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  1. TurboBrick

    10278 Police Station

    Ditto on the modding. Really, just replace the sign over the portico and you're good to go. I'm thinking museum: my Sanctum Sanctorum museum MOC is getting a bit dated, and this fits the bill. Your library is great, and this would also would make a decent school. They made it sooo easy to repurpose with the 1x4 tile. That said, I do like the two side buildings, at least the donut shop.
  2. TurboBrick

    LEGO Trans Europ Express VT 11.5.

    Kraftwerk fan here - always thought the TEE was a line, not an actual train, so this is especially fascinating to learn. Many kudos for your brilliant LEGO recreation, which is enviable and inspiring at the same time. Your father would be proud.
  3. TurboBrick

    [MOC] Fishmonger

    Indeed it is! Not that I don't like the new LEGO modular, but they should have gone with something like a full library, which your bookstore would be suitable for with a revised entrance. I digress.. The fishmonger is marvelous... maybe(?) too clean on the ground floor/entrance decor. Probably a render limitation. Anyway, I would love to build this, moving those 4 inside crates outside and swap in some crab/lobster, to just "dirty it up" :) Kudos!
  4. TurboBrick

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    Thanks for this... the Tram under "Electric" hits the spot. A little wide, but for free instructions, can't complain... in fact, it warrants a donation. Habricks has what I'd really like, but they're always out of stock.
  5. TurboBrick

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    In theory, I am totally against the idea pre-built sets. That said, I'm totally buying a complete build (401k be damned) after day 5 of my Powered-Up tram/trolley follies. Thanks for the links, everyone, and to the OP Cosmik42, for asking something that proved invaluable to me. Seriously.
  6. This is fantastic -- looks great and very functional! Seeing it finished and with more containers in it gives a better sense of scale online. And thanks for the info about getting it cut!
  7. First of all, this is a fantastic design and it looks great! About the wood cuts: does B&Q provide this as a regular service and is it free of charge? Also, did you provide written/verbal instructions or did you just send them a SketchUp file containing the info? We don't have B&Q, but I'm curious to how this works and hope to find a local service for this. This is probably a good idea in the long run, especially two even if not to avoid the outlet. (Plus stability when moving.) Looking forward to the final result!
  8. TurboBrick

    To light or not to light up your layout?

    Thank you!!! I've illuminated three modulars - so far, the ones my kid is least likely to play with. The ability to separate floors without cables is a game changer. I'm ordering a pair now along with a kit... Do you--or does anyone anyone here--know if the connecting sockets are compatible with other lighting sets? It would be nice to retrofit existing buildings.
  9. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Good tip, their kits look pretty configurable/modular - I've also heard good things about BrickLED. Im still experimenting. Seems antithetical, but doing a lot of little stuff at once helps (me anyway) sort out the grand layout. If you go with Brickstuff, please do let me know how that goes.
  10. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Yup - I made rooftop garden with those - and to your point some extra veggies would've fit the bill... Not a fan of gin, but I LOVE that Sapphire bottle! A bar wouldn't look right without it. The absinthe bottle is choice, indeed! And speaking of Van Gogh, there's this. BrickLoot also has some LEGO-fied paintings with frames. I've been using their lights - the PR kit was on sale so that was my first. So far, so good.
  11. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Holy cow, that glazing is so vey close! I have no suggestions, but just want to say this is hilarious! I wanted them, too... but there's another unavailable pack that's way, way better: the Minibar Pack!!! Seriously, just look at it. I stumbled on it and asked them if they plan a re-release... Reply from the company: So, look out! Hopefully the bottle colors are more varied, but this would probably be my final impulse buy.
  12. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Copy that - and thanks, *Bundt* cakes - totally eluded me, I'm a rube Anyway, I had to go back to Brick Orphanage after that post and just got 3 packs of sushi for the seafood market and some "Islamic Architecture glass" panels for the mosque and/or Near East district (I have a lot of heavily modified "Prince of Persia" and Indian themed sets). BrickbuildersPro site is totally messed up now, I mean, it was bad before: I had to browse 40+ pages. Now it seems they either stripped their inventory or are phasing out. I've looked around for other printed items and finally gave in to Eclipse for their printed comics - they also have these awesome printed texture brick walls on individual bricks. They sent a few free extra "thank you" printed tiles as well (iPad, iPhone, etc). Otherwise, you're better going to La Petite Brique (FR) or FireStar (UK) for a wider range of printed parts from a full variety of U.S. and European customizer brands. Just ordered a bunch from FireStar, mainly newspapers and menu boards - also a few custom minifig parts. Shipping was only $2. Note: I registered an account and filled my cart, then decided against it. The next day, I got an email from them offering 10% off if I completed my purchase, so went ahead with it. Still in transit, and if it makes it here: yay!
  13. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Those are beautiful - all of them! The circular cakes with the hole are such a cool idea too. This is The Brick Orphanage, right? I'm going to kick myself, bc I just ordered from them and didn't connect the dots (they had the cheapest dark green windows at the time).
  14. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Just coming back to this and thinking that's a LOT of 1x1 plates! The facade of the real Casa Batllo is insanely organic - I can't think of a better way to represent that at a modular scale other than through prints, which you've got a handle on. I noticed he used some of those Elves fences (19121) in sand green on the second level, but really obscured. For Structural Expressionism (I've not heard of that until now, but I'm not well-versed in architecture), I imagine you're able to make some unique applications with Technic parts? Hit me up if you have an instagram - would like to see how 8 Chifley, and of course, Casa "Brickllo" work out. I'm not MOC-ing at the level you are, just getting started and struggling with the road network, available space AND keeping all areas accessible to my 4y/o :) I'll check out the book for sure, looks like it covers some pretty advanced methods.
  15. TurboBrick

    Custom Printed Part Retailers/Recommendations

    Yeah - I was ticked-off too. PR was my first modular last year and I nabbed DO just in time (built it last weekend). I just found BB on Amazon for *close* to retail and had to grab it - this should tide me over on large/expensive sets for the year. Happy to find someone who knows the difference between Art Deco and Nouveau, and I admire your pursuit of an Art Nouveau build - that is going to be a challenge. The new Fantastic Beasts movie set in 1920's Paris. Not going to recreate a Metro entrance anytime soon, but hopefully they'll release some unique designs. These are items I own or have on my list, nothing is really outright art nouveau, but some of it is passable. You've likely seen most or all of these parts, but just in case... This plant element is now in black and has that 'whiplash' style This 1 x 4 x 5 window is vaguely period appropriate at least for filler (NOTE that's 5 tall, not 6) The old Fabuland Lamp Post looks kinda' absinthe influenced Older 2x6x5 Ornamented Arch Newer 3x6x5 Ornamented Arch with better color choices The Elves line had some parts that would fit well, like the fence and curved fence And shall I assume you saw the Brick Orphanage Art Nouveau Leaves glass? Let me know if you plan to showcase your effort - I am intrigued. Meanwhile, I'll be working on my majestic 8-stud wide comic book store, lol!