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  1. IndyLibrarian

    Old Town Pub [moc]

    This, like your earlier buildings, is beautiful. Well done! I look forward to seeing your new MOCs with the same anticipation I have for the upcoming Creator Expert sets.
  2. IndyLibrarian

    Ballabreek 2017

    I always love reading the updates from Ballabreek!
  3. IndyLibrarian

    Winter Village: Tea 'n Tomes

    Really nice! The bay windows look great. I think it fits the WV theme perfectly.
  4. IndyLibrarian

    [MOC][Modular] Dance School

    Really lovely. I especially liked the tile pattern on the ground floor!
  5. IndyLibrarian

    Lego Room Build

    Such a lovely space. Thanks for sharing.
  6. IndyLibrarian

    Comic: Ultra Agents: The Gathering Storm

    Fantastic! Can't wait for the next installment.
  7. IndyLibrarian

    [WIP] My new town Solville

    I love seeing the classic sets and styles mixed in with the newer stuff! This is very well done. The MOC train is lovely.
  8. IndyLibrarian

    Falkenstadt - my LEGO world

    The bridge is great! I feel like it should be an official set.
  9. IndyLibrarian

    Falkenstadt - my LEGO world

    Lots of great work here! I too am a fan of integrating old Castle sets into the newer City and Modular systems. Yours is very well done. Can't wait to see the details of the rest of the layout.
  10. IndyLibrarian

    Steampunk Modular Workshop

    This is both a great idea and well executed. Makes me want to add some steampunk flair to my own town!
  11. IndyLibrarian

    Comic: Ultra Agents: The Gathering Storm

    This is fantastic! The love seeing the Agents line mixed in with City sets. Can't wait to see how the story unfolds. What program do you use to add captions and such to your photos?