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Ok folk, been working on this for a while now, please excuse the rubbish pics but im sure you get the ideaIve still to get a few power function parts for the base but the upper section is all working and had a lift of 2kg so far but with plans of trying for a bit moreOne thing im strugging with is, the two main winches in the body are run off the same motor and have to wind/unwind at the same speed but im strugging to get the string to wind nicely on the spool, anyone any ideas?Ok this is a 1:50th model of the real machine im working from410072_000_large_zpse6fe4dd8.jpg20140131_223140_LLS_zps2f886085.jpg63d1b579-2c40-4752-bc77-0d66371b8c7a_zpse64bb971.jpg20140131_202412_LLS_zpsfc38b187.jpg162db16d-42d3-476e-bb55-517e06be9434_zps7f43aec7.jpgc2a21006-5094-41c0-bc44-26622d5ca2cf_zps848d231f.jpg

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concerning your question about how to get your string to spool up nicely, the cranes i work around have a rod pressing down over the spooled cable so it has no choice but to roll up nice. not sure if that helps or makes any sense. nice crane though.

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Cheers for the comments, Rishab, its around 1.5 meters so far ground to boom tip, but im planning on going bigger yet still, but the 5L thin liftarms are a rather pricey part.

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Ok an update to this topic, progress is slow but im at a stage i can display the model enough so here are the most recent images from today, the last image is 1.5kg hanging at 1m radius, hooks been tested to 6kg before it failed






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Very nice crane. :classic:


It is now in The Hall Of Fame. :thumbup:

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Another small update on this crane, im currently building a luffing jib and have changed to a floating ballast tray

so on with some pics


The luffing arms so far


5 section main boom


floating tray


4kg of ballast


And fully equipt


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Nice build. I am always curious about how the strings attached to lift the boom.

Would like some advice on that.

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Bit of an update

Im slowly getting to the stage of being happy with this, ive now got the lower section controlled via an s-brick for left and right track and also 2 m-motors for slewing 360.

ive done a weight test since the last update and managed 6kg with a short boom setup and 1.5kg with full boom and a section of luffing jib

So heres a few photos and a small video of crawling and slewing from an sbrick controller


1.5kg at about 1meter radius


6kg lift at closest radius possible


S-brick controlling tracks and 2x M-motors for slewing 360

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Amazing work there!

Never though that a Lego crane will be able to lift 6kg!!!

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After seeing the other post re the crawler crane i had though i would update mine also.

Heres a minifig for scale on the main body


these are all the parts required for the building, i tried to make it as modular as possible for moving around


So the build begins with the rear mast being lifted


Now the boom foot is fitted


And the boom tip to rear mast


And now the full boom and Luffing arms are ready to lift, from boom tip to ballast is about 3 meters


Slow progress


But we eventually get there with it


I was never really happy with the floating ballast tray as at certain points you had to balance it just right with different weights which became troublesome and i had a few tip overs i decided to give a ballast car another go

Heres the floating tray


Looks fine and simple but the problem comes when you want to slew around, youd have to lower the boom enough so the tray would start to float, Go to far and that was it wanting to tip.

So this was the solution, both sets of wheels are powered so i can slew with the full amount of weight on it, this is powered by old 9v at the moment where as the main crane is via 2 sbricks, i may try get some PF hooked up and try that way


And a quick video of it running


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