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  1. branolego


    I would try some ABS plumbing glue first. Use a tooth pick to apply and set the pin back into place.
  2. branolego

    8460 Crane Truck - need help please!

    Just a quick tip in case you didnt know this, but if the string is the larger version then you can melt the end of it with a lighter or on a stove element and help keep it from fraying any more.
  3. branolego

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Here is a picture of one on flickr.
  4. branolego

    Hello from Texas!

    Ah, nice to have a fellow Texan here. I wish I was there now. Its cold here in Canada
  5. Thats very useful. thanks for the tips
  6. branolego

    Old Rail Blue compatibility with new rail, my solution.

    Its the same track as rc track but without the metal on top.
  7. branolego

    10246 Detective's Office

    Does anyone know how to build the tank part of the water tower. Ive been trying for days. Cant seem to figure it out.
  8. Try
  9. branolego

    Spybotics CD and Instructions

    Not sure which sets you have but this site might help you out. http://www.brickfact.../set/index.html Just go to your set number and it will pull up the instructions.
  10. branolego

    [HELP] 9398 4x4 Crawler Steering

    sounds like the gear and the rack became out of sinc. youll have to pull off the gear that moves the gear rack and line it straight again like you did when you first built it. try this to start with.
  11. I do this a lot. simply for the fact that i cant afford most of the sets i want. As you mentioned. its always great to get brand new LEGO and the box, but I think that its more fun to build it the way its supposed to be until i cant any more( because of the lack of parts) and then make the set my "own" . In the volvo bucket situation i would try and build one out of lift arms and panels or plates. Thats my two cents.
  12. branolego

    Rock Raiders Tunnel Transport 2.0

    Very nice! Simple design with a little bit of technique involved, and nice extra features.
  13. Did any one notice that the flags are flying in the wrong direction? A minor detail, just thought id throw that out there. Great looking set though with so many nice pieces and things to play with.