera items. (Official LEGO books/sushi prints just aren't varied enough for my project.) The BrickBuildersPro store had almost everything I needed when I browsed last week, but there seems to be an issue with the site now and every search/browse renders an error. I've contacted their support. Eclipsebricks/EclipseGrafx has some really nice stuff, but unfortunately, they carry divisive political propaganda items which eliminates them from consideration. I'm willing to purchase from overseas vendors (e.g., Firestar Toys, La Petite Brique, Minifigs.Me), but wondered if anyone has a suggestion for a U.S. based retailer I'm overlooking? Alternatively, does anyone have a recommendation for a non-U.S. vendor, especially with reasonable prices and shipping? Many thanks, -TB
  8. I suppose it's trivial, but for amateur organizing, I'd like to point out the small container at Pick-a-Brick walls fits nicely between the studs on Lego storage boxes.
  9. TurboBrick

    [MOC] BRICKS & BLOOMS - Modular Garden Centre

    You should submit this to LEGO IDEAS *finishes reading post* Beautiful, and yes, supporter 1,632! The design elements really say "garden/plants/flowers/life!" For the Modular theme, it's fitting and refreshing at the same time. The dark orange(?) fruit and veg stall - the entire right side - also adds a really nice contrast, which is always helpful in placement.
  10. TurboBrick

    9-Stud Road Baseplates - Ideas?

    Thanks for the multiple ideas here! That Octan plate looks darn near perfect with the way the while borders match with the 7-stud plates. I've got plenty of wedge and rounded plates and going that route in the short term, similar to @greg3's suggestion, and like what you did next to the Diner (btw, nice idea putting space there to show off the side of what is essentially a corner building IMO)... My layout is more limited than yours, so quick question: looks like when you built a modular using the 9-stud plates for sidewalks, you kept the standard 32x32 plate to fill the remainder, creating a larger, buildable space in the rear of the buildings, correct? Getting ahead of myself here, but what you did with the Belville/Scala(?) raised plate and Old Fishing Store is enviable.
  11. TurboBrick

    9-Stud Road Baseplates - Ideas?

    Ooooh, yes sir it does! That looks way better than I would have imagined and I have some of those same rounded plates in dark bluish grey, which will help the color 'bleed' over with the modern roads. The parking spot there just looks perfect, too. I'm going to give this a whirl, maybe in a few other spots where I don't even need a transition. Thank you!
  12. TurboBrick

    9-Stud Road Baseplates - Ideas?

    Greetings members! First post here and hoping this is the most appropriate forum... So I have a four year old which brought me out of my dark ages, like major relapse. Even though she's been playing/building (mainly Friends) since she was two, I broke down last summer and got "our" first Modular (PR). Since then, we've built six more Modulars, a few 16x32 MOCs, a PUP train, and a table set-up that accommodates thirty (30) 32x32 baseplates. THEN, my parents sent me my sets from the '80s which contain ~14 9-stud road baseplates. At first, I just planned to use them as-is, perhaps in a different part of town with a separate road "circuit" (I also have the modern 6-stud road plates), but there is just too much space to fill, even if I add a tram line. So I'm hoping for pointers... 1) I thought maybe there would be a way to build out some type of transitional plate to go from wide to narrow streets. Despite the jarring color difference, I'm still amenable to this - does anyone have suggestions or done similar with good results? 2) With a whopping 9-studs, should I move the Modulars from their dedicated baseplates to join and take over part of these old streets? I understand the drawbacks there, but don't see much benefit. Note that the layout is U-shaped and "one sided", i.e. 80 studs deep (two 32x32 baseplates with room for one 16x32 plate). 3) Insert a 16 stud base between the road plates and build (likely with jumpers) across all three, creating an alley in the rear of the buildings. I even could use modern 6-stud roads for the facing side and the old plates for the rear alley - in this scenario there would be 31 studs on which to build between the streets, an easy sacrifice for any modular I can think of. Considerations/advice on this method? Should I lift the building base one brick plus jumper plates for stability? I'd planned on lifting the buildings eventually, and doing full tile streets. But there's something charming and unique about the old roads, so I'd like to incorporate them in whole or in part. Comparison for reference:
  13. This is a great read - I bought the PUP hub 88009 and motor 88011 to retrofit a train for Christmas. You *do* save money on the controller with the app, but the connection shuts down if you try to take photos/videos (at least on iOS). Your write-up on the sensor is spot-on. I don't have it, but need the possible features to repurpose the PUP hub/motor and train for a back-and-forth tram in my city, i.e., no loop. Seems like a no brainer, but here we are. Hope LEGO realizes this.