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    USS Missouri

    Looks awesome!! I seen it in the local papers (the mail I think it was) fantastic detailing on it. Your from the Arbroath area are you not?
  2. After seeing the other post re the crawler crane i had though i would update mine also. Heres a minifig for scale on the main body these are all the parts required for the building, i tried to make it as modular as possible for moving around So the build begins with the rear mast being lifted Now the boom foot is fitted And the boom tip to rear mast And now the full boom and Luffing arms are ready to lift, from boom tip to ballast is about 3 meters Slow progress But we eventually get there with it I was never really happy with the floating ballast tray as at certain points you had to balance it just right with different weights which became troublesome and i had a few tip overs i decided to give a ballast car another go Heres the floating tray Looks fine and simple but the problem comes when you want to slew around, youd have to lower the boom enough so the tray would start to float, Go to far and that was it wanting to tip. So this was the solution, both sets of wheels are powered so i can slew with the full amount of weight on it, this is powered by old 9v at the moment where as the main crane is via 2 sbricks, i may try get some PF hooked up and try that way And a quick video of it running
  3. This might not be do-able but can you not run the guy lines from the boom head instead of half way up the boom?
  4. I know that jaaptechnic made one for huibs ltm11200. No stop mine seperate ng I used a a couple of 2x4 plate with holes and popped a long nut and bolt through the turntable to a 1x6 technic brick on its side with two nuts to stop it winding off when slewing.
  5. cheeze

    Do you collect anything else?

    I collect cold war items. As part of a team restoring a cold war nuclear bunker. We have a large amount of items to "show" on tours. Random I know
  6. I use a 2mm needle thrust bearing on my crawler crane. I have an old technic turntable that keeps it all central. Something like this I know it's not genuine lego but it works for me
  7. Looks ace. This is the workings in use for my crane for counterweight etc So if you have a load of 1kg measure from the centre of load to the base of the boom (say 50cm) so 1000gx50cm =50'000g then measure from the boom base to the rear of the counterweight (say 25cm) 50'000÷25=2000g so to lift 1kg at 50cm you'll need 2kg of counterweight. Hope this helps
  8. Better man than me then. I have 4 M motors in the lower half all running from sbrick. 2xl in the upper running winches 1/2 and 4 again sbrick with the other 2 channels heading for main boom foot winch and the rear mast foot winch.
  9. Ah I didn't use scaler. I just worked from the sizes on the page and scaled them down 1:27 in my case. 2x8 plates are perfect for 2m track pads at that size!
  10. Looks good John. I did an Lr1300 before my Lr1600. Was my first real model from my return of building. Was a good learning curve for me. I don't know if you use these pdf from Liebherr page. Again they are full of handy info I found.
  11. cheeze

    Third Party Crane Hooks

    I cheated and drilled out the axle hole in the pulley. I know you can get 3d printed ones from effermans shape way shop, but at £1.84 each was to much when my crane uses nearly 40 of them! I really need ones with a deeper groove so the string doesn't jump out all the time. Here's a link to shapeways and the reeving I have to do on the rear of my crane
  12. Just have to work on the pivot, i dont know how Huibs if fixed, im a crawler crane man myself, and i have the boom only held with a 3l axle with stop
  13. Heres something for your inspiration Are you going for full function on it?
  14. Id have never thought about using the side off the old ferris wheel Milan, very good idea. ive cheated on my LR1600 and use a 2mm 3 piece thrust bearing. But im not taking part in the competition Wheels seem to be a love/hate thing i guess but again fantastic idea and looking forward to the finished machine
  15. Great example of the real machine, look forward to a video of it in action